15 best VR and Google Cardboard apps and games

by: Joe HindyMarch 3, 2016

best google cardboard apps and vr apps
Google Cardboard and VR in general are starting to become big news. It’s becoming the latest platform for totally immersive apps and games that show you all kinds of stuff and let you do all kinds of things. Could it be the next big thing in media entertainment? Possibly, but for now it’s rather young. Let’s look at the best VR apps and games as well as the best Google Coardboard apps and games available right now!

arte360 vr best google cardboard apps and vr appsARTE360 VR

[Price: Free]
ARTE360 VR is a VR video application that shows you around various, beautiful places in full VR goodness. You’ll be able to do things like look at mountains, explore old, iconic buildings, ocean scenes, and all kinds of other stuff. It’s a bit simple and really it’s just a chance to see a good VR experience in action. Aside from looking around, there isn’t much else to do but the app developers have managed to fit a good bit of stuff in here so it’s worth a shot.

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ARTE360 VR best google cardboard apps and vr apps

bombsquad vr best google cardboard apps and vr appsBombSquad VR for Cardboard

[Price: $2.99]
BombSquad VR for Cardboard is an arcade game with platformer elements where you must avoid all kinds of bombs, capture flags, and have a good time. You play with up to eight players and you must complete each level competitively. Think of it like Mario Party but with more explosions. The app costs $2.99 but you’ll also get the regular BombSquad Pro game unlocker included so you can play the non-VR version as well. With this game, you’ll need a second device running as a controller or a separate, third party controller.

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caaaaardboard google cardboard best vr appsCaaaaardboard!

[Price: $1.99]
Caaaaardboard! is a VR game that works perfectly with Google Cardobard. This is a custom made version of the game AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! made specifically for VR headsets. Silly names aside, this is a fun, immersive experience that has you diving off of buildings while performing stunts. The game utilizes tilt controls so it’s totally hands free and one of the more intense gaming experiences you can get on VR. It’s a bit tedious sometimes according to user reviews, but otherwise, this is a great place to start.

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caaaaardboard google cardboard best vr apps

cardboard google cardboard best vr appsCardboard

[Price: Free]
Cardboard is the Google app that they recommend you install when you first get your cardboard. It features guided tours of places like the planet Earth, the city of Versailles, and more. It also doubles as a video player, photo viewer, and more. It doesn’t have any particular point but the stuff it has not only shows you the power of VR, but it’s also kind of fun to experience. It’s also totally free so there’s no harm in grabbing it.

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google cardboard best vr apps

cardboard camera best google cardboard appsCardboard Camera

[Price: Free]
Cardboard Camera is a Google app that allows you to take photos with your device for viewing on Google Cardboard. It’s a simple premise but takes a steady hand and some patience to make some really awesome stuff. With this app, you’ll be instructed on how to take panoramic photos that you can then view in your Google Cardboard in 360 degree goodness. It’s not overly complex yet, but it is one of the very few ways you can make your own VR content without spending a ton of money.

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cardboard camera best google cardboard apps

endspace vr best google cardboard apps and vr appsEnd Space VR

[Price: $1.09]
End Space VR is a first person flight shooter where you pilot a space ship and shoot down other space ships. It’s technically an infinite runner since there is no ending, but you do have three environments you can fly around through and you’ll be engaging with increasingly difficult waves of bad guys. End Space VR is definitely fun and one of the better games we’ve seen on VR so far. It’s $1.09 with no in-app purchases which also makes it a steal.

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fulldive vr best google cardboard apps and vr appsFulldive VR

[Price: Free]
Fulldive VR is the kind of application all VR owners should have. It’s kind of a directory of VR content that you can find on the web all in one easy place. It shows content from YouTube, including 360 and 3D content, includes a VR video player in case you have local files you want to watch, a VR browser, a VR camera, a 360 VR photo gallery, and a spot where you can view all of your VR apps. There are some bugs here and there that the developers are working diligently to correct, but it’s definitely worth a shot.

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fulldive vr best google cardboard apps and vr apps

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hardcode best google cardboard apps and vr appsHardcode

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Hardcode is a newer VR game and one of the few that requires both a VR headset and a controller game pad. This is a third person shooter where you march through a campaign and kill lots of bad guys. It also supports local multiplayer which means you can do VR battle with your friends in the same room. It’s quite a bit of fun although you absolutely will have to have a controller to play it which will cost you extra.

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insidious vr google cardboard best vr appsInsidious VR

[Price: Free]
Insidious VR is, admittedly a promotion for the Insidious movies but the VR experience it provides is actually fairly intense and does well to show off the power of VR. You get a voice guided tour of the afterlife in horrific way. It’s a tad short but it is an entirely free application. It’s good for a temporary download and it’s definitely good for showing off to friends who are interested in seeing VR.

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insidious vr google cardboard best vr apps

site in vr best google cardboard apps and vr appsSites in VR

[Price: Free]
Sites in VR is an application that shows you various landmarks from various countries in beautifully done VR. The landmarks range between Africa, the Middle East, and Europe mostly. You’ll be able to visit temples, mosques, tombs, palaces, museums, and even lesser stuff like inns, old houses, and parks. There is a metric ton of content and it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon or show your kids some world famous landmarks.

