10 reasons why Android is still better than iOS

by: Team AAJuly 12, 2016

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Back in 2013 we wrote “10 reasons why Android is still better than iOS”. Three years later, almost all these points remain the same, and for those that we feel are no longer relevant, new reasons arose to take their place.

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It has been a good year for Android, considering the latest reports mention it has an 84.7% market share (as of Q3 2015), but with a bunch of competitors waiting in the wings there’s no time to rest on laurels. So in 2016, what are the ten top reasons we feel that Android champions over iOS?


Let’s jump in and take a look.

Devices… devices everywhere!

There is something for everyone on the Android platform. The sheer variety of Android smartphones from manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, LG, Huawei, ZTE, and others is staggering. You can get a compact phone, something with a huge touchscreen, a stylus, a rotating camera, an edge screen, or even a physical keyboard such as found on the Blackberry Priv. Niche demands like dual SIM are catered for, and the flagship devices are on the cutting edge when it comes to specs. There’s also features you just can’t get with Apple’s devices, like microSD and removable battery. Yes, some Android manufacturers have moved away from offering these extras, but the nice thing about options is there are manufacturers that still do.

The same story exists largely for the tablet market too, with all sorts of different devices from the Pixel C to the Nexus 9, Xiaomi’s tablets, Honor’s tablets, Samsung Note tablets, and the list goes on.


Attracting a huge range of manufacturers and giving them license to run amok in terms of imagination has resulted in the widest variety of devices on any platform, even blurring the line between smartphone and tablet. Compared to the limited iPhone and iPad lineup, Android represents choice on a grand scale.

samsung galaxy s7 review aa (7 of 20)See also: Best Android phones (January 2016)630

Sure, Apple has a few sizes to offer, but size is really the only differentiator there. The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, for example, have pretty much most of the same specs with the main difference being screen size and resolution. The same general argument applies to the iPads, even though there are more choices than with the smartphone counterparts.

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Prices to fit your needs

This naturally follows on from the first point on our list. A wide variety of devices with different designs and specs means that Android has something for you at just about any budget. The exclusive nature of Apple’s products is in stark contrast to the inclusive nature of Android. Almost anyone can afford an Android phone. It might not be all-singing and dancing, but there are solid budget options that give people a true smartphone experience.

This is even more true in 2016 than it was when we first created this list in 2013. Not only do you have the Moto G line, but there’s the Honor 5X, a variety of BLU devices, OnePlus X and OnePlus 2, and even low-cost flagships like the Moto X Pure Edition and Nexus 5X. In contrast, the iPhone and iPad are prohibitively expensive for many, but a budget Android device doesn’t need to cost much more than an old feature phone. And if you can afford to spend somewhere in the $150 to $300 ballpark, you can find a handset that gives a near flagship-level experience with just a few concessions in order to keep pricing down.

Midrange smartphones 2015-6

Moto G4 Plus -9See also: Best cheap Android phones (January 2016)441

Affordability has been a key driver for Android dominance worldwide and it continues to be. If you want premium devices that match and surpass the iPhone or iPad then you can find them, but if you want a budget device, then Android is really your only choice.


One of the strong points of Android has always been the level of customization it allows. While Apple wants to keep control of default apps in order to maintain a homogenous software and hardware experience, Android lets you pick your own level of customization. This extends all the way from simple things like live wallpapers, to alternative keyboards, to custom ROM installs.

Detractors will always say only hardcore geeks care about this level of customization, but at the shallow end of the pool this isn’t true. Plenty of iOS users loved it when Apple started allowing third-party keyboards and basic widgets, and that on its own is proof that this flexibility is what people want.

Some manufacturers are even allowing complex hardware customization. Motorola has Moto Maker, LG has replaceable leather back plates, as does Xiaomi. Those are just a few examples of something Apple will never do for you. Consider yourself lucky to have champagne gold and rose gold available… that is pretty revolutionary for Apple.



music-widgetsAndroid’s widgets have long been a feather in its cap compared to the static rows of icons you find in iOS. Even Microsoft saw the advantage, developing the Live Tiles system for Windows Phone. Widgets are still a major advantage for Android over iOS. Simply put, you can see all of the information you want at a glance on your home screen without having to fire up an app.

And yes, we know Apple introduced widgets last September. Have you seen those things? They are very limited and live only on your notification area. Not the same! Android still wins here.


You can argue iOS does multi-tasking all you want. And it’s true, you can do multiple things at once by switching apps back and forth, but that doesn’t even come near to the level of multi-tasking some Android phones offer.

Take Samsung as an example, which introduced multi-window long ago, in which you can view multiple apps at once. Plenty of other manufacturers have also been doing this for years, even if we will admit this is one area where stock Android lags behind.

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Meanwhile, Apple is playing catch-up by adopting similar features, a change that took place in 2015. Most of Apple’s multi-tasking features also remain limited to the tablet realm for the time being, however, and by the time they really bring it to the next level, it’s fairly likely that even Google’s “stock” vision for Android will offer some form of multi-window navigation.



Grab an iPhone, sit next to another iOS user and compare your home screens. Oh wait, they look exactly the same! That’s not the story with Android.

If you want control over how your Android smartphone or tablet looks then you’ve probably tried out a custom launcher. You can choose from a wide variety of custom launcher apps in Google Play and tweak everything from your home screen layout, to your page transitions, to effects and even gestures. There’s no risk involved with launcher apps and you can really open up a world of possibilities.

A launcher also is good for those instances where you love a handset but maybe aren’t so keen on the manufacturer’s custom interface. A launcher goes a long ways in these kinds of situations. And if you are the kind who enjoys the freedom of Android but actually lusts after the looks afforded by iOS or Windows — there’s even launchers that help you achieve a similar look and feel.

Nova Launcher android launcherSee also: 15 best Android launcher apps of 2015203

nokia z launcher

Custom ROMs

You can actually replace the software that came with your device with a custom ROM if you want to. This is essentially installing a new operating system and many Android users do it because their carrier or manufacturer is slow to upgrade to the latest version of the Android platform, but you may also do it for better performance or to gain access to some add-ons or tools. This is definitely the extreme end of Android customization and you need to exercise a little caution to ensure that you don’t run into trouble. That said, as long as you can follow a tutorial and your device is supported, the benefits can be enormous.

Hell, there’s even ways to install completely different operating systems on some Android devices, such as Ubuntu, Firefox OS, Sailfish, and the list goes on.

cyanogenmod nexus 5 boot screen aa 2

Google integration

Some years ago we discussed why Google and Android will prevail over Apple and iOS, and this specific topic is still one of the main reasons. Android devices integrate seamlessly with Google’s array of services. People are increasingly using their mobile devices to go online and Google is king of the web. Google Docs, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Music, Google+, Google Chrome…the list goes on, and Apple and iOS are not keeping up.

Sure, many Google services are now in iOS, but that deep level of integration simply isn’t there. And this is an important factor, because most of us use one or two… or three or 10 Google services. You want these to work seamlessly, and Android offers that.


Google Now

This stands out from the crowd of Google services and, while the excellent voice search has been rolled into the Google iOS app, there are elements of Google Now that you can only enjoy on Android. When we look to our technology to push things forward and offer real convenience boosts to daily life, the predictive and pre-emptive nature of Google Now as it seeks to fulfill your desires before you think to search, could be truly revolutionary.

Whether Google Now is better than Siri or not continues to be subjective, though. This is still a matter of preference, but here at Android Authority we believe Google Now is more straightforward and to the point, which is something we all look for when finding the right digital assistant. With Marshmallow, there’s also plenty of new functionality making its way over, such as Google Now on Tap.

okay google now voice commands

More free apps and games!

It may be a double-edged sword, but you can’t escape the fact that there are more free apps and games on Android than there are on iOS. Sometimes ports of the same apps that carried a price tag on iOS are free on Android. There also seems to be a greater willingness to pursue the freemium or ad-supported model.

Sadly, this may be, at least partly, down to piracy concerns and, while more hits are being ported across, the ability to earn more from iOS development still means more high quality, premium apps and games release on iOS first. Android continues to dominate and we have seen a change here, but it remains one of Android’s biggest challenges.

best free android appsSee also: 15 best free Android apps137


The industry moves fast, and so does Android

Bugs, lag, an ugly interface, a lack of apps – Android’s weaknesses have been systematically dealt with by a determined development team. The Android platform is unrecognizable compared with the first release and it continues to improve and evolve at a faster pace than the competition.

That big user base and the wide range of manufacturers producing Android devices can only drive further improvements to greater heights. While iOS stagnates, paralyzed by the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” school of thinking, Android continues to innovate and improve at a faster rate. Think about it. Android adopted NFC first, as well as fingerprint readers, and retina scanners, and mobile payments, and higher definition displays. The list goes on.

android developer apple mac Ryanne Lai

What’s important to you?

We’d love to hear why you think Android is better than iOS. Are your motives for choosing Android covered above or did something else attract you to the platform? Conversely, for those rocking an iPhone, what’s keeping you from Android — is there a specific feature, updates, etc? Post a comment and let us know.

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      I replyed to the top comment with a troll comment, now all we have to do is relax, get some popcorn and enjoy :D

  • iOS can’t beat Android at this time…this is the reason that Apple hate

    • I’m curious to see what Apple will bring to the table this year.

      If they don’t make some substantial improvements in their software UI and in the iPhone designe… Many people already get bored of iPhones. And the tendency is a geometric progression of the unhappy costumers.

      • Marvin Nakajima

        It’s not just boredom.. I have a few friends and family my age and older that would like to stay with an iPhone but their eyesight is making it difficult to rationalize staying with the smaller screen size compared to other smartphones, and no, the iPhone5 getting ‘taller’ does not help with making anything more readable at the launcher level.

  • Arch Thor

    I guess we can’t say that a mobile OS is better than other, it’s about what features standout more. I think that the option of having more than one type of keyboard (I’m talking about the software behind it) and customizing the looks and feel of the device are some great features of Android , but iOS is really simple to use and (almost) lag free (I do get more lah from Android devices). I use both OS every day, and I gotta say, both are amazing, one for being simple and secure, the other for being completely open, allowing you to do what you want (within hardware limitations). But that is just me… if you disagree, I respect your opinion, the same way I hope you do regarding mine.

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        MasterMuffin is cent percent correct. I support him.

    • Gorguts

      Yes you can. What I can’t say is that one OS is better for another individuals taste or liking but better in general is a real thing…example. A BMW X5…which I hate, is better than my CX9….which I love. The CX9 is better for me because of the way I use it, price, and look / feel. The BMW is engineered better, performs, better, is faster, and is made with better parts and materials therefore it is a better vehicle in general, but not better for me….. Android does more and does it well, android gives more choice and options and features those other guys just don’t have, this makes it better….you cannot debate that….

      • Arch Thor

        Just to be clear before I say it, this is only what I think of the OS, not the hardware it self (I know you meant BMW as Google and stuff) but one thing that really seems to be superior on the iPhone is the SUPPORT for a device, for example, take the 3GS, it’s been around for 3 years (now discontinued) and it has iOS 6! Let’s take a look at the Samsung flagship of 2011, the Galaxy SII, wich is still avalibe on the market as new (that is a 2 year old phone) and it got 3 major OS updates (considering that it will receive 4.1 JB next month, and maybe 4, if Sammy is kind enough to release 4.2 for the same). So, if you think it through, even if Android HAS more options and functions, it looses support quickly (you can see many devices that are brand new and are still running 2.3 Gingerbread). Before you say it, yes, the Nexus series have a long time OS support, well, I guess that’s because their Google’s phones haha And I know someone is going to talk ROOT, so covering that up, the same way you can install a custom ROM to make your phone (even more?) free from limitations, you can Jailbreak on a iOS (no Jailbreak for the iOS 6, yes, but I guess it works just like the whole bootloader on Android phones). My point is, sometimes you get more from some stock software (iOS x Android), but you can always find a way to get more by making it free.

