The 10 best root apps for Android

September 14, 2013
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Best Root Apps for Android
We know a lot of people root their devices, but only the experienced really know where to go from there. Of course most just use it to back up applications, but there are a plethora of great root apps out there for people to use. Here, we’ll take a look at the 10 best root apps for Android. If you’d rather watch than read, the video as at the bottom.

Best Root Apps

10 Full!Screen

Number 10 on our list is Full!Screen. This app takes away the soft key at the bottom of your device as well as the notification bar. The reason for this is simple. Without soft keys, the Galaxy Nexus screen was 4.65-inches. With the soft keys and the status bar, it was closer to 4.3. This app gives you that extra space back.

When you activate it, everything disappears and you get a back button on the bottom left and a home button on the bottom right. Both of these buttons can be customized a number of ways. You can add a pie menu, swipe gestures, and long press functions to turn these two little keys into everything you need to get rid of those top and bottom bars.

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09 GooManager - best root apps

09 GooManager

Next up is the official app for called GooManager. This app is a one way ticket to download and install anything you can find on It has an easy to use interface and can help you find a lot of files that you may otherwise have to Google Search to find.

Some examples include ROM and Gapps downloads for your device. You can also use it to install TWRP Recovery if you need a custom recovery, and use the interface to reboot to recovery or flash ROMs without using the recovery.

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08 Tasker - Best Root Apps

08 Tasker

Eighth on our list is a very useful root app called Tasker. This powerful application can make your phone do pretty much anything whenever you need it to. It’s a vague explanation but pertinent because it can really make your phone do almost anything.

So here’s how it works. You create a task or a scene, then you define what those tasks and scenes do. It’s highly recommended to read the online FAQs before attempting because there is a steep learning curve involved. A fun use for this app is using the Tasker add-on that some NFC apps have to make your NFC tags do things you created in Tasker.

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07 Juice Defender Ultimate - Best Root Apps

07 Juice Defender Ultimate

Speaking of root apps that make your phone do wonderful things, number 7 on our list is Juice Defender Ultimate. This root app can turn your phone into a battery saving machine, squeezing valuable hours out of an otherwise lackluster battery performance.

It does this by tweaking your connectivity options. For root users, you can also tweak your CPU settings as well as a number of others. When everything is combined, Juice Defender can save you hours of battery if used right and it’s already being used by millions of people.

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06 ROM Manager - Best Root Apps

06 ROM Manager

Number 6 could be considered an Android relic. It’s ROM Manager and for years it’s been one of the best ways to install ClockworkMod Recovery. ROM Manager has a number of features and is pretty easy to use. This has made it onto more than one essential root apps list.

So here is a quick list of things you can do with ROM Manager. Do note that many of these require the pro version. You can browse ROMs for your device, flash ClockworkMod Recovery and, for a nominal fee, ClockworkMod Touch Recovery, create Nandroid backups, and more.

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05 Superuser - Best Root Apps

05 Superuser

Next on our list is the Superuser app by Koushik Dutta, who is the same guy who developed number 6, ROM Manager. Superuser is a basic app that literally all root users should have. It serves a very simple, yet very important purpose of being the gateway for apps to gain root.

So here’s what this app, and apps like it do. When you open a root app you get that now iconic screen asking if you want to give the app root access. That is this app in action. With it you either give or deny root permission to other apps. With this one, you can change themes, keep logs, and turn root on or off for both apps and ADB.

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04 ROM Toolbox Pro - Best Root Apps

04 ROM Toolbox Pro

Fourth on our list is ROM Toolbox Pro. This is one of the very few all-in-one solutions for root users. It has a bunch of features that all root users could find useful and it’s even designed with Android in mind. That means all you #holoyolo fans will appreciate it.

There are simply too many things this app can do and we only have a limited time here so I’ll tell you the highlights. With this you can download ROMs, install recoveries, manage your applications, and it even comes with a built in root enabled file browser. Count in the stuff for more advanced users like kernel tweaks, and you have a valuable app for any root user.

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03 Greenify - Best Root Apps

03 Greenify

We have reached our top 3 and the first up here at the top is Greenify and it is truly a must-have application as a root user. Sometimes applications run away with themselves and you’re the one who suffers. Apps can wake up devices, drain battery, and cause all sorts of problems. Greenify fixes that.

So here is how it works, the app will analyze your applications and tell you which ones are running, were recently run, and how many times they ran. Using this info, you can put apps into hibernate mode where they will only work when you actually use them. This can save you hours of battery life and effectively solves a long time problem of rogue apps keeping your phone awake.

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02 Root Explorer - Best Root Apps

02 Root Explorer

Our long time YouTube fans are probably sick of hearing me talk about Root Explorer. To them I apologize, it’s not my fault this app is awesome in so many categories. Root Explorer uses root access to let you browse files on your entire device.

