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Icon packs have always been popular. Most mainstream, third party launchers support them and they provide a cheap and unique way to customize your device. When we first thought about doing this list, we thought about doing individual icon packs. Unfortunately (or perhaps, fortunately), there are hundreds of amazing icon pack apps out there so instead, we decided to showcase the best icon pack developers. Each of them have multiple packs to choose from. Enjoy!

benas dzimidas best icon packs for androidBenas Dzimidas

[Price: Free / $1.39]
Benas Dzimidas is an icon pack developer with a lot of talent. The icon packs Benas is most known for include the Rondo icon pack, the Lai icon pack, and the Toca UI icon pack. Rondo is flat, round, and Material inspired and Toca UI is similar except they are rounded squares instead of round. Both are excellent options. The Lai pack are rectangular with muted colors and have over 2200 icons included. The icon packs also include wallpapers and some of them have Muzei support as well. It’s a good option if you want icon packs with simple designs.

benas dzimidas best icon packs for android

GSeth icon packsGSeth

[Price: Varies]
Next up is an icon dev named GSeth. Included in GSeth’s repertoire are some fun packs like Circlons, Vion, Vibion, Ruggy, Ruggon, and Viby. The icons themselves are insanely highly rated and most present with a more sophisticated and minimal look than many others although you can find some fun designs among the various packs. GSeth does do some interesting ones though, like Rugo which is a crumpled paper and dirt style which looks awesome. To see GSeth’s collective work, click the Google Play button below.

GSeth icon packs

hoolm best icon packs for androidHooolm

[Price: Varies]
Hooolm is an icon pack developer recommended to us by our readers and it turns out that Hooolm is a pretty good icon pack dev. Hooolm seems to enjoy doing glass-style icons and that’s most pronounced with the Smoke and Glass, Spatial Glass, and Tinted Glass icon packs. Unlike many, Hoolm doesn’t shy away from doing 3D icons, but still manages to keep them classy and sophisticated. They’re definitely worth a look.

hooolm best icon packs for android

kovdev icon packsKovdev

[Price: Varies]
Kovdev is a unique developer. He doesn’t have too many icon packs but it seems like whatever Kovdev releases gets put in the headlines. As one of the few devs that have had an icon pack go viral, you can imagine what kind of quality you’re looking at. The big ones by Kovdev are Nox, Domo, Stark, and Lumos. Nox is sharp and modern while Lumos is softer and muted and Domo is a marriage of complexity and simplicity. Stark is a newer icon pack that features hard squares and vibrant colors. All of them have nearly 2000 icons and there are others by Kovdev if you want to check them out.

kovdev icon packs

Samer Zayer icon packsSamer Zayer

[Price: Varies]
Samer Zayer features a little more out of the box thinking while still staying in popular designs. You can find highly rated glass, flat, neon, paper, and brushed metal icon packs that have all garnered a number of downloads and high reviews from users. Most of the icon packs have well over 1000 icons and we especially liked Samer’s Glass icon pack along with the Flatee icon pack. Many of the icons come in the form of theme packs so you’ll need a third party launcher like Apex or Nova but you usually need a launcher like that in order to use icon packs anyway!

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sikebo best icon packs for androidsikebo

[Price: Free / $0.99]
Another icon pack developer our fans told us about is sikebo. S/he has done a variety of awesome icon packs including Matertialistik, Retrorika, and fl3D. Materialistik is, as you probably expected, based on Material Design and has a ton of colorful icons. Retrorika still follows the Material Design theme, but uses muted colors and retro color combinations to give your home screens a vintage look. The fl3D icon pack is unique in that it’s a 3D icon pack which is rare these days, but it looks sharp. The prices vary but most of them are either free or $0.99.

sikebo best icon packs for android

sixtyfour thirttwo best icon packs for androidSixtyFour ThirtyTwo

[Price: Free / $1.00]
SixtyFour ThirtyTwo is an icon pack developer that tries to think outside of the box. Most developers have a flat, Material Design inspired icon pack and this dev really doesn’t. The best ones are Min, Minoir, and Redux. Min and Minoir are minimalist icons that keep things small and out of the way with the only difference being that Min is white while Minoir is black. Redux is in development (at the time of this writing), but is showing a lot of promise with muted colors and unique combinations. Most icon packs are either free or $1.00.

sixtyfour thirtytwo best icon packs for android

Stealthychief icon packsStealthychief

[Price: Varies]
Stealthychief has a number of themes and icon packs out there for a variety of platforms including most launchers, GO Keyboard, and icon packs. Stealthychief generally goes with more obscure stuff like the Aloha icon pack which adds a bit of tropical flair to your icons. However, there is a selection of monotone icons in a couple of colors as well as more popular designs like metal, gold, wood, platinum, and others. Browsing through Stealthychief’s app list is a veritable crap shoot of styles and ideas and that’s what makes it so enjoyable.

Stealthychief icon packs

tha phlash icon packsTha PHLASH

[Price: Varies]
Tha PHLASH is one of the most iconic (get it?) icon pack developers out there and it’s because most of his packs are ridiculous and memorable. You can buy Tha PHLASH’s icons two ways. There is the Google Play collection (click the button below) or you can go to his official icon website to pick them up there too. They are some flashy and sophisticated icons and would do well to fit any theme.

the phlash icon packs

vertumus best icon packs for androidVertumus

[Price: Free / $0.99]
When we first released this list back in 2014, the fact that we didn’t include Vertumus made a few people angry and we can see why. Vertumus has a ton of icon packs but the highlights include Umbra, Elun, Cryten, Vopor, and Rewun. Actually, pretty much everything Vertumus releases rocks a 4.7 rating on Google Play or higher so you can’t go wrong with anything. You’ll find pretty much whatever you’re looking for whether it’s colorful and vibrant, muted and flat, and even shapeless designed icons. It’s good work, check it out!

vertumusu best icon packs for android

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