        • Marvin Nakajima

          Somehow I don’t really credit iOS upgrades as really that much better. You still have the reduced feature set the older the device is. (e.g. just how many of the features of iOS6 actually ended up on the oldest supported devices?) It’s quite understandable since the older hardware cannot reasonably be expected to execute ALL the new code and still retain great UX.

        • EKfine

          3gs with ios6 is BAAAADDD…. and what updates on ios are we talking about? new looks of icons? some slightly redesigned apps? panorama? lmao. notification is nowhere near androids notifications with its quick toggle settings. ios is still the same ever since it came out. a jailbreak is a must for ios!

        • CyBrix_21

          Don’t get me wrong, but I think that Android 4.0 ICS and 4.1 Jelly Bean have more features than iOS 6.

    • CyBrix_21

      iPhones also have lags. I remember when I saw an iPhone 4 running iOS 6 from my friend, she was mad to her caller because she plays Temple Run and it lagged when she receives a call.

    • I found really noticeable lag on iPhone 4 running iOS6 (a colleagues). He spent more money on his phone than my Galaxy S2. I mean people are stupid to buy iOS

  • RarestName

    why does this site keep on mentioning iOS when they feel that Android is better

    • Ivan Budiutama

      because iOS users sometimes very annoying and they wouldn’t shut up unless you say “yes” even when you don’t really mention it? Then again, even in “features” debates, I found debating with other OS such as: Meego, Symbian, and even windows phone has some really nice discussion-like argument which is good IMHO.

      While I understand the purpose of this article is to give “logical” implication on OS features to fight with, debating with fanatics iOS users can be a pain (and waste of time) and really, for most of the times there is no logical debate can happened to iOS users, especially since they include person as part of the “feature” and keep saying “Steve Jobs” as part of Apple iOS best feature. So, yes, I think there are times when we should just say “yes” even when we not really mention it.

      • Call me crazy, but I consider Steve Jobs to be an argument against iOS, not for it. But, my view of him was not defined by the biography or by fanboys, it was based on facts and weird shit like that.

    • WossMan

      Just to mess witcha! :-)

  • Expandable storage ?

    • That isn’t technically a feature of Android, just the phones that sport Android (and even then, that isn’t the same with all phones, e.g. Nexus 4).

      • melody

        well I think because Android allow sdcard expansion, it’s still feature of Android, even when flagship phones like Nexus didn’t include them.

  • Patrick Fitzpatrick

    I have a slightly different perspective. I was an original iPhone 3G user, then switched to Nexus S and am now on Nexus 4. For every good point mentioned in the article there are just as relevant bad points about android vs ios and I’ll mention a few here.

    I think it’s only fair to compare Google flagship phones and os with iPhone and ios and to highlight my experiences.

    * Availability: N4, Nexus S, both launches were handled miserably and continued to be in short supply for a long time after launch
    * Repairability: I cracked the screen on my Nexus S. No local phone shop had parts, the only option was to send it to samsung for repair at a cost of $170. My buddy cracked his ip4 screen, got it repaired at a local phone repair store for $70. iPhone parts are readily available.
    * Resale value: I got $200 for my ip3g after 2 years. My Nexus S isn’t worth anything after 2 years.
    * Bugs: My brand spanking new Nexus 4 with latest Jellybean, reboots randomly, sometimes a few times a day. The camera won’t take photos at night and the flash gets stuck on, due to some weird bug. Bluetooth audio streaming is broken, audio breaks up every few seconds. I could go on and on.
    * Lag: N4 still has lag, especially noticable when in the phone dialer.

    * Information: It is frustratingly hard to get information on bugs and updates from google. Though apple may not be a whole pile better in this regard they do appear to be more responsive to releasing bug fix updates.

    Just my 2c

    • Some guy

      All valid very arguments but I see it a little differently..

      Availability: It’s true there’s a shortage for the Nexus 4 and S, but I guess you can’t blame Google since they did not produce the phones themeselves.

      Repairability: If I were a store, I wouldn’t want to carry parts for a brand which had more than 10 variations, whereas there would only be 1 right screen for the current Apple phone. Think of it as a small retail store store, would you want to carry all sizes for a shoe, or ties which only come in 1 size?

      Resale: Simply because of the way Apple has branded themselves as ‘high end’ products.

      Bugs: Hard to say and probably differs from user to user, but I haven’t experienced any of those bugs on my N4. On my previous iphone3gs, the lagging was horrendous after a year of use though.

      • Patrick Fitzpatrick

        Per LG the N4 shortage was due to google underestimating demand. So if that is indeed correct the blame lies squarely with google. Simply allowing users to pre order would have given them some clue as to the demand.

        The bugs I experienced are (now) well documented and continue to be reported on googles android bug reporting site.

        As to repairability, I understand that not every store can have Nexus S parts, but because of wide spread availability/demand of iPhone parts, the cost of repairs for iPhone is much less than for android.

        • Beto Vega

          Patrick, please allow me to get rid of your trouble, please let me buy that N4 from you…

          • Patrick Fitzpatrick

            Sure for the price of an off contract unlocked iPhone 5 you can have it :-)

          • Kevin

            Not had one issue with my Nexus 4 and had it for over a month now – has never lagged, never rebooted – I honestly can’t complain about anything with it.

          • Leonard Hofstadter

            Good thing you could buy 2 brand new N4 for that price, let alone a pre owned one.

      • Some people’s phones crap themselves after a year, but i still have friends who use iphone 3gs just to be retro, and they work fine

        • xReWxpilau

          Retro? Are you serious? A (then) leading edge device released a mere 3.5 years ago is considered retro? By which hipster’s standards?

          • Haha, welcome to mobile tech, having a crap device from two years ago is suckish, but if it was a golden device from 3-4 years ago, its like having an turn table or gameboy, except time is sped up.

          • xReWxpilau

            How utterly lame.

    • I respect what you said. However a few points:
      1. The iPhones (up words of $700) costs more than a Nexus 4 (around $350) does, let along many other devices. So the resale is going to be higher on a iPhone. Plus the iPhone is it, one new model per year (June-September normally). There are several different Android Smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S3 that are available at many stores and online. That goes for Tablets too.
      2. Availability While the Nexus devices do have issues in this area, they are not the only game in town like the iPhone is. You can go to LG, HTC, Sony, Samsung and more for a good Android device including the hot selling Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2.

      But I will say one thing, Apple Stores are good at repair for what I have read. Think of it this way on repair, Android devices are like Windows Notebooks, you have to send them out to the manufacturer for repair.

      • Brady

        I can solve this long debate. The iPhone isn’t as good as Android powered devices because there’s icons everywhere and it’s stupid. The end. =)

        • Al

          Yeah, that’s baffling. People are so stupid that they shell out $700 for a device that can’t manage the damn icons and have the apps organised properly. It’s a mess of icons, Android is much cleaner you can just put what you want in the “desktop”. And the live backgroudns and widgets are awesome. It’s incredible that the iphone still doesn’t have any of that.

      • le_lutin

        With respect to resale value, the OP wasn’t suggesting that we should compare the resale value of an iphone with an N4. That quite obviously isn’t a fair comparison.
        Compare instead the resale value of the iphone and (for example) the HTC one x and I think you’ll see what the OP is getting at.

      • Samsung Galaxy S3 is the same price as the iPhone 5, and Nexus 4’s are SOLD OUT everywhere, so your point is moot.

        • No kidding the Samsung Galaxy S3 is around the same price as an iPhone, what was your first clue and its better. But I was talking about availability and resale value from his comment. Next time read the entire comment instead of just saying it was moot.

          • Better how? iPhone 5 is faster than the S3 in every way.

      • Joseph schneck

        Actually there are a lot of shops which repair android phones. I had my Nexus One repaired a year ago in about a week and a half.

    • leoingle

      Weird, i just sold a Thunderbolt and a Droid Charge. I got a 100 bucks for each of them. They are 2 years old.

      • How is that any better than his iphone? I’m 100% Android fan boy, but that doesn’t blind me from seeing that people Pay 300% more for an Apple product than an Android phone. On Craigslist people literally beg for someone to buy their android phone, its pathetic. But if you’re(In General) able to not have the latest and greatest, and buy a used phone Android is definitely an Advantage.

    • Gorguts

      Availability comment is moot because it is relevant to 1 or 2 devices and the gs 2 and 3 are better.** I sold the HTC G1 for $120.*** Your cracked screen comment is a joke. I get screens from ebay and install myself for $60 or less.*** Bugs are specific to manufacturer neglect, I have never had a bug worth mentioning on any device I ever owned. any bug on the iphone your at the mercy of apple to fix it and when I worked for sprint I had to hear all the crying for us to fix apples voice mail issue which we couldn’t because carriers have no control over that closed off device. It took over 5 months to fix and missing calls and vm’s is a pretty ridiculous bug. I can’t believe lag still comes up, I have zero lag within android. The only lag I see is in facebook which is not android.***See the bugs comment in regards to info…. Final note: iOS has less issue and better batter because it does less. You turn it on and there is your apps…period. It is a glorified app holder and has zero personality. The fact that I can run live wallpaper, real multitasking, multiple widgets, gps, wifi, and cell service and still get a full day of use is amazing. Your batter life comes from nothing going on in the OS, your no lag comes from nothing to generate lag…even though I haven’t had lag since the Epic4G. If you like apple fine, but there is absolutely no way you can compare to android. Apple is playing catchup year after year. Yes its polished and apps integrate better…..I guess, but how hard is it to polish a blank background waiting for an icon to show up on it.

    • KD

      I think u pretty much change the comparison to iPhone vs Nexus from Android vs iOS..there is a big difference

    • Slav4ik

      Have you installed a custom Rom for your N4 ? because you describe bugs that very popular in customs.

    • itznfb

      The article is making points about Android as an ecosystem/mobile OS. You’re complaining about your crappy experience. The bugs you mention aren’t well documented in fact. If they are, they are documented to show how few devices are affected. Neither of my N4’s have had a single issue and not once in my usage since 4 days after release have they lagged even once. It’s the only Android device I own that doesn’t even lag when playing NFS: MW.
      My point is really that you are just bitchily nitpicking about your own experience when the article is making valid points on ecosystem superiority.

      • Patrick Fitzpatrick

        Look N4 and Jellybean is supposed to be Android at its latest and best, I’m happy for you that you are in the “it works for me” camp, there are many who are not. Quality of software and release testing is a valid point when considering ecosystem superiority. These bugs are well documented and many more, go to XDA developers forum or visit the links I added below for google bug tracking.

        Here is a sample post from googles own bug reporting page.. and it echos my experience and feeling exactly.

        “It’s really embarrassing to have camera dysfunction on my lovely Nexus. It happened twice when camera hanged with exactly same issue as described by others. Here are some insights to add based on my observation:
        1. It happens only if you would use it in outside during night or extreme dark.
        Whenever I experienced the issue this was the basic condition, and the cam took very good photos WITH FLASH under mild lighting. I tested this then and found it right, also many of your comments show you experienced the issue under very bad light or dark.
        2. Under said conditions you’ll take 2-3 photos and then the flash would turn on permanent. You restart it and the cycle continues. Flash goes off only on pressing HOME rather than BACK.

        Please provide the bug fix ASAP as this is super embarrassing, my friends getting chance to show their iPhones and galaxies before Nexus.”

        Another quote from google issue tracking regarding bluetooth streaming

        Same problem here. Streaming audio to Bluetooth speakers is nearly impossible due to stuttering. Unpairing and pairing isn’t helping. Local and online media affected.
        Had no problems whatsoever while using 4.1.2, so it appears to be a defective BT stack under 4.2.

        Seriously, how could this have been gone unnoticed?!

    • jlucb


      Thanks for your refreshing reply: always important to keep balance, and see the two sides of the coins.

      I also have a slightly different perspective. Most of your points seem relevant and valid, even though you seem to ignore the mountains of crazy bugs that also exist in iOS6, that drive users actually crazy. Are their more of those ennoying bugs on iOS6 or JB4.2? Who knows. Actually the list is quite long in both sides.