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sites in vr best google cardboard apps and vr apps

sundance vr best vr apps and google cardboard appsSundance VR

[Price: Free]
Sundance VR is a VR video application that has a bunch of VR videos from New Frontier. There aren’t a lot of options in this application just yet, but there is a good couple of dozen VR videos that help show what kind of storytelling and cinematography can be accomplished in VR. Some people have had issues with the app and it doesn’t seem to work for everyone, but it is a fairly enjoyable experience if it does work for you.

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sundance vr best vr apps and google cardboard apps

titans of space google cardboard best vr appsTitans of Space

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Titans of Space is a guided tour application that shows you around our solar system along with a few stars. Along with a visual experience, the app also contains fun facts and information about the various celestial bodies so it doubles as an educational experience. This is great for parents wanting to teach their kids or anyone wanting to learn a little bit about the solar system.

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titans of space google cardboard best vr apps

vrse google cardboard best vr appsVrse

[Price: Free]
Vrse is a very interesting story-telling application. It shows you sweeping landscapes and graphics while you listen to stories. It’s considered one of the best examples of VR to date and it’s totally free to use. Do keep in mind that the app is having difficulties with several devices and you cannot move it to the SD card. Other than that, it’s definitely worth giving it a shot.

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vrse google cardboard best vr apps

waa vr google cardboard best vr appsWAA! VR

[Price: $1.15]
WAA! VR is a VR game where you play as a little astronaut as you go on adventures. The game mechanics use focus as controls so you just look at something in order to select it. It features a full 360-degree view and the idea is that you must defend the astronaut from incoming asteroids. It’s fairly inexpensive, easy to play, and fun to do. It’s also good for kids.

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YouTube best android apps to help kids learnYouTube

[Price: Free]
YouTube is a no-brainer. The video streaming service has begun adding VR-enabled videos in their data base for use with VR headsets or even with your regular device. Google has been very open about using YouTube as a hub for VR video content, including things like guided tour videos and just general VR stuff. If you have Google Coardboard, then you should also have YouTube because a lot of awesome stuff is coming.

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youtube best vr apps

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  • KapteinStein

    Where’s the vr porn?

  • Igor Leahu

    Why wasn’t Google Spotlight Stories mentioned? It’s from Google and it should be optimized for most devices out there.

    • sri charan

      It isn’t available for many devices and also only available in few countries…

  • Craig Picton

    How about the north face app, tis a short film but gives great insight into what vr can do

  • Matthew Hughes
  • sjesudasan

    Can anyone who owns a google cardboard comment on whether it can be worn for two to three hours for watching movies without any irritation or fatigue in our eyes? I want to buy one but only for viewing movies with it…

    • Letiliscus

      no way. You have to hold it with your hands the whole time and it’s uncomfortable mostly around your nose. I didn’t experience any fatigue of the eyes, though, but maybe that’s because I usually don’t wear it for too long.

      • DevilKANAN

        Mine came with a strap that can hold it around my head, so I don’t have to hold it. There’s no irritation on the eyes, I’ve used it to watch 2 hour long movies but after some time, it starts to feel heavy on the nose.

    • Bao Nguyen

      Try Gear VR instead. Google Cardboard is like an introduction to VR but really give VR a bad name, the difference between Google Cardboard & GearVR is like day and night. I wouldn’t recommend neither for intensive movie session though, half an hour then rest for 10 minutes may be.

      • Cloaked9000

        If anything, both of them are an introduction to VR :P

        • Bao Nguyen

          Well you’re not wrong. But Google Cardboard is only good enough for you to know what’s VR about, while with Gear you get to experience the real (although early-stage) VR that’s on par with Oculus DK2. Suddenly now we have a valid reason to pursuit 4-8k screen on a smartphone with 1TB of storage to store all those HD 360 videos.

          • Cloaked9000

            Yeah, I’ve got a Cardboard and a friend has a Gear VR, the Gear VR is a real step up. And yeah, it wasn’t long ago that people were laughing at Samsung for wanting 8k screens, funny how things play out.

      • Hubson

        like day and night….. like 4$ and 100$

    • kljkljkljjkl

      Noo you need a real vr headset. Probably $50 on amazon/ebay. Or the gear vr for $80 ebay/$100 retail.

  • There are viewers you can get for LG phones on Ebay for $15 bucks. Basically plastic housings that fit phones up to 5.5″ I got one and all the google cardboard aps work with it. You don’t have to hold it on your head. There are straps. Most of the content out there are short clips or demos but you can immediately see the potential. Can’t wait for PlayStation VR.

  • Diego Garcia

    Thanks for the list. I got a nice viewer, but I definitely need a controller for it. Bought one for 14.50 (free shipping with Amazon Prime), so I’ll be able to get the best phone VR experience possible. 45 bucks total invested, not bad for screwing around with VR. :-)

  • kevin cancemi

    Try “Darkness Roller Coaster VR”

  • Jordan

    Check out “RPWA-2050”

  • stooit

    Check out Emoji Samurai VR. Like fruit ninja but less fruit, more emojis.

  • Glen Foster

    YouTube is not good for cardboard if you have prescription glasses. Doubled vision is no fun.

  • vygo

    try 3AM VR or Wait for your girlfriend VR :)

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    I tried Fulldive VR and it was great! Thanks for the recommendation.

  • Thank you guys… thanks….