The Samsung Nexus S 4G is scheduled for a very important Android update on July 11 (Monday). The upcoming Android build will upgrade the last build–GRJ85–to build GRJ90.

According to sources, the update will also raise the Nexus S 4G’s Android version from 2.3.4 to 2.3.5, which implies that the upcoming update includes changes and improvements significant enough to bump the version number one decimal point higher.

The last update to Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread brought full video chat functionality into Google Talk for Android. The 2.3.5 release will activate secure element of the Near Field Communication (NFC) chip on the Samsung Nexus S 4G, expectedly making Google Wallet work.

Apart from that, several bugs are also fixed by the update, and two new features will be added:

  • Fixes for signal reception issues
  • Widget for 4G settings
  • Teletype (TTY) support
  • NI push support
  • NFC secure element

Who is not excited about this update coming out of Google’s oven?

  • mdsj

    Got my update and the phone is working phenomenal. Have to see if the GPS is permanently fixed now though. But it seemed to be working great, but I really want to test that further.

    • Amogh Pradhan

      when will be the update come for Samsung Google Nexus?

  • Anonymous

    and when is this coming to the ARC?

  • JesiennyKalafior

    I have it on my Motorola Milestone (Droid) and it works pretty well. Thanks cyanomode 7 :D

  • Sampath Chandrasekaran

    I am using Samsung Mini GT-S5570 with Gingerbread 2.3.4. In contacts search if I type Dr for list, it show up only one even though there is list of 42 Drs in the list. What’s the problem?

  • Amogh Pradhan

    when will be the update come for Samsung Google Nexus?

  • Hedien112

    after the update i cant restart my htc desire s. why not??

    • Weapon90

      Hey man what network and what country are you?

    • vasibucelea

      Have same problem, same phone type. Beside, after restart (by removing the battery) my sim card is not recognized anymore, had to remove and insert the battery several times to finally be able to connect to my network provider… Any ideas???

  • Anonymous

    got update on samsung galaxy s2

  • Jebil4u

    will this hav 3g video calling feature???

  • Th0mps0nw

    boost mobile gingerbread 2.3.5 11-12-2011

  • Anonymous

    Barf on boost mobile and metropcs,

  • Opaarthib

    Update on samsung galaxy s2, can’t feel any change on 2.3.5

  • Kayeffsea

    Samsung Galaxy S i9000 upgraded to 2.3.5 Gingerbread via Kies.
    I was looking up how to do a factory reset as I had had enough of my phones laggy screen and laggy keyboard. Thought I would back up my info using Kies first, I have been having problems with Kies for ages but thought I would have a go anyway. Kies went through an software update process. The new one seems to be more stable with better features to repair failed connections.

    It told me about an firmware update, I thought I would have a go just to humour it as I knew it would freeze as it had numerous times previously. It froze the first time, but kies seemed to do some kind of diagnostics this time and the firmware update worked the second time.

    I did a bench mark test to see how slow my samsung actually was. The average samsung galaxy s is 800, mine came in at about 900 pre firmware update. The fastest was Nexus One.
    After the firmware update my phone was faster than the Nexus One @ over 1200.

    Now my keyboard works perfectly, the screen moves better. It doesn’t seem to try and look at my sd card for information anymore. The whole phone just runs a lot better.

  • Adamace912

    Evo 4G, Sprint, just got this pushed OTA today

  • Lovesaurav2010

    yippe updated

  • Faraz

    can i update it on HTC wildfire s with gingerbread2.3.3 n can b upgraded to 2.3.5. how to update?