      But this is not actually important. All those bugs are temporary and get fixed (while new ones come).

      Here is the different perspective that I actually have, and which in my view is WAY MORE significant than whatever list of low-level defects of each OS:

      –> ” The Google PLATFORM is actually much stronger than the Apple Platform”

      In fact, we all know that “Android” is only part of the “Google Platform / ecosystem”, as iOS part of the “Apple Platform / ecosystem”.

      And if you assess carefully the 2 ecosystems, you will realize, with a bit of sadness actually, how Apple is actually SUPRISINGLY UNDER-DEVELOPPED compared to Google’s.

      To make it short, consider the three following dimensions:

      1/ State-of-the-art architecture of services

      All Google services are surprisingly well architectured, in the more modern, smart, open and future-looking way. Among Google’s many services (GMail, Calendar, Maps, YouTube, GDocs, .. ), take the most important of all: Cloud services.
      Compare the solidity / strengths / innovation of the two platforms regarding the cloud services…:
      Apple’s Cloud is an after-thought at best, and a joke at worse. Either you need a fat client to access most of your content (iTunes) [N.B.: think of it for a moment: YOU NEED TO INSTALL A FAT CLIENT (iTunes) ??? in 2013 ???? Ho my… … ]
      Or you just ..; can’t access your content if you’re not at home. You can’t access your music, your photos etc. … from a friend’s PC computer or at work… or even worse you can only store Apple generated documents from Apple-only applications …
      Direct consequence: all Apple users buy DropBox or other great services to have serious Cloud Storage, among other services. Then the whole point of full Cloud integration is out of the window…
      In short: the Architecture of Apple’s Cloud Services are 10 years behind.

      Compare one moment with Google’s Cloud Services. Goole IS a Full-Cloud company. ALL its services are cloud-based, integrated, and fully open to all platform and all nature and type of content. Better: you can access anything from anywhare with anything. Example: from a friend’s or family’s place, I can Access (from any PC or Mac or anything) all my content, all my music, my photos, movies, magazines, etc, etc. … and use all my services.
      Compare with iTunes: Google Music is a full-feature state-of-the-art store, full-storage Library and reader: ALL IN YOUR BROWSER, WHEREVER YOU ARE. Which is actually quite obvious in 2013.

      And this is true for everything in the Google Ecosystem.
      (Google Drive / Docs are even much more impressive, etc. …)

      In comparison, Apple’s Architecture of Cloud Services is .. well… amateur.

      2/ Breadth of Ecosystem Services

      This one also is quite obvious.

      Google’s ecosystem of services embrace the widest scope. Apple is tiny in comparison. How come? How come it took 7 years to Apple (he most innovative and richest company in the planet) to realize that the mapping (as only one example) infrastructure was of STRATEGIC IMPORTANCE for the next wave of mobile commerce? And the list goes on and one about all the services: Online Document infrastructure (Google Docs), Digitalization of all content (worldwide libraries, …), GMail, Calendar, Maps, YouTube, ..,

      How come Apple ecosystem is so tiny and restricted in comparison?

      3/ Deepness of vision and investment in innovation

      This last point is the most scary. For Apple.

      We all know the story: Google is taking MASSIVE steps and GIGANTIC INVESTMENT in forward-looking, futuristic innovations… The list goes on and on: digitalization of the planet (Map and Earth), digitalization of the world’s Library and books, the Self Driving Car (!!), the Google Glass Project (!!!), the Knowldge Graph Project (!!!), the Google Fiber Project (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), ….
      Etc, etc, etc. … each one of these Google project will bring MASSIVE value to the whole integrated and connected cloud-based ecosystem that will keep growing and solifying over the years …

      All in all: Apple’s overall ecosystem in decades behind Apple’s…

      • Patrick Fitzpatrick

        I wouldn’t say decades (except maybe for their mapping solution) but nice, well constructed post.

        • Juvenal Mena

          with android you have the “ecosystem” out of the box, with IPhone you need to download all the “ecosystem”.

    • Al

      A Nexus S is worth $100-$150. Check your facts before you spread FUD. If your screen is cracked, then of course it’s worth little.
      Watch the crap you install on your phone, because I have none of your supposed bugs. Lag? not in my wildest nightmares, no.

      • Patrick Fitzpatrick

        What planet do you live on. No one in their right mind would pay that money for a used Nexus S. It is a crap, seriously underpowered phone that struggles under the weight of jellybean. The bugs I reported are STOCK JELLYBEAN bugs, if you had of even bothered to follow the links I posted you would have seen that. No Lag? Try googling Nexus 4 lag, there are plenty of reports about it, here is just one of the many examples.

        Pinch to zoom in a browser had lag

        Scrolling in Chrome had some lag

        Popping up multi-tasking overlay had lag

        About 20% of the time going back to home screen had some lag

        Taking a picture in the camera app had lag

        Getting the camera controls to popup (and then moving your finger to select one) had lag before they turned blue

        • Al

          I see no lag in any of these situations on my Nexus 4. How much lag are we talking about? maybe I need a high speed camera to measure it or something…

        • Joseph schneck

          I was quoted for $100 for my Nexus one, then again aside from scratches i have the box and all accessories in decent condition

    • Natasha Garcia

      You complained more than you did compare the products.

      Availability: Google noted that they were surprised at the demand for the Nexus 4, considering how their previous products faired in the past- slow starters in popularity and purchase. I was actually happy that they managed to sell out as fast as they did.
      Resale Value: That is only due to apple’s branding of iPhone’s as the best, and potential buyers not wanting to pay the $600+ it takes to purchase the newest phone in the line. Others settle for an older version at half the price because of the simple fact that it is an “iphone”. Nothing about that is even remotely good.
      Everything else you mentioned did not really sway the conversation in any direction. If you wanted to make actual comparisons, speak of the hardware, the software, the difference in how different phones handle each os. But don’t use the amount of products sold, and your unhappy experience with one to validate the worth of the other.
      Kind of a cheap argument.

    • APai

      * Availability: you are not restricted to only nexus 4 are you ? sgs3/ xperia phones/ htc/ lg… etc. that’s a great plus about android being able to get your choice of hardware, many companies make it easy for you to root your device too, like sony.
      * oddly, i find repair-ability better with android phones than the iphone with is prohibitive in india. it also depends on the model of android phone.
      * bugs – half of my iphone users friends have had terrible issues with wifi/ network issues, and reboots too and strangely they think its part of every phone users experience. don’t believe me check all those complaints – there’s no company that’s immune to issues

      the only area google has a serious issue with:

      Information & customer service – yeah the glaring blackhole that google has – non existent customer service.

      • Juvenal Mena

        hehe, google have to buy the DELL support.

    • FrillArtist

      Never had any of those issues you have with your N4. Mine runs like a prize horse on steroids. Maybe you should return it and ask for a new one. Probably got a defective unit.

  • jangeloracoma

    One gripe I have with Android is multitasking on lower-end devices. This is where iOS’ multitasking — or lack of “real” multitasking — has an edge.

    In Android, app subsystems will often cause the device to crawl if its specs are not capable enough. Thus, you have IM apps, social networking apps, VoIP apps, etc., running in the background waiting to “pull” incoming messages and such. iOS does not let (most) apps run in the background, but rather uses push notifications for any updates, thereby saving on processing cycles and bandwidth. Even this can be disabled selectively for apps you don’t want to receive notifications from.

    Of course, this has disadvantages, too. But given that Android’s sheer numbers in the market are brought about by low-end to mid-range devices, I think the platform’s architecture can be improved a bit to better support these devices that may not necessarily provide a buttery smooth experience with a lot of background apps running. I’ve found myself killing several background apps to the point of freezing some because they cause lags taking processing cycles in the background (I’m looking at you, Facebook app).


    • i think a standard should be set by Google. That Companys should follow. here is what i would set

      Screen res MINIMUM of 480X800 and a screen size of no less than 3.9inches
      dualcore CPU Snapdragon s3 minimum. at 1.2ghz or above.
      5MP camera MINIMUM
      has to run LATEST OS
      UNSKINNED OS and always upto date.

      you could make a device with those min specs for less than £100.

      • Vikum B. Wijekoon

        But not everyone can sell them at 100eur. Only Google

      • Mark Ayers

        But what if you don’t need that much speed, want a smaller phone, prefer battery life over speed, etc.?
        The whole reason Android is so widespread and cheap is because manufacturers have total control.

        • that should not me like that. Google SHOULD control android just enough to make sure that each device releases with the latest OS and gets updated a month or so after a new one is released.

      • The reason OEMs add skins to Android is to separate them from the competition, not to mention they usually add somewhat useful features (like Swype) that Android itself doesn’t (or didn’t, if you’re talking about Swype) have.

        • CiDhed

          Android 4.2 has a Swype like keyboard. I actually find it more accuarte than Swype on a lot of things.

      • Marvin Nakajima

        I thought that was the main concept behind the Nexus branded devices. Google creating devices that they feel is the standard off of which similar class devices should at LEAST support.

        • i wish, but the last four Nexus devices beat the shit out of everything else that exists at the time (4, 7, 10 and GNex).. the 4 is maybe debatable with the Note 2, but that’s it. The others blew everything else away, with the 7 and 10 still leading their respective spaces.

          • kascollet

            That’s mostly wrong. Nexus 4, 7 & 10 don’t lead anything, nor sales, nor performances, nor battery life, nor durability, nor form factor, nor innovation.
            They do quite well for the price they sell, but that’s all.

          • CyBrix_21

            Hey can you get that at a price that is almost half of the iPhone? I think that Google made this not to be the most advanced mobile device, but to give masses the chance to have the performance that is almost similar to what you have found on the smartphones that are 2x more expensive than that devices.

          • Ok, I must have missed some major announcements. What 7 inch tablet, at any price, has better hardware and/or software than the Nexus 7 today? What 10 inch tablet (or thereabouts) has better specs or software than the Nexus 10? Both are they only ones I know of on Android 4.2, so they win on software. The Nexus 4 is arguably equal to or better than the Note 2 and HTC Droid DNA, which are the only devices close. The GNex was vastly superior to anything that came out in 2011 and is most comparable to the Galaxy S3 of mid-2012. The Nexus 4 is also half the price of most other flagship phones. Is there a cache of hardware that exists out there that no press is covering that destroys all of these monsters? To each their own, but specs + user experience are really all we’re talking about here, and these devices, at the time of their release and with 3/4, still today are leading on both categories.

    • You could just get a decent phone. If you can’t afford one, you still have fully functional choices with slightly different levels of performance. It’s a trade off, but the entire Android ecosystem shouldn’t be dictated but the lowest common denominator. The new Corvette shouldn’t be limited to the performance of the lowest end model Chevy so the lower tier owners don’t feel slighted. The advances at the high end show up in the next generation low end

    • Vikum B. Wijekoon

      Well Google must do something bout low ends too since windows phone would be getting more hype there Bcuz of nokias in the game and WP doesn’t lag. Google should make a special version of android to tun on low ends. It’s not very hard either since they have a lot of resources and a huge support from the dev community unlike other OSes

    • Josh York

      I completely agree with the poor performance on low-end device problem. I know you get what you pay for and if you save money and know what to expect, I guess there isn’t really a problem. My major issue with the low-end phones, as an enthusiastic Android fan, is that for some people experiencing Android, or even smartphones, for the first time with a low-end device, they get a skewed view of the operating systm. I know many people that I have tried to turn away from Apple that argue that they already tried Android and it was terrible, but they were using a low-end, poorly specced device that couldn’t live up to the true potential of the platform. So although I like the choice that Android brings, there is a negative impact.

    • RarestName

      I talked about that in another article regarding the transition from iOS to Android. My mother’s Galaxy Note has a massive battery drain, and clearing out the apps from the multitasking window is a pain in the arse since you’ll have to keep on invoking it with the home button.

      She told me that that was the only reason why she dislikes using the phablet outdoors – horrible battery life.

      We should be able to choose which apps should utilise true multitasking and which apps should pause in the background and will only download the data when opened.