For root users, this is an essential task. There are a plethora of activities that require you rummaging through the root of your device and Root Explorer helps you do it. It has a clean interface, plenty of features, and is one of those essential tools for all root users.

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01 Titanium Backup - Best Root Apps

01 Titanium Backup

We are aware that putting Titanium Backup as number 1 on this list is anti-climactic and for that we apologize. There simply isn’t a better application out there for root users. For those new to rooting, Titanium Backup is the essential app for dealing with your applications.

So here are the two biggest tasks this app accomplishes. You can freeze apps, preventing them from running, and backup apps which anyone who has experience with rooting will tell you is important. It then offers over 3 dozen other features, like syncing backups to cloud storage, uninstalling system apps –which is essential to get rid of bloatware- and multi-user support.

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Best Root Apps Leaderboard

Best Root Apps Leaderboard

If you check out our leaderboard, you can see how all these root apps stack up. To be perfectly honest, a leaderboard is kind of worthless here, since most of these apps perform different functions. For best results, you should download most, if now all, of these apps.

The great thing about root is there are far more root apps that perform a variety of different functions. These are simply the highest rated, most popular, and they perform the tasks most often sought by rooted users who are experienced and novice alike. If there’s another one you’d like to mention, let us know in the comments!


  • Juan Manuel Tastzian

    How is it that Titanium Backup is better than Rom Toolbox Pro when this one does the same as the first one, plus a lot of other things?

    • JosephHindy

      It’s used by more people, it has a higher rating in the Play Store, and both have a veritable boat load of other functions. There’s nothing bad about either of them, but when push comes to shove, people prefer Titanium Backup.

    • SeraZR™

      Toolbox giving me bootloops :p

  • MasterMuffin

    I prefer root browser over root explorer (and it’s even built-in in Rom Toolbox Pro!)

  • Ivan Myring

    GMD hide software buttons is better than full screen. You get a swipe up nav bar, which then hides it self.

    • JosephHindy

      That’s actually what I use when I do app reviews because I find the little blue bar at the bottom is less intrusive when taking video footage of apps than the two corner circles. Full!Screen earned it, though. I know it’s not apropos for most app reviewers, but I really use absolutely no bias when making these lists lol otherwise GMD probably would’ve been there.

      • Tha Watcher


        The “little blue bar at the bottom” (or any other color you assign to it) is only visible on the FREE version. The paid PRO version is the winner here with GMD Auto Hide Soft Keys since the soft keys remain invisible until you swipe up or even touch the bottom of the screen. It is invaluable to me on my Nexus devices as other apps like the one you’ve shown have visible, albeit transparent, keys that still take up screen real estate by merely being an overlay.

        I find it rather odd that you didn’t know this and it’s not like you’re only showing free apps as many of them require a purchase.

        • JosephHindy

          Most of these apps can perform perfectly fine without purchase with the PRO versions bringing more features, but not essential features. You don’t need to buy Titanium Backup to backup your apps, but you do if you want 1-click batch restores. ROM Manager will install ClockworkMod Recovery without going Pro.

          I use the free version of GMD because I’m cheap ;) not because I don’t know about it.

  • Cecil

    Lag Fix isn’t the most popular app but it for original N7 users it’s necessary

    • JosephHindy

      I couldn’t agree more.

    • Leonardo Rojas

      Lag Fix is the “method” in which you disable all UI animations?
      Does that app is for that?

      • Cecil

        No it’s an app that uses TRIM

    • Keg Man

      it also saved my galaxy nexus

    • WarGasm

      I really agree with you
      But at the same time the 4.3 update solved that problem…
      I use it on my Note 10.1 and Id REALLY recommend it to users to non 4.3 jellybean users

  • Ravo

    ES File Explorer. Root access + LAN access + Cloud + download manager with useful info. It also makes backups in the form of APKs.

    • JosephHindy

      It’s also not a root app :P, it’s a regular app with a root option ;)

      • RarestName

        It keeps on prompting me to download requirements every time it’s launched. Any fix?

        • JosephHindy

          I use Root Explorer ;) so I have no idea how to fix that problem.

  • PuzzledObserver

    #1 must be Ad Away!

  • fluffy

    Check out ” Button Savior ” i use it all the time much better than keylimepie , you can configure in to whatever you want , the pay version simply allows a bit more customisation , it DOES NOT need usb debugging enabled just hit the cancel button every time it asks whilst you configure it.Works nicely on my S4 even my old HTC Legend.

  • fluffy

    Permission Manager is also useful but you have to know what you are doing it allows you to edit permissions of individual apps but sometimes you can screw those apps up by messing with the permissions

  • Jorem

    GMD gesture control should have been included at least!

  • Sharath

    Titanium Backup and Greenify are my favorites.

