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LG is gearing up to release the second generation of the curved G Flex at CES Las Vegas in January, sources told Android Authority.

Details about the new device are scarce for now, but according to persons close to the matter, the G Flex 2 will be a “major upgrade” over its predecessor. The device is said to feature a high resolution plastic-based OLED screen (Full HD, most likely) in a smaller form factor. The self-healing coating will make a return on the G Flex 2, in an improved form.

The G Flex was launched in October 2013, as the second device to feature a plastic-based curved display (the first was Samsung’s Galaxy Round, revealed earlier that month.) Unlike the Round, which is curved along its vertical axis, LG’s G Flex features a more dramatic bend from top to bottom.

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But that was not the only special thing about the G Flex – as the name hints, the device can bend significantly and then return to its normal shape without sustaining any damage. The G Flex’s back is protected against minor scratches thanks to a special plastic coating that “self-heals” in time, as long as the damage isn’t too deep.

While we can’t confirm or refute it, one Korean report that came out soon after the G Flex’ launch claimed LG was working on an even more radical design for the G Flex 2. Reportedly, the second-gen G Flex would be able to bend more dramatically, thanks to a special hard rubber chassis. However, we haven’t really heard anything about this since then, so don’t get too excited. LG has certainly made progress in the flexible display and flexible batteries area, but a fully flexible device could still be a ways off.

CES 2015 is starting January 6, 2015. Are you looking forward to a new G Flex?