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It’s true that rooting your device has become far less essential these days than the days of old but there are still plenty of reasons to root your device. Not only do you get some awesome functionality, but you’ll also have access to a whole new genre of apps that can do more than the apps that you’re used to. Here are the best root apps for Android!

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adblock plus best root apps for androidAdBlock Plus

[Price: Free]
AdBlock Plus is a free, open source application that removes advertisements on your Android device. It’s considered a must-have for root users even if those of us who make a living on advertising hate that. This one is configurable so that some unobtrusive ads get through which is nice and the app is configurable. It’s not available on the Google Play Store but there is an official link from ABP that you can use by clicking the button below. It’s considered to be one of the must-have root apps.

dumpster best root apps for androidDumpster

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Dumpster is a data recovery tool that can find files you have deleted and then restore them. It supports photos and videos like most, but also music files, documents, PDFs, and pretty much anything you may have accidentally deleted. Like most recovery tools, root isn’t required for use but having root access can improve the app’s performance and help it find more lost files. Once installed, it acts like the Recycle Bin on your computer and you can delete files permanently if needed. It’s a good app to have around, just in case.

flashify best root apps for androidFlashify

[Price: Free / $3.99]
Flashify is one of those root apps that all root users should have. What it does is allow you to queue up stuff to flash from recovery without having to reboot your phone. This includes zips, mods, kernels, boot images, recovery images, and much more. This is a great tool for root beginners or amateurs and it’s especially great for those who don’t enjoy using ADB and Fastboot commands. It’s simple, it has a good, modern interface, and it just works.

flashify best root apps for android

greenify best android root appsGreenify

[Price: Free / $2.99 (optional)]
Greenify quickly climbed the list as one of those essential root apps a long time ago. The app checks out your running apps and shows you which ones are running, which ones have been run, how frequently they have run, and how many times each one wakes up your device. Using this information, you can hibernate apps to prevent them from running in the background and drain your battery. It’s totally free although you can donate to help fund development if you’d like.

greenify best root apps for android

links2sd best root apps for androidLink2SD

[Price: Free / $2.35]
Link2SD is an app that allows you to move apps over to your SD card. It creates links to make your device believe it’s actually on your device so it works for apps that conventional Apps2SD apps don’t work on. This is a great way to take advantage of your external SD card space. It’s not as great as Marshmallow’s adoptable storage, but it’s a good alternative until people actually get it. There are some bugs, so read the user reviews before trying it out and do keep in mind that moved apps will perform more slowly.

links2sd best root apps for android

quick reboot best root appsQuick Reboot

[Price: Free / $1.99]
Quick Boot is an app that is both absurdly simple and absurdly useful. In most versions of Android, the power menu is weak sauce and you can only power down and sometimes you can reboot. Quick Reboot fixes this by allowing you to boot to recovery, and boot to bootloader. It can also go to device-specific things like Download Mode for Samsung devices or fastboot on certain devices. It’s quick, simple, and makes finding an advanced power menu for your device a little bit less of a priority. It’s definitely one of those root apps that everyone should have.

quick reboot best root apps

rom toolbox pro android root appsROM Toolbox

[Price: Free / $9.99]
This is one of the very few all-in-one solutions for root users that still actually works. It has a bunch of features that includes a built-in file browser with root, app manager (uninstall system apps, etc), ROM management (create nandroid backups), script writer, font installer, and a lot more. On some devices, you can even change the boot animations, themes, and status bar icons. It doesn’t work for every phone, but it should work for most. Do beware, though, because it’s been half a year since the app was updated and we’re not entirely sure if the project was abandoned or not.