  • Steven S

    juice defender is dead.. they haven’t updated since jan 2012 and forums are useless

    most of its root features were experimental and therefore not trustworthy.. and even the beta hasn’t been updated in over a year

    I’ve been using Snapdragon Battery Guru for awhile, not really sure if I’m happy with it or not, lol

    • JosephHindy

      It does suck they don’t support it anymore but the stable features still work very well. When I update this list (probably sometime next year), Juice Defender may get removed depending on if it’s still compatible with the latest Android.

  • Seth Forbus

    Seeder should be on this list.

    • JosephHindy

      No, no it shouldn’t. Seeder is a garbage app that delivers placebo effects. It does literally nothing. Steve Kondik himself stated that app was nonsense.

  • Leonardo Rojas

    ROM Toolbox Pro is my favorite root app. With it I can tweak my device and make it work as I want it to work. With it I don’t even need a custom ROM. It simply is a wonderful app, and has great costumer support! I’ve learned so much from their replies to my questions n.n

  • Leonardo Rojas

    Wait, wait, why Directory Bind isn’t in the list?
    I’d say, for the enormous benefit it provides, it’s the number one root app of the Android OS!

    If you can’t move the apps to the SD natively, this app can move all the very heavy data folders of the apps (specially game’s) you want to the SD! It can turn your 5, 9 or 11GB internal storage capacity into 34, 38, and 40GB having a 32GB SD card, or even much more having a 64GB SD. Isn’t that wonderful? Many people don’t even know about it and suffer from little internal storage capacity in they devices :(
    How sad.

    • JosephHindy

      If I did this list in 2010 then I would’ve included Directly Bind. These days, the storage provided in devices is more than enough to handle all but he most ridiculous users. I have a Note 3 (32GB internal) and with 200 apps (including 20 games) I only take up 14GB total. That is far, far above the norm.

      • Leonardo Rojas

        No, no, no. These days smartphones manufacturers still sell devices with less than 8 or even 5GB internal storage for apps, and there’s no App2sd native support anymore, and these devices are the majority in the Android world, fyi.
        What a pity you only write for high end devices users. Oh, even these devices have less than 11GB for apps, and there aren’t many devices with 32GB of internal storage, did you know? Internal storage can get filled rather quickly, so Directory Bind is still enormously useful, specially for the ones who still don’t know about that app, but you failed to think of them and excluded a very useful app from your list just because YOU have enough storage space.

        • JosephHindy

          High end device users? The Galaxy S2 had 16GB (international had 32GB) internal w/SD card slot. 16GB is way more thane enough for 95% of users. The Nexus 4 came in a 16GB variant and the Nexus 5 comes in 16-32GB variants. The Moto G comes with a 16GB option (with SD card slot). So does the Galaxy S3 (a midrange phone by today’s standards) and the Note 2. The HTC One X had 16/32GB options (midrange by today’s standards). The Galaxy Nexus had 32GB of storage, the Moto RAZR HD Maxx comes with 32GB. I could go on and on. There comes a point when people need to be responsible for their own actions and if they buy an 8GB phone knowing full well that they use more than 8GB worth of data, then that’s the consumer making a mistake, not the OEM. There are plenty of high and midrange options that provide more than enough internal storage for most people. As of September of this year, the average smartphone owner downloads only 26 applications to their smartphone. I fail to see a problem here.

          • Roland Goldberg

            Yes, I agree. High-end device users. The lower-end devices, for instance, are still running Gingerbread, quite often. Anything that is remotely affordable to the lower-to-middle class without a contract is going to be severely limited in storage capacity… I’ve rooted 5 phones in the past 6 months (friends and family), and of those the only one with over 4GB of internal storage was mine… And that’s an antiquated (but still useful!) Droid 3. I would consider every single phone you mentioned high end to super high end. As far as the Consumer ‘making a mistake’, it’s only a mistake if you didn’t mean to. If you meant to buy that phone, and there are good, wonderful workarounds… Then by all means, use those workarounds.

            That said, the limited functionality means that while extremely useful in it’s area, I would not call it one of the ‘top ten’. Top ten is for… you guessed it… the TOP TEN, and that means apps that will be useful for everyone, usually in more than one way.

  • Michael McGrade

    ROM Toolbox Pro makes Root Explorer and Titanium Backup redundant as it does those 2 and much more…just saying.

  • Paul Kelly


  • rajnaimesh007

    How to get features that most of custom ROMs have to your rooted device and it is easy

  • Salman

    Great share … Titanium backup and Greenify are my favorite apps!

  • Soul_Est

    I vote for One Power Guard over JuiceDefender Pro.

  • Ben Veenstra

    Video is missing ?!

  • jack

    which app for rooting samsung galaxy note 2

  • Rajan Kumthekar

    I know Gravitybox isn’t an app, but it’s so useful and contains so many tweaks, every rooted phone must have it :)

  • someone you dont know

    Seeder is one of the best, if not the best lag fixer app, google it.

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