    • melody

      Easy, do selective background app, just like WP
      User should be able to choose which app can / cannot run in background.

      I think it has been discussed somewhere before

  • Valdo

    steve jobs already knew that android was going to be better than iOS, that’s why he declare thermonuclear war,otherwise it would not have even bothered, as he not did with webOS or Windows Phone or RIM.

    • blink

      very good point. I agree with you.

      seems steve jobs already see the “future” of both android & ios at that time. :)

  • Luis Augusto Fretes Cuevas

    You left out more important stuff like:

    1) You can select default apps.
    2) You can actually attach anything you want to an email, as well multiple attachments, from the mail app.

    • RarestName

      Over clocking.

    • Gorguts

      NFC, I can root and make my phone look like and in some cases work like any other device I choose., Phone apps and tablet apps are the same so you don’t have to buy them twice, USB OTG bringing native 360 and ps3 controller support as well as other hardware usb related. Hacks to remove carrier lock downs like data speed governors and free hotspot, Multiple keyboard support, Hardware manipulation, over and under clocking, I could do this all dam DAY! Default apps and attachments are fking huge and I use the $hit out of them by the way. I can look at a file and attach it to any app that supports that file type on the fly… Fking genius. Not to mention a simple file explorer.. sheesh.

  • I have to admit, I have never used Apple’s iOS before and that includes iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or whatever. I choose Android over iOS because of overall cost, features and options.

    The Smartphones and Tablets are less expensive. A Nexus 7 and a slightly used GNex device are cheaper (in a good way) than one iPad. Apple’s prices are just too high compared to Android devices on many models, but not all mind you.

    I can have chose from an optional microSD card slot, customizing especially with widgets, more free apps, rooting the device, a USB OTG storage w/o rooting and more. And yes I sync my calender, email, bookmarks and more between both of my devices and my bookmarks with my laptops.

    And I could buy from several different manufacturers including LG, Asus and Samsung. Three companies I currently have products with.

    But I will say though everything, I still use iTunes because its easy to use. Good article.

    • I mostly agree, especially if you do a side by side with what you’re getting. The Nexus 7 is vastly superior to the iPad Mini and around half the cost. The Nexus 10 is by far the best 10 inch in existence and blows the iPad 4 away, yet is around 60% of the cost. The only real gripe with the N10 is it can’t be used on LTE, whereas the premium iPads can.

  • WossMan

    You left out a HUGE one: multi-user support on tablets. The iPad may never learn that trick. Apple is too iCentric. Android is all about we, us, and sharing.

  • apple rules

    people think samsung are better because they have more things like tv and stuff but no way ios is better i got iphone 4s and i can do anything with it if i didnt get it i would of still had a samsung galaxy ace. when i got it it was faster more things better camera and awsome siri so i think you should support apple it is the best!!!!

    • You’re comparing a lower-end model of Samsung phones to Apple’s flagship devices, that doesn’t make sense. If you were trying to make a logical comparison, you should have used the S2, S3, or Note/Note 2. Even the S2 has similar specs to the iPhone 5, and it’s over 2 years old already.

      • Truth

        specs dont mean alot,the iphone 5 can run any game on the market perfectly with its dual core processor and there is absolute no lag in the ios or anything,then there is phones like the Droid DNA with a quad core ect ect.specs mean very little if either phone can run the best apps on the market perfectly lol

        • Supakoopa

          …except for the Tegra games that android devices can run that ios can’t? MY Ace has no lag whatsoever after 2 years of hard use, it simply used up the microSD space, so I bought another one.

  • apple rules

    also thor is right it counts on the style and software

    • We know debating with apple users is like debating with your baby brother or sister. You try to show them the truth( android is a better os than apple iOS) but they cover their ears, make noises, and pretend they can’t hear you

  • apple rules

    if people want an iphone get the iphone 4s or 5 because they are super fast and have good network

  • hoggleboggle

    seriously, is this the best you can come up with for a website calling itself “android authority”? Animated wallpapers?!? Pathetic. What about more fundamental elements such as having an actual filing system, the ability to choose your preferred app, NFC or the ability to download files of the net to name a few fundamental improvements.

    • hnilsen

      I’m a bit conflicted on iOS vs Android. I would never go for an iPhone myself, but for users that don’t have the technical skills, understanding or care in the world for such things, I believe iOS would be a good alternative for them.

      That being said, my preferences with Android are these:
      – Selecting default app
      – Widgets
      – Download a different launcher if you don’t like the stock one
      – Process drawer, easy swiping away running apps
      – Play Store is fantastic
      – Same OS everywhere, on all devices
      – Buy an app, use it on all devices
      – Choose your browser, and use it everywhere
      – Ease of use with apps like Spotify etc
      – Drop down notification area
      – ROMs for the hacker
      – 6 month release cycle on the OS
      – Usually huge improvements from iteration to iteration
      – NFC

      – Internal space some times allocated for apps, some times only a small margin (S2 has 2GB allocated, but 16GB internal storage).
      – As a professional HTML5-developer (mobile banking), the webkit implementations across the different brands and models SUCK! They SUCK! Android and HTML5 does not go well together.
      – App drawer is nice, but too cluttered
      – Still not as smooth as iOS, but brute forcing with pure power seems to do wonders…
      – Fragmentation – especially in the webkit implementations
      – Update schemes across carriers, brands and models. What. The. Actual. Fuck.
      – Seems to be hard to find a device as robust and good looking as the iPhone

  • yankee_42

    I always say that no matter what android is the best # for me..

  • Simeon

    They are both decent phone operating systems… Time to just get the most out of using them, enjoy them, and go out and do something better instead!

  • stewart lum

    Android is so much better cause even if the team does not fix it quick u can fix it yourself

  • carbon

    as for me, the biggest reason I like android than other mobile OS :
    – lot of choice for browser, virtual keyboard, launcher/UI, and media player (video/music).
    – emulators. from pc, linux, amiga, palm, handheld game, console game, all there.
    – sdcard/ expandable storage support.
    – app sideloading, easy software deployment/ testing for developer.

    while the reason I hate android are:
    – lag sometimes.
    – java vm on top of linux kernel.
    – can’t select app that must NOT run on background.
    – fat32 storage filesystem, 4gb filesize limitation.

    yeah no OS is perfect. but android is still better than others mobile os out there. for now.

  • Cabnetmaker

    Well i admit i havent used alot of new android devices and im kinda neutral.but i currently have a samsung galaxy and it works great the only problem i have with the phone and android is the Play store seems kinda cluttered and the basic UI of the playstore isnt very good or easy to navigate in my opinion (i of coarse know how to navigate was annoying though) the phone itself isnt bad i dont like the fact of having my pages out front with widgets and apps and then push a button to go to all my base apps that i dont have on my home screens. and my phone randomly downloads apps to my main screen,like ill just open my phone and have 3 or 4 random apps that say (play free games or win this ipad(lol)) i delete them but new ones pop up every day.and then there is my ios experience my first ios was a ipod 2g i was used and the back was very badly scratched to the point of grooves and i used that thing and used that thing finnally i bought an ipod 3 when it came out then an ipod 4 now i own and ipod 5 and will be getting my iphone 5 in a week or 2 (yes im 19 now and i payed for all of this without any parrents),well my sister still has my ipod 2g and it is fairly sluggish now but it still works as if it was new….and i have never had any bugs or trouble in any of my ios devices :P im not narrow minded i have a preference haha !!!

    • paul jones

      Play store from mobile app- side swipe to left for categories, side swipe to right for top paid, swipe again for top free ect .use search box for anything . to find a list of all your apps you have ever installed(not just what you have on phone now) press three dots top right and select..
      Your pop up advertising problems are from a free app you have installed ( most likely a free version of a game) find it and delete or buy full version to stop pop up ads.
      You don’t have to use widget’s if you don’t like them !
      I personally have my main page with app icons including folders (changed look and number of rows with nova launcher)
      widgets like friendcaster for facebook and Google + on other pages resized to suit the page.
      I found it all abit much to when I came from apple to android but so glad I stuck with it .
      Don’t like something? There is always an app or launcher to change it to exactly how you want..
      I always look at both OS and devices each time I upgrade and love the look of ip5 but everything thing inside was a compromise so went nexus 4.
      Good luck and hope you stay and play!

    • Where is the point of your comment?

      *Ba dumm tssss*

  • Nikki

    Definitely love my S3. Only one complaint vs ios. I need threaded group messaging in my life. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee….

  • Pijay

    You really can’t say that Android as OS is better or worse. Apple made certain design decisions in iOS which appeals some users and does not appeal other users. For example things like file system, real multitasking, etc is easy for apple to implement as they already have these in OS X. So it is not matter of incapability. On the other hand, Android as a OS have certain advantages that Apple CANNOT beat (as opposed to does not want to beat). So if I want to compare the two systems from that stand point, I would say the Android advantages are:
    – Google ecosystem
    – Google Now
    – Different price points
    – Speed of improvement
    – More free apps (e.g., some paid apps in app store are free in playstore)

    On the other hand, Apple still has an edge on:
    – Quality apps ( this has been the biggest issue for me since switched) I don’t have half of the apps I had on iOS or their equivalent
    – Security and integrity of the device
    – Better ecosystem (e.g., Airplay, Apple TV, iTunes)
    – Better default apps (Mail, Calendar, etc)

    • Supakoopa

      I would argue that the Google ecosystem is better, but that’s an opinion, and that the defaults are better with Chrome, Gmail and Google Calendar.
      In regards to security, the iOS is in fact less secure than Android.

      • Most of the security holes in Android come from people making poor decisions when using 3rd party markets and/or side-loading apps. The Play Store has very similar functionality to the App Store in terms of finding and removing mal-ware, which is rarely sent via those mediums.

    • kascollet

      Google’s ecosystem is very well supported on iOS it seems.
      Those are the apps Google gives to iOS users at the moment (all free of course) :
      – YouTube
      – Google Search
      – Google Earth
      – Chrome
      – Google Maps
      – Google Drive
      – Google+
      – Google Translation
      – GMail
      – Google+ Local (ex G Adresses)
      – Google Play Books
      – Google Stream
      – Google Authenticator
      – Blogger

      Except for Google Now, iOS users have convenient access to Google’s ecosystem as much as Android users, and many of them use it ! BUT they also have iCloud functionality (I crave for such a backup system !) witch we obviously can’t use.

  • Gorguts

    NFC, I can root and make my phone look like and in some cases work exactly like any other device I choose., Phone apps and tablet apps are the same so you don’t have to buy them twice, USB OTG bringing native 360 and ps3 controller support as well as other hardware usb related. Hacks to remove carrier lock downs like data speed governors and free hotspot, Multiple keyboard support, Hardware manipulation, over and under clocking, I could do this all dam DAY! Default apps and attachments are fking huge and I use the $hit out of them by the way. I can look at a file and attach it to any app that supports that file type on the fly… Fking genius. Not to mention a simple file explorer.. sheesh. After reviewing all of these features, I wish Android would ditch them all for a blank screen I can put icons on….

  • nice list.. also the price and not being in the life of peer-pressure really counts too.

  • columbia

    I don’t know about you but it still drives me nuts there is no convenient way to organize a playlist on iOS. Sure, you can make a playlist, you can add songs to it, but how do I know if I’ve got duplicates? Why can’t I sort things by Artist, by Name, or by Genre *in* the playlist?

  • Juan Sanchez

    Is as simple as this: Every Android device developer tries to give their device a bit of their personal touch, giving android devices a great variety of styles and bonus features. Apple has, well apple stuff. In a way each Android version for every company is unique. So having many companies developing for android makes it possible to innovate faster than the same people making iOS 1.0 again and again and installing it in a faster phone with more colors and minor changes, ah yes useless maps.

  • John Galt


  • Santhosh Karkera

    Yes 2 years back iOS on iPhone was better, but now Android beats iOS on iPhone by (S)miles….!!. But I think in tables both are neck to neck.

  • androidcheapdroid

    ive got a iphone 1 in the draw and the touch screen works better than most average new android phones only reason i dont have an iphone 5 is money so i aswell as many other people android is the only option if every one could afford the phone they actualy wanted i bet android phones would not sell so well

  • Stephengn

    Inherently less secure.

    …and always will be as long as it has the largest market share.

  • It just works everwhere really well which is the most important thing for me. On my Note 2 I can reaD articles from newspapers, websites, videos , sport live.I put Lookout anti malware on that tells avout dodgy websites in advance.

  • Soren

    Keep in mind though, that Android is all COPIED off of apple, and Samsung hat to pay a multi-billion dollar fine for it.

  • Ruben

    I will not say which one is better (this is highly subjective). But come on, guys, if you gonna point out 10 reasons, at least make sure they are all true… Sorry, I can’t trust a so faulty article.

  • Tarek Assaf

    I am an Android user since 2008, and there is no doubt that the improvements it made are enormous.and the Google integration experience is great. The one thing for me were Apple still dominates is in the entertainment area. Outside of the US. and few other countries, you cannot use the Movies and TV section, nor the Music section and the Books section of Google Play. Where on iTunes all these are available in almost every other country. Google need to step up its patent or legal actions to start making a worldwide presence in the entertainment section.

  • Good article!

  • huche1n

    Simply put Android is easier, better, innovative, developing than IOS. While IOS puts only a few improvements every year, Android does a major update with new innovations every year. e.g. IOS was advertising Do not disturb, Panaroma, Noise cancelling only on IOS 6 when it was there in every other phone on Android ages ago (and didnt make a big deal about it)

    IOS is so behind in terms of technology! Their power is their Marketing. If you love technology and always loves up to date new stuff, then you’ll hate IOS(i do) and you’ll love Android. Android can do what IOS can do, but better. There is loads of stuff you cant do in IOS that you can do in Android

    • Ya boiii

      Except make money… if you want to make money developing apps, the App Store is where it’s at.

      Android community is too cheap and pirates apps.

  • irkitated

    I used to own an iPhone. I bought it to see what all the fuss was about but then I developed the ability to think for myself so I sold the iPhone and bought an Android phone. Unfortunately, I still have an iPhone for my work phone so I have a daily comparison between the two devices.

    One thing I have noticed about the majority of Apple fanboys is how they straight out bash something else without having tried it and without being fully informed. You cannot argue with Apple fanboys because it is like playing chess with a pigeon. It doesn’t matter how good you are, the pigeon will just knock all of the pieces over, crap on the board and then strut around like it is victorious.

    Read full post here http://irkitated.blogspot.com.au/2013/01/shut-up-apple-fanboys.html

  • Me

    Cool, but most of those points have nothing to do with the OS itself – it’s more like why Android DEVICES are still a better option than iDevices.

  • Droids R Us

    OK here is my opinion, 2 different OS for 2 different people. OS 1 Makes the best looking handsets interface and most stable/smooth OS that Is easy to use and learn and ideal for those who don’t want or care about having any choices BUT You can do very little other that what the device allows you to (The phone is the master) costs way too much and now they are moving in to dual core and big screen territory they are having a lot of un-publisized problems. It was only that stable because of its restrictions and simplicity.
    OS 2 makes the most advanced, open and customizable OS that allows you to do whatever you want (You are the master) and has built in comprehensiveness to make sure it will work no matter what you do to it, the whole Android philosophy is to Give the customer EVERYTHING and they will appreciate it BUT The nature of this openness means there will always be some bugs and delays to fixing them. Your choice is basically this…..

    Beauty or Best? Fashion or Features? Simple or Serious?
    I chose Android :) (just wish it looked as nice)

  • “Integration with Google services and products”

    Funny, because Google apps are way better on iPhone than Android.

    • FrillArtist

      Don’t make me laugh.

  • I’m an iOS user, and from experience I can tell you that most of us could give 2 shits about customization. I’m an app person, and I like having them right in front of my face when I start up my iPod. I swear, every time I use someone’s Android phone I sit there for about 2 days before I ask, “How do you find the maps app?”
    Then, when I look it up people tell me that there’s a, “Default search option,” and that, “I’m an ignorant user”.
    I also like how straight forward iOS is.
    For example, a kid I know is always asking to use my iPod. I don’t want him running through my messages, emails, etc., so I put it in lock mode so he can only use the app he asked to use. I’m pretty sure there’s a function similar to that on Android, and that Apple “copied” it, but oh well, it works and I like it. It doesn’t require me to be “a smart guy” or use any third party apps, look through settings for 2 hours, etc..
    So, I guess in the whole fight thing, I like iOS more. It just depends on user taste. I like how simple iOS is, but I like Android b/c their phones have those huge screens for browsing and watching video…
    Just a 14 year old’s opinion.

    • FrillArtist

      Yet here you are on an ANDROID blog…

  • Chateau Man

    Thank you so much..i am android user…:)

  • AndroidUser1211

    Android developers will admit that iOS will always be more fluid. Almost everyone will agree that apps on iOS look and function better. Android has the image of being a iOS knockoff (It actually is….but that’s beside the point). Comparing a HTC One V with ICS to the very first iPhone everyone would agree the first version of iOS looks better and is far less buggy. Top 10 reasons its STILL better? My friend, it hasn’t even caught up yet.

    • FrillArtist

      Worthless troll.

  • John Serafini

    People, please do some research. What you call bugs that you find can’t information on how to fix are not bugs. The problem lies in your inability to properly work your phone. The vast majority of complaints I see are almost always user errors . Very rarely is it the the the phone or the os. So before you bash android you should bash yourself. Take 10 minutes to read a little about the phone you have and how to properly use it.. I can’t street this enough do not use a task killer. That is why they call these smart phones. The phone knows how to run properly and when you start using a task killer you make the phone run crappy.

  • I just got an iPhone last week after having (and loving) a droid 2 for a long time. I already know why Apple is top dog. Simply put, it is the best top-to-bottom user experience I’ve ever had. Everything I had to “customize” my droid to do is already done for me. It just works. Also, many of the “great customization options” I wanted to use with my droid required jailbreaking and, therefore, made it no better than an iPhone in that regard.

  • aqq

    As Linus Torvalds wisely put it: software is like sex – it’s better when it’s free :)

  • aqq

    As Linus Torvalds wisely put it: Software is like sex – it’s better when it’s free :)

  • Wolfdan

    Your personality determines which os you prefer. If you compete with the Jones’s the Apple is for you. If you don’t Google Android is the right fit.

    People wait in lines for a failed sweatshop built device that acts like it is upscale and polished so they can feel polished and better than their only true friend. Each Apple user has only one friend and that friend secretly hates them.

    When Android Google decides that every device should be traded in if it can’t run the latest version of the op and unifies every device to run the latest version or alternatively a processor can be plucked and replaced at a gas station to run the device faster and get the update then? If it pressures Amazon and Barnes and Noble to allow freedom in their devices then? If wifi becomes free via satellite for every user then? Desktops will die. Microsoft will vanish. Windows will be closed.

    Then the iconic thieves of technology (Apple) will topple to the ground. Apple is dead.

    Learn to root and become a Superuser. Linux rules and unix decides how we have lived and progressed and the others just steal ideas for the window or the fruit tree.

  • gofyourself

    all of you need to get the hell outside and stop obsessing over this dumb debate.

  • Joki

    No, you say bullshit. I am with Android for 2 days now and although it is good it is still much worse than ios on user experience. In 2 days I saw times more app crashes than on my iphone for 3 years. Of course, that costs, my android is 330 USD and the iphone is 800 USD. And of course, ios is very closed system. But if you are perfectionist and want the best and most uncompromising device – get ios.

  • hunes

    really good post good

  • ssimstar

    Cast your minds back to 1990 if you will (or indeed, can). I was tasked with commissioning an ICT suite for a school for which I had the budget of around £600 per workstation. The choice was stark; Apple or IBM-compatible. For that money I could choose an Apple Mac Classic with built-in 10″ mono display and its mouse-driven GUI (obviously primitive by today’s standards) or an IBM-compatible PC with a 14″ colour VGA display running MS-DOS but with the promise of Windows 3.0 just around the corner… I chose PC.

    Why? Because if I wanted to buy a printer, I had to buy a hideously priced Apple printer. If I wanted an application I had to buy hideously expensive software because Apple charged developers a huge premium for access to the Apple’s OS and only the likes of Adobe and Steinberg and Quark could afford it, and, naturally, passed that cost on to users; fine for high-end users in graphic design (then there was little or no alternative software for PC users), which is why Apple came to dominate these areas.but failed to make inroads with business users.

    Maybe you remember that, pre-iPod/iPhone days, Apple was virtually a basket-case financially? PCs had come to dominate the world because their open-source hardware made them cheap to buy and cheap to maintain, and, let’s face it, they had the killer apps that business wanted.

    The moral? Apple innovate, and then, stagnate. The iPhone was a lovely design, lovely interface, with lovely apps, but as a friend said to me; “I can scan the bottom of my teacup and an app will tell me the type of leaf, the date it was picked, the age, gender and height of the picker as well as predict my future for the next 24 hours, but it’s not so good for making phone calls.”

  • IOSlover


  • Jon S

    Android Rocks, Widgets are so handy.
    Love my S3. Got it running 4.2.2 with Cyanogen Mod 10.1
    Its super fast, get about 40% more battery life outta it with custom ROM.
    The task manager is great. Really love everything about Android to be fare.
    Recently moved from IOS6 to Droid and have never looked back.
    You really can pimp your phone out to the max.

    A big bonus is being able to take a spare battery with me, in my pocket, change MicroSD cards with considerable ease.

  • Kart180

    android is so customises and open source means can acess all files unlike on ios . best feature is google now

  • Kart180

    android is so open source amd can be used on any device including watches

  • iKronographer

    Apple should have never have gone for backwards compatibility with Mac OS, when Steve tried to get them to go for running Full NeXTStep instead of pulling kernel from FreeBSD, just the GUI from NeXTStep (like Windows on DOS) piled high with layers of abstraction to make it all meld together on a file system that was a DEAD MAN WALKING!

    So to keep lame original Mac OS morons of Apple happy they created a nightmare of an eventual future using an antiquated file system originally designed for singled threaded chips in Apple personal computers. Later revamped and renamed HFS for Macs in 1984. It was fine for chips back in the day only capable of running One Application at a time…. but not now today in the world of Multi-cores and Pervasive Multi-threading that Android can do with a much better modern file system. That Samsung is working to make even better with F2FS (for Solid State Drives) donated to Open Source Linux (Android included)!

    They had their chance in November 2004 when they began work on iOS. When Scott Forstall warned them about not making a break with HFS back then and designing (or adopting/buying ZFS from Sun). So now they are basically SOL… and that’s only obvious. Because they still can’t do Real Time Full Multi-tasking and a myriad of other things their HFS+ stacked execution process file system keeps them from doing.

    If there is ONE POINT Android totally PWNS iOS on, it’s the ability of the Linux kernel and it’s file system a variety of tasks and processes all at once. This is so obvious when you compare them running side by side. Making iOS only appear to be faster w/o lag, when in reality….. you’re comparing a fully pervasively threaded multi-tasking OS to one that can only run one at a time, while others are only suspended to the background. It’s hardly Rocket Science, that iOS actually uses lots of smoke and mirrors and Revolutionary RDF Magic in only posing as advanced and even close to Innovative! lol…. how can they be when they’re still running a distance 30yr old relative Apple IIc’s file system today!!! Android WINS!!! ;-p

  • tltshay

    I’ve experienced IOS on my Ipod. I was very disappointed when I turned it on and it had to be initialized with a computer before use. At the time I didn’t have a computer (it was packed for our move) and I returned the Ipod to the store. Iphones probably don’t require that and I hope Ipads don’t. Android doesn’t do that to me. I repurchased it later during a Christmas sale. I have devices so that I don’t have to be dependent on a computer. I learned that IOS apps don’t play nice with each other like Android. Android likes to “share” and I love sharing between all my apps. In Android I have a file manager where I can find my documents and choose what will open them. In IOS, whatever app you used to create a document, that’s where you have to go and I had so many apps that sometimes I couldn’t remember where my document was so I had to open every office/note app which totalled over 20. I should sell my IOS account because my Ipod broke and I spent over $200 on apps. With Android I have several devices that can all use my apps even when one of them dies (and several have died). I’m not knocking IOS, it’s somewhat cool, I just have trouble accepting the limitations and simplicity, it suits others better and that’s fine.