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March 28, 2017

best root apps for android sdfixSDFix

[Price: Free]
SDFix is a system modifier tool that helps those running Kit Kat and Lollipop overcome the dreaded locked-down SD card problem. I have personally tested this on a Note 3 running both Kit Kat and Lollipop as well as an HTC One M9, NVIDIA Shield Tablet, LG V10, Note 4, and Nexus 5 all running Lollipop. This makes your SD card useful again and takes away the limitations placed on other apps like file browsers. It doesn’t work for all devices but it’s definitely worth a shot if you are afflicted with this issue and your device doesn’t have a ROM or mod that solves the issue. It’s also absurdly easy to use. Open it, hit go, wait a few seconds, and then uninstall the app. Thankfully, this is one of those root apps that will eventually become obsolete since these issues are fixed starting in Android Marshmallow.

sdfix best root apps for android

Servicely best root appsServicely

[Price: Free / $2.16]
Servicely is an app that helps control background services. This will allow you to do something like prevent Facebook from running in the background while your device screen is off. It’s a stop-gap for stopping rogue apps and unwarranted wake ups of your device and should help improve battery depending on how you use your device and which services you decide to stop. It’s a solid service and worth a shot if you have a service you just can’t stop.

supersu best root apps for androidSuperSU

[Price: Free / $3.75]
SuperSU by Chainfire is the de facto Superuser application available. Most root methods have you installing this app anyway so most new root users already have it. It’s a solid root app with a ton of features and it acts like the front door to your device so any old root app can’t just go nuts. You’ll have a list of all the apps that have requested and been granted (or denied) root access. You can also fully unroot your device, keep logs, and more. It’s one of the root apps that everyone knows about.

SuperSU best root apps for android

Tasker best android root appsTasker

Next on our list is a very useful root app called Tasker. This powerful application can make your phone do pretty much anything you want. It’s a vague description but an accurate one because the only limit is your imagination. Many of the functions don’t require root access but to get the full range of things you’ll be able to do, root will be required. It’s a great application, especially for tinkerers and those who have unusual needs for their smartphones. Do beware, though, because the learning curve is rather steep. It can be used without root, but having root makes it one of the best most powerful root apps out there.

Tasker best root apps for android

Titanium Backup Android appsTitanium Backup

Titanium Backup is a long time mainstay at the top of many root lists and it feels almost blasphemous to not include it here. With this application you can uninstall bloatware (a must have for many people), freeze apps (leaves them installed but prevents them from ever running), and backup your applications and application data. ROM flashers have sworn by this app for years and it may very well be the most popular and oft recommended root app of all time. If you have root, go get it immediately. It’s probably in the top three most useful root apps ever.

viper4android best root apps for androidViper4Android

[Price: Free]
Viper4Android is an audio modification tool that gives you untold amounts of control over how your audio sounds coming out of the speakers, out of Bluetooth devices, and out of your headphones. It comes with its own audio driver, an equalizer, tons of effects that allow you to control how your audio sounds, and a lot more. It’s a complicated install process and you’ll need to go to the official XDA thread for downloads and instructions, but this is as good as it gets when it comes to audio modifications on Android.

viper4android best root apps for android

wakelock detector best root appsWakelock Detector

[Price: Free / $1.99]
Wakelock Detector does exactly what the app’s name suggests. It helps you find apps that are acting out of line. That way you can take the necessary steps to stop it. This is valuable because a wakelock can mean a lot of things. A rogue app going nuts, Google Play Services running rampant, or occasionally it can even mean something is wrong with your device. Wakelocks are one of the worst causes of battery drain and most root users eventually wind up with this app to help them figure out why. It’s free to download and you can buy the pro version for $1.99 as an in-app purchase.

xposed framework best root apps for androidXposed Framework

[Price: Free]
Xposed Framework has replaced installing ROMs for many as the default root experience. Modules are created inside of the framework by many developers that do various things like theming, UI and performance tweaks, visual modification, button remapping, and much, much more. Modules can be a tad difficult to find sometimes depending on your device but there are plenty of universal ones that you can use and enjoy. The button below will take you to the XDA thread where you can download it and learn more information. It’s a must have for root users these days.

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