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You still can’t get a OnePlus One without an invite (the pre-order window from yesterday not included), but the OnePlus team is already working on the next generation of the device.

CEO Pete Lau told Chinese media that OnePlus has established its own ROM development team, and that one version of the OnePlus Two will ship with an Android implementation that is developed in-house.

Currently, OnePlus offers the One with CyanogenMod to international users and with Color OS (the OS developed by sister company Oppo) to Chinese users.

We’ve reached out to OnePlus for clarification and we were told that the new ROM will only ship on devices sold in China.

OnePlus has taken some steps that reduce its reliance on Cyanogen’s ROM, like releasing a stock Android ROM for the OnePlus One, as well as supporting other “official” ROMs, like Paranoid Android and SlimKat ROM. However, dropping the partnership with Cyanogen seems unlikely at this point, as CM is one of the main reasons the One was so successful internationally.

<em>OnePlus is profitable</em>

Pete Lau also revealed that OnePlus is profitable and that it managed to ship close to a million OnePlus One units in a few months of limited availability. In the past, Lau said that he didn’t expect OnePlus to make a profit in its first year, so it seems that the good evolution of the One helped the young company beat its own expectations.

The OnePlus Two is expected to launch in Q2-Q3 2015.