  • For me the main selling point of an android tablet instead of an apple device is that I can connect a standard mini usb/micro usb to USB lead and copy data from the tablet to my PC’s in Windows or Linux without iTunes DRM bloatware POS software. Also you can install software on android offline. It does not need an internet connection to use straight away (Try using an iPad without iTunes and without internet , its useless)

  • felipe pedroni

    I have and Nexus S with 4.1.2 android version. Lots of bugs in maps, low quality GPS. Even after erase all the flash and re-installed everything, my phone is steal laging and with lots of bugs. Some of my friends have an old iphone3gs and this didn’t happens with it. It’s unaceptable once the nexus is the official google phone.

    I will never buy another android , even with all this unuseful geek goods pointed here.

  • John

    Its like music…you have mainstream radio & MTV people who have never heard of the huge amount of amazing talent that’s never been touched by the spotlight. Then, when you help one of these mainstream clingers become aware..it seems like the first reaction is usually anger. That’s to be expected…at least I’d be pissed if I saw spent tons more money on less freedom & creativity.

  • caleb

    No itunes for a start. Just being able to use flash media seemlessly is reason enough for me. The ability to flash Highly customizable kernels and roms(im running OMEGA rom v22) as opposed to just “jailbreaking” is phenominal. I mean i read about a custom rom today which from boot is overclocking to 2.762ghz!!! Thats insane!!! Chrome > safari; slicker and quicker. Android offers more connectivity options ie NFC beam, wifi direct. PLUS built in IR blaster and universal remote. SuperAMOLED kicks retinas butt. Android operates at higher resolution too. The list is endless. Android FTW
    Galaxy Note 3 SM9005

  • Yareel

    You can play 3D sex games on Android (like Yareel) or use adult app store (like Mikandi), and you can’t with iPhone

  • LAXIN69

    even though android comes out with a new phone every other month i still think that they are better because they have more features and they have cheaper prices also instead of working on there own like apple they have started working with google so less room for error.

  • aaloo

    this list is hilarious. at least 8 of these reasons are weaknesses of android ecosystem and not strengths. and if you want the best google experience, iPhone is by far the best phone. google apps on iPhone run way smoother than on the android phones. can’t believe you guys are still using multi tasking as a strength. haven’t you seen enough youtube videos of iPhone running circles around android devices when it comes to multitasking and app switching.

    • Diego

      lol, You didn’t even reed the article I see.
      Multitasking, splitscreen multitasking.
      google has better integration on android then on iOS.

    • Diego

      apple fanboy detected

      • benjamin owuye jagun

        And you’re an Android fanboy so you’re no different than he is.

    • Peter John Lee

      We don’t need overpriced smartphones that bend in our pockets, please take your apple shit elsewhere. You didn’t even read the article iSheep. Android technically owns the market share right now, not Apple. And in the long run, Google will still prevail in the smartphone and mobile services + cloud industry and it will continue to penetrate more in the market.

    • I came here to read the buthurt iSheep comments, I left satisfied.

    • FranchisePlayer

      iOS in general has a better UI than “stock” Android and offers simplicity of use that is better than “stock” Android. However, the ability to customize your Android device allows it to match and in some cases exceed iOS (which can’t be customized). The UI is mostly subjective but Apple’s lead in this category is diminishing if not already surpassed with Marshmallow.

      I’d also agree that apps generally run smoother on iOS than most mid-level Android devices but if you compare a 6S to the 6P (both top of the line phones), the experience is essentially identical.

      The article admitted stock Android doesn’t offer multi-tasking so you’d have to get an OEM device or load a custom ROM. I would agree that neither platform offers much in this category. OEMs aren’t even consistent in how they implement it but it’s at least possible with some Android phones.

      Personally I don’t think there are really many advantages of either platform as each user has different needs. You’re likely to find many more power users on this site that will highlight features that are beneficial to a small subset of all users and for them, that’s great but overall, the other advantages listed in the article are almost negligible.

      While customization may be a nice feature, it can also be a negative. Telling other users how to change settings or other functionality is the same on iOS whereas there are likely to be variations across different Android devices. Customization is a benefit only to those that really need/want it. The article adds Launchers and Custom ROMS as separate benefits when really that’s only part of customization. Besides, if you can load a custom ROM, why not mention jailbreaking for iOS? Seems like they cancel each other out.

      How about device-wide search? Most users (not the ones that read this site) won’t know how to change those settings whereas it’s set automatically on iOS.

      The app ecosystem may be slightly better in Android (although that’s subjective), there are more accessories within the Apple ecosystem. Seems like another draw and cancel each other out.

      The article fails to mention device variety results in more fragmentation and while device variety is nice, it’s incomplete. Why can’t I get 6P specs on a 5″ device?

      Personally, I prefer Android because of some of the features listed in the article but I know many iPhone users that are equally satisfied with their devices and can more or less do the same things with their phones.

  • Hardison Yuan

    Long live Android!

    • Always and Forever :D

    • Degus Jacoby Pradana

      *whispering Hail Hydra!

      • nsage

        Nah with Android you’re with the Avengers

    • Asiri Iroshan

      You don’t necessarily need to say that.. Android is innovative with Great google and OEM innovations…. It’ll definitely live long…. You have to wish that for Apple, Cuz day by day, month by month, year by year, they become lazy and noncompetitive and so and so…..
      Even Microsoft is so much more innovative than the Fruit company!

  • Diego

    I’m tired of the iOS vs android crap.
    I’m a multiuser, and I use them for different things.

    • Steve Brain

      Agreed, tried a shit load of different tablets and I’d take my iPad over any of them. That being said, I’ve tried iPhones in the past and none of them compare to my LG G4. Different devices for different purposes.

      • Richard Waugh

        I bought an ipad and kitted put the drama room with led lighting controlled from the ipad app, very cool but I’ve played about with Ipads and I wouldn’t touch them for anything other than audio work that doesn’t exist on Android (yet!) I can’t stand the interface, the layout, the homogeneous look, bloody iTunes filth, other apple users.

        In comparison to android tablets it’s like going back in time a decade they’re just horrible to use

        • calden74

          Really, I think it’s completely opposite. iOS is all show with no substance , it’s interface is now the oldest in the industry, it lacks even the most basic features such as : a central document management system, multitasking (as in the ability to run any and all apps in the background, including downloading a file(s) that take longer than 10 minutes to finish, customization, decent external display support, etc.

          I bought an iPad Pro, besides the music creation apps which are great, my Pixel C wiped the floor with it! I have most of the same apps so I’m not lacking anything in that department. I can connect it to my 4K monitor, in which the resolution, aspect ratio are supported, neither of which the iPad Pro could do, in fact the external display support was just awful. I think your just enamored with iOS’s look, which again, it’s just all form, with no substance. Each to his own, but I simply cannot use iOS for anything more than music, even that is frustration because of iOS’s many, many, short comings.

      • ichuck7

        Just curious, what makes you like the ipad better? I’m not wanting to debate, I’m just genuinely curious. I like both platforms.

    • saksham

      same here i use my ipad for media and the s6 as my personal phone

    • Bart Cunningham

      Ditto I also use both. I use my iOS device for playing games and my Android devices for work and everything else in life that matters!

      • ichuck7

        I’ve had both android and IOS. For whatever reason, I played a lot more games on my iPhone than I played with all the android devices I’ve owned.

  • mrjayviper

    looking at the pros, most of the reasons seems to appeal only to techies which is a small percentage of the Android user base.

  • Fabian Taveras

    Android all day ????

  • Diego

    Seriously, AA?
    Who the hell compares their home screen?
    Matter of fact, Why would anybody watch their home screen?
    99% of smartphoneusers can give 2 shits about their home screen.
    Sorry if this was harsh, but its the truth IMO.

    • Joshua Bollman

      Diego, I completely disagree. When I hand my Nexus 6P to a friend (should they need to make a call) or someone who wants to try out the phone, I am PROUD to show them my home screen. They think it is stunning, and most often times are shocked that I have an ability they DO NOT (iPhone users). I believe it could be an even split between those who care, and those who do not care. My home screen is a canvas that I use to display my creativity, and show others the power of Android. I’m not the only one either. Lots of people who develop icon packs, as well as the people who *purchase* the icon packs, love their home screen.

    • Fitzgerald42

      Have to agree. The home screen is just something I glide past to get to what I need or want to do.

    • Billy joseph

      What rock do you live under buddy? Name one phone on XDA that doesn’t have a “Show your home screen” thread. You’re saying 99% don’t care? Who are you speaking for anyway? How many home screen circles in Google now. Theming your phone and customizing your home screen is a very valid practice. I tried the iPhone 6s the inability to change my home screen drove me wild. How could you not watch your home screen? What happens when you press your home button?

      • Diego

        I’m talking about the normal users, nothing to do with XDA.

        • Keg Man

          This isn’t true, and if you were given the option to change your homescreen you damn well would. I love how apple users describe the clean and sleek look of the iphone but the homescreen looks like a child just took all his toys out of the toy box and left everything on the floor. Iphone, the messy kid’s room edition

      • Diego

        you are also assuming that XDA is android’s hole userbace.

        • Billy joseph

          You’re kind of stuck on XDA. There are also dedicated circles on G+ All I’m saying is that your 99% is waayyy off. Even here judging by the reply to your comment. 2 for 2 against, counting you that 3 to 2. That’s 60/40. That’s a more reasonable ratio. It’s all I’m saying really.

      • JLV90

        The average user is likely using the stock interface that came with their phone.

    • Çhêtåñ

      #Joshua Bollman
      I am agree with you
      Me and my friends do compare homescreen
      And it feels awesome when your homescreens looks awesome and unique..
      I am still in college so many peoples say to me that woww you’re homescreen lookin awesome
      N asks me which launcher you are using… ?

    • Keg Man

      I’m calling BS to the homescreen. Most android users have a unique homescreen.

  • Diego

    google now.
    Well, the only thing I enjoy about it is the cards.
    damn useful.
    Apart from that, I like siri more.
    Its because it doesn’t feel like you’re talking to a robot.

  • Diego

    One of the main reasons people think apple invented everything is because iOS has marketing.
    Android, apart from samsung, does not.

    • zamir yusof

      And then we have those type of people that refuse to look at other android manufacturers because they think Samsung devices are the best and other devices are inferior.

      I’m talking about people that prefer Samsung J series than affordable high-mid range devices like Asus’s Zenfone 2

      • Diego

        Oh, the sammy fanboys.
        This is what they like to say.
        Samsung is android and technology.
        Yet they have the worst UX on android.
        I know i’m going to get shit from them after this comment.

        • Bashar Shehab

          Totally right ?

        • Keg Man

          Note 4 and after I can honestly say I really like touchwiz and prefer it over stock android. It’s not shitty anymore

  • Hans Vejvoda

    *grabs popcorn* ios hardcore ultras comming.

  • jasonlowr

    10? I only need one- it’s android.

  • Mehmet

    This thing is a fact. Really, why i want to use same phone with another people? Looks same, and it has a “Mighty Apple” logo? Sorry guys, you are dumb. Android is freedom, difference, flexible and cheap. If you think Apple is luxury, check your brain and knowledge again.

    • Peter John Lee

      That’s because they have no taste and preference which also reflects what they are in real life. Bland, boring little pricks who wants their ass spanked by Apple. Cause they’ll say yes to whatever Apple wants them to buy. Come on iSheeps buy a fucking $99 pencil for your oversized tablet. Replace your perfectly fine 3.5mm earphones cause the “AirPod” (what does that even fucking mean?) will make your perfectly fine music more “magical” (whatever that fucking means).

      • Diego

        quite the stereotype you have there.

        • Richard Waugh

          Sadly it’s often quite accurate. How often have we seen Apple break a standard or use a non standard connector to force consumers to buy their accessories and Apple fans don’t see this and lap it up.

          Like this watch business, pricing of the watch is bad enough but then hundreds more for the blooming strap????

          • Diego

            I don’t care if the 3.5mm jack go’s.
            Its going to be replaced by li-fi.
            The best thing about it its that is cheep as hell, and is not a standard apple owns.
            Also, you can buy cheeper non OEM watch bands if you like.

          • android ftw

            li fi wont ever make it into iPhones xD. let them have QHD screens first, or NFC that works, or not bloody 100 dollar styluses, or a watch which with the money you can buy a bloody car. fast charging, or wireless charging, at least a leather option

          • Asiri Iroshan

            Buying an iCrap is like buying an antique…… Paying a lot but don’t get anything but as the price is hefty, and there is a bunch of iSheeps, can sell at a higher price! It’s nonsense…… Just like ultra rich guys spending millions on say 1000 year old cup!

          • BP

            Certainly I agree with you for the most part. On the other side, the lightning connector had some significant advantages over micro usb when it first came out years ago. It’s just a much more solid connection. I’d pay a few extra dollars just for it being reversible, wouldn’t you?

          • speedy veed

            Lightning does win over micro-b, but definitely not usb-c.

          • BP

            I mean that’s my whole point really though. Usb-c is only now starting to be used in smart phones. For years Apple has had a better charging connector, yet people still complain about it.

          • jdawgnoonan

            Right USB C which still fries laptops and for which few chargers follow the standard a year and a half later. USB C still sucks.

      • Barry Allen

        You’ve got a lot of hurt inside. Let it out, man. Let it out.

      • Asiri Iroshan

        They’re like a colony in which apple is the queen! They’ll keep doing whatever apple commands them to do and that’s it……..

      • sandycheeks

        Lol so salty

    • James Dean

      Apple sheep’s satisfied with their limited features on their limited brain and Ios phone kids toy,show that are ,,crazy,,enough when taking in religion in context of iphone brand of eaten apple,from Adam and eve… Sick enough,from one apple sticker logo on the phone they praise it religiosity …crazy people.

      • ssnasser10

        You speak like a kid, maybe you’re more apt for an iphone

    • Lindle

      Apple is a status symbol. Even if the most expensive ones of all brands cot more or less the same, Apple still has the impact. This may be handy in the corporate world. This is even more true in the laptop world

      • Richard Waugh

        In the laptop world it’s nothing to do with status they genuinely make very expensive very tough laptops with long battery life that are also very light, that’s why documentaries always use them.

        Not many manufacturers that not only make tough uni body laptops but that 3 years down the line they still have genuine resale value so potentially making corporate ownership more affordable

      • Everhard

        Yes, and apparantly they don’t care what it does, as long as that logo is on the back.
        Have often heard iPhone users (finally) switching to Android devices, never the other way around.
        Oh how would the world look, if people would just stop up once in a while and look at what other devices could do in comparison.

        • Dhan

          I’ve had note2 then switches to ip6, so yeaaaah sorry to break your bubble kid but people switch no matter what side they’re from.

          Preferences, heard of that?

          • Everhard

            I know they’re out there, of course, just never had the ‘pleasure’ of encountering one. (Y)
            PS: Kid? What are you, 80?

      • calden74

        Sorry but I don’t think a phone that costs less than $250 to make and costs more than $800 to buy is a status symbol, it’s just ignorant buying. Why this isn’t more of an issue for people s beyond me.

    • Ninoo

      Apple is definitely luxury, since my in game purchase charged for idr 45k (5$) and in android just 39k. (3.5$)
      if developer define apple ios as luxury, you cant denied it anymore since you buy the phone to use the apps :)

      im on ios and android, when i purchase something i buy it on android (in game purchase – cross platform game)

      roughly thinking that android user are poorer than ios user, so they charge differently, buy android and ios, enjoy both of the worlds.
      no fighting b*ches ~

      • Ivsil

        I can sell you a 1997 Toyota Corolla for 1 million USD while selling the same car to your neighbors for 3k USD (And with the option to change its color, tires, stereo and more without an additional penny). Where is the luxury there? That’s called a scam my friend.

    • Alan Yee

      Well, back in year 2007 up to year 2010, Apple’s iPhone, up to the iPhone 4 are king of smartphone with unbeatable apps store and user experience.
      But starting from year 2011, Android offering finally catch up with the slow growing of iPhone.
      On year 2013 and ahead, Android camp finally overtaken Apple’s iPhone.

      Finally, you no need to own an iPhone for all the smartphone stuff. With many more new manufacturer offering with much cheaper pricing, the Apple logo finally means something pointless now, where it doesn’t always means something that is innovative, and not always better. It is just one of the luxury product in the market cater for certain buying group. For others, Android take care of the rest.

      • Ryan Edney

        very good look at it. Great summary!

      • nurhalita dini

        noooooo….i disagree with you two, on that year, symbian is way faaaarr more better compared to iphone both software and hardware, nokia was the king, on 2007 on my nokia n95, i can play game(racing game aspalt) using its headset as the controller, it’s true, i experienced that my self, just visit symbianfreak, you’ll see what iam talking about

        • calden74

          Completely agree, my Nokia Communicator 9500, built three years before the first iPhone absolutely wiped the floor with it. The 9500 still has features that iOS doesn’t have today, a central file system in which all of its appa can access their files from, better inner app communication, scripting in which I was even able to automate my reports using the fantastic built in office suite. In which the spreadsheet app supported scripting, even had database support. I was able to parse emails that contained delimited data files, import them into a database, startup the spreadsheet, create my reports, than re-email the reports to those who needed them, all in the background and automatic using the 9500’s powerful scripting language. Try doing this on an iPhone today, you’ll go mad trying.

          Its amazing bow quickly people were able to go for form and completely through alway function.

    • Asiri Iroshan

      Don’t say that to iSheeps…… They don’t have the minimum wisdom to do even that!

  • HeatFan786

    I like both.

  • N345H

    The only thing that pisses me off about Android is the slow rate that updates come out by each individual manufacturer where as Apple updates and potentialy every Apple device has that same update right there and then unlike Google/Android
    I own an iPhone 6 Plus and like it except for customization (I’ve had flagship LG, HTC and Samsung devices in the past). As to my next phone, I am unsure

    • Peter John Lee

      Buy a Google Nexus phone they update every year and is always on time.

      • N345H

        I thought they were stopping the Nexus line?

        • DDD

          Why would they ever do that?

      • Richard

        But that’s the problem, you have to buy a specific phone in order to get fast OS updates? That’s BS. What if he doesn’t like the nexus devices? whats the solution for that?

      • benjamin owuye jagun

        But not simultaneously like iOS where everyone gets the latest iOS updates.

  • Reggie

    Less overhead wins whole day if u talk about performance and utilization

  • Berean Smith


  • ChrisLaarman

    Two of my six Android devices run Marshmallow, a third one is said to be about to get it.
    All of my seven iOS devices (covering the same four years as these) run its latest version.

    • N345H

      and you got the latest version how long after Google released it……

  • joe1

    number 1 reason I prefer Android—- I HATE Itunes!!!!

  • Android FTW

  • Philip Lo

    i only need one reason, iOS suck.. but the above first 7 reasons are very good reasons.. especially about the option for microsd, different screens sizes and single or dual sim phones

  • Jeff Edsell

    I love that I can sideload apps, like the ones offered in the Humble Android Bundles.

  • Dragan Ilovski

    Did i really missed the point here… You are telling to me that widgets and launchers just beat the iOS? I think that android has a lot of work to do before he gets on the level with iOS. The way this 2 OS works is just incomparably.


    For me, Android means no iTunes jail. I shouldn’t have to use iTunes software to get media to my phone from my laptop. I also use my phone as a removable drive to transport files between my work laptop and personal laptop (regular USB drives are blocked as are cloud services), so my Samsung is essential for getting things done.

    • Degus Jacoby Pradana

      Me too bro ,

  • Barry Page

    I love Android and mostly dislike IOS, but I do envy the way that everyone with a half-decent iDevice gets their updates within days of release. Here is me on my newish S6 still waiting for Marshmallow which I had on my Nexus 5…
    Having said all that, one other great advantage Android has is Google Play Services and the unbundling of core apps into Play Store apps, meaning that core system updates are actually less important than they are on IOS.

  • Abhi

    these are exactly the reasons why I love android.

  • Billy joseph

    There is one thing missing. Settings in ios, it’s a hot mess. In Android app settings are located within the app. In ios all the setting for all the apps are in settings. You have to leave the app to change settings. Except for Facebook. Smh. When you go in settings in ios. It’s a God damn encyclopedia.

  • Brock

    I’ve always been a iPhone user and then I used a note 3 for about 2 years. I love launchers but you have to go through the same bs to use custom Rom as you do jail breaking a iPhone. I noticed in the custom rom section jail breaking wasn’t talked about. If you jailbreak your right on par with android. I personal went back to the iPhone and don’t think I’ll ever go back to using android as a everyday phone. I don’t need any more then 32 gb, always around a charger so no need for a removable battery. However I love the Google now integration best part of android. I still use google photos, drive and now on the iPhone. The note 3 makes a awesom gps

    • sjesudasan

      I partly agree to your statement on jailbreak. Yes jailbroken iphone can be customized. But it’s nowhere near the customization offered by custom roms on android. Secondly, if you jailbreak your idevice it will not sync with iTunes this causing more issues than it really solves.

      • Brock

        I’ve not jailbroken ios9 yet but I have never had a issue syncing a jailbroken device to iTunes, I’ve jailbroken every iOS from the original iPhone.

        • sjesudasan

          Yes. I too never had any iTunes sync issues with jailbreak till ios9. I think apple is tightening the screws on jailbreaking now. I had to enter into DFU mode and restore. Had to try multiple times to get it to work.

  • Wong Tuck Chi

    Cheap budget but powerful smartphone for me as a college student!

  • Juan S. Camargo Visbal

    All of these issues are very subjective and show real bias about what YOU like on Android, but doesn’t speak as to what makes Android better than iOS for the 99%.

    They don’t care about ROMs, launchers, widgets or cumbersome multitasking, mediocre design, and endless customization that can account for hours of unproductivity. They don’t even care about the app drawer Android fans love to gush about.

    iOS, for the most part, just works, is updated regularly and on time, and phone prices may be high, but you’re guaranteed it’ll last for 3+ years, making it a good investment over Android phones that stop working correctly 6 months in.

    • Bharadwaj

      Yes I agree. I am an ardent fan of Android, however when people ask me I still say it’s subjective to a specific person, how much money he’s willing to spend and his usage.

    • Jonathon Rios

      I agree with you. Most people don’t know and don’t want to know and don’t want to learn how their devices work. Companies like apple take that work out of the equation for the end user, that’s their biggest selling point.

    • Bashar Shehab

      Well, any midrange phone from 2013 can last for 3 years, so your iPhone isn’t doing a shit.

      • Juan S. Camargo Visbal

        I’ve had and seen some midrange phones from 2013. Wanted to remove my eyeballs at how painful it was to use them.

      • speedy veed

        2013 was the best year for phones period. Every single one was just great! Including the iphones.

    • Keg Man

      I would say they don’t care about those features because they dont have them. iphone users DO want widgets, and more customization. Thats just crazy to say a bunch of designers (apple has a lot of artistic ppl using their products) dont want to customize their phone. This is sheeple justification talk

      • Juan S. Camargo Visbal

        I don’t have a single Android device, only ever had a U2 Exclusive Ed. iPod.
        They have widgets, but the number of iOS users who want to customize everything to the tiniest detail is so small is it probably inversely proportional to Android users that do.
        I’ve seen my mom, my maid, all my friends and family who just drag a few icons on a random order on their Android’s default launcher, set a wallpaper and that’s about it. And they have widgets, Btw.

  • Kofi Amaniampong Oduro

    I have always chosen android over ios. The only reason why I would choose ios over android is the theft security. Once I log in with my email, and its gets stolen, nobody can use the device without my password. I wish Google will bring this feature to android.

    • Rafael

      I think you are wrong for a few reasons.
      1. Two-steps verification. Tell me where in ios can you find that?
      2. Levels of security with encryption that always evolve with the latests bug crushing on the fly. In ios you’ll have to wait until the next update/version 5o really make any changes. Right now android every month we get a new security revamp which shows how efficient the android team is.
      I would sincerely want to know in which way security is better in ios.

      • Kofi Amaniampong Oduro

        I think you got me wrong. I am only talking about the situation where your iphone gets stolen but it cannot be used because you have your email assigned to the device, and not even a factory reset will take it off. But with android, when your phone gets stolen, the thief will just have to do a hard reset and that’s all, the device can be used.

        • Kazuma

          Look up Device Protection.

      • Sherpa

        You do know that iCloud uses 2-step verification, right? As far as security updates are concerned, iOS does get regular updates as well. How is regular updates different than regular patches?

  • SamsaraGuru

    In this ol world there are and always have been only two types of people.

    The ones who respect others, are willing to fight for your right or mine to do as we deem fit – even if ultimately we prove ourselves to be horses asses and wrong.

    And then, we have the other type. The ones who respect only what serves their own selfish self-interests and deliberately, with even gleeful delight, design products, construct traps and devise machinations designed to make others bend to, subservient to their will. Why? Because they find it fun and often very, very profitable to control people.

    Android represents an expression of the first mentioned group. Apple with its constricting, narrow, strangulating lock you up and throw away the key mentality, the latter.

    There will always be people who crave being controlled, bring told what to do, how and when they can do it. Lucky for them Apple is around.

    And, yes, I know. Many people find Apple’s stable sameness comfortable and comforting and really don’t care about different features that are of no use or interest to them. Doesn’t make them bad people! SMS

  • Raw Mess

    Still , I dont get why developers put more effort on iOS apps than android . Games like harvest moon , clash royale , Gta LC Stories have already made their way to iOS but us android users have to wait months to get them . Not just these apps but many other apps that i have wanted on my android geta either late release or update . I understand there must be a lot of ” tweaking ” to be made for different hardware/os version of android but android has more users than iOS and developers should consider them equally important for app releases and updates !

    • Anon

      Piracy problem

      • Raw Mess

        But jailbreak exists for ios devices too . Unlike android which needs different root method for different device , ios devices have a common jailbreak method . I agree most iOS users pay for apps n games and piracy is a little over on android with sideloadable apps but iam also talking about the DELAY between apps release and update between these platforms . If an android version has to be released eventually then why not together ? Is all I ask

        • Justin Petersen

          Many devs that develop for iOS exclusively site piracy as a huge reason for not porting their games to Android. As far as the time between iOS and Android release/updates, you have to consider that most dev are still developing for iOS first, which means after they finish the iOS version, they still have a lot of work to do to get their app running on Android devices. Finally, most Android devices in the world are running old software on old hardware which means that devs must develop at the lowest common denominator to get it running on as many devices as possible.

    • Anh Khoa Trần

      Android world is extremely fragmental…. that’s the top reason, I think.

  • HotelQuebec

    Android has surpassed iOS on all levels from including OS, apps, services, selection, build quality, technology, specs, display to bezel ratio and many others.

    • Justin Petersen

      Anyone who believes that their preferred OS is ultimately better than the competitor is sorely mistaken. Both operating systems have their advantages, period.

  • Richard

    I like both platforms. iOS isn’t perfect and Android isn’t perfect. Here are 10 things iOS can do that Android can’t do better:

    1. First day & fast OS updates.
    2. Best games and apps always come to iOS first.
    3. Build quality
    4. OS updates to old phones and support for older phones.
    5. iMessage on your desktop or laptop (sure there is push pullet and mighty text, iMessage is simpler and easy to setup)
    6. No bloatware loaded on the phone. (expect nexus devices, but the vast majority of android customers are not nexus owners)
    7. No carrier tramp stamp or carrier logo on boot up. ( I HATE THE BOOT UP CARRIER LOGOS, VERIZON IS THE WORST)
    8. Re-sell values are high than android phones. ( I bought a 64GB nexus 6 last year for $700 and it worh less than half of that now )
    9. Apple stores, for one on one support and help.
    10. Head phone controls is a better experience than on Android


    11. Animations & fluidity run better across the OS
    12. The tablet apps are WAY BETTER than on android.
    13. Few Android cameras can compare with iPhone 6’s camera
    14. If you get a iOS device on Verizon, the device is unlocked by default. And most newer iPhones can run all US carriers.
    15. More Banks support Apple Pay than Android Pay. Plus Chase Bank is incorporating Apple Pay into its ATM machines.
    16. iCloud backups or iTunes local backups. This is great to fully restore your phone to your settings and apps.
    17. More Touch ID supported apps. ( I like it for CHASE BANK)
    18. Privacy, if you care about privacy then iOS would be better. But than again, Apple is in the business of selling hardware and Android/Google is in the business of selling FREE services in return for your privacy and advertising. Apples to Oranges I guess…

    Before you guys bash on me. I’m pointing out that no mobile OS is perfect. As I write this, I am currently using a Moto X Pure and 46mm Moto 360 2nd gen as my daily driver. And I’m liking it. I like Moto Voice, google now is way better than Siri, and love wrist gestures on Android wear. And I’m sure in a couple of months I’ll get tired of Android and switch back to iOS and vice versa. And on and on this battle goes on for me. But I’m glad I have the choice to switch back on fourth when I feel like it.

    • Alex

      “13. Few Android cameras can compare with iPhone 6’s camera”

      Except the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge +, Galaxy Note 5, LG V10, LG G4, Moto X Pure, Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Compact, One Plus Two, BlackBerry Priv, Google Nexus 5X, Google Nexus 6P. And the list goes on.

      Yeah, Apple Camera…..

      • Alex

        “15. More Banks support Apple Pay than Android Pay. Plus Chase Bank is incorporating Apple Pay into its ATM machines. ”
        Samsung Pay works anywhere dude. It just shits on Apple Pay.

        “3. Build quality”
        Most Android phones today are built as good if not better.

        “6. No bloatware loaded on the phone. (expect nexus devices, but the vast majority of android customers are not nexus owners)”
        What do you call these: IBooks, Notes, Reminder, Stock, Compass, Tips, Watch ?

        “7. No carrier tramp stamp or carrier logo on boot up. ( I HATE THE BOOT UP CARRIER LOGOS, VERIZON IS THE WORST) ”
        Just get an unlocked one. Dahhh.

        “11. Animations & fluidity run better across the OS”
        It’s one device which can’t be customized in any way except the wallpaper. Muhaahhaha. You need a computer to change a ringtone. Geezas.

        • Degus Jacoby Pradana

          He’s isheep pretend to be nice and in the end, isheep always being isheep bro

          • EasyCare

            Grow up.

        • Biga173rd


        • Richard

          great list of phones for good cameras. But it took a very long time for android cameras to be good. Thats a fact.

          Samsung pay is for samsung devices only, and a limited amount of them. I was comparing Apple Pay to Android Pay. As it stands more banks support Apple pay over Android Pay. But that could change.

          Bloat ware is software installed by 3rd party app developers. iBooks does not come installed, u need to download from the app store. Reminders, Notes, and Watch app is part of the OS. I agree Tips should not be there. On android google+ shouldn’t be there either but it is.

          The best unlocked devices do not support all US carriers. Only the moto x, nexus 6p, and nexus 5x do. One plus doesn’t, sony devices don’t, and samsung devices don’t either. Lets not forget LG.

          I didn’t understand you on #11. The truth is iOS does run smoother and the animations work better. Thats a fact. In iOS when the UI rendering processes occurs, dedicated threads are made in real-time priority, halting other processes and focusing all attention on rendering the UI. Making run smoother without any lag. Which equals a better user experience. With Android how ever, UI rendering processes occurs along with the main thread with normal priority. It treats rendering the UI the same way as it would, say, downloading a podcast in the background, checking for SMS, or anything else. Hence, a choppy UI. Don’t forget work on Android started before the release of the first iPhone, and at the time Android was designed to be a competitor to the Blackberry, there are images of the first android prototype.. The original prototype wasn’t a touch screen device. Android’s rendering trade-offs made sense for a keyboard and trackball device. But then the iPhone came out, the Android team rushed to release a competitor product, but unfortunately it was too late to rewrite the UI framework. Thats why you always have android lag.

          I listen to droid-life podcast and they always mention “android lag” “android jank” I have herd them say many time over, it just one of those things that come with android. The lag.

          Like I said, iOS isn’t perfect and Android isn’t perfect. I like both platforms.

      • speedy veed

        Only like 3 on your list actually compare/ beat the iPhone 6s’ camera

      • Ryan Edney

        lolol SO TRU

    • perryy

      Stop prating about what you don’t know. Everyone don’t live in America. In my humble country, no carrier logo on any phone. As for for the design quality stuff, can you in your right sense , compare s6 edge with iPhone 6s or compare the note 5 with the ugly s6 plus?

      Common, stop being a tech religionist.

    • speedy veed

      All true.

      • Richard


    • AverageCapitalist

      Some of Sony’s phones can have a picture quality of 23MP whilst Apple is only stuck at 8MP

    • Papapau

      How did re-sell value became a positive? Selling old junk to other people for an overpriced value? That’s just evil.

  • First thing: it has reach because of it’s affordability. I mean If you wanna get the best stuff, you can find luxury stuff. But you’really not left out of it if you’really dirt poor either.

  • mielech

    I had a great deal at work to get a galaxy s6 edge, Xperia z5 or iPhone 6s/plus.
    Although I used to be an android guy for the past 4 years, I’ve chosen an iPhone this time.
    The only reason was, that I wanted a stock Android. None of the devices included in the deal, despite them being best phones today, offered it. I didn’t want to use a custom rom again, as it slows down plus other issues your device, which I experienced myself within these 4 years. Besides, I wanted to finally use the device and enjoy it instead of forking it all the time to make something work.
    I still prefer the Android design language and the ecosystem itself, but I have to admit the iPhone is a winner in terms of performance – I used custom roms on Android though.
    My point being, if there was only one, stock Android, meaning one experience instead of so many, iPhone and iOS would be forgotten long time ago due to them being outdated technologically.
    Customization is cool, but there’s a limit to that too. It’s not the selling point anymore, as much as it is a burden.

    • Bashar Shehab

      You want a stock Android? Have tou ever heard about nexus? Moto? Or even oneplus? Damn man what rock are you living under?

  • Rohit Raja

    Freedom like riding the bike with the wind in yer face… Sorry apple, you just make people suffocate inside a glass box.

  • o totoro

    A Nexus device and Nova launcher is all I need. If Google ends up producing the hardware for their next generation, that would be even better.

    iOS is good too, and I can see why people would prefer iPhones given that the most well known Android devices are from the Samsung Galaxy line along with their shoddy software, and that the general public is almost unaware of Nexus phones and the greatness of stock Android… Each to their own though

  • Richard Waugh

    The biggest reason:

    Most Apple users are quite simply bumholes

    • Sherpa

      That is true for fanboys of all platforms, not just Apple/iOS.

  • Syed Muhammad Sanabil

    well i love android but its speed of improvement is rather slow ill give you an example. The audio latency is still not at par with ios. Google has million of dollars and a team of dedicated and intelligent people i wonder why they still cannot get it right..they have improved a lot but still. But i like Android anyways. The sheer freedom and flexibility its awsome !!

  • Peter

    Yes, it’s very important to keep brainwashing fandroids by regular articles about why their beloved OS is better than iOS or Windows Phone. Guess it’s not that obvious since you feel the constant need to remind us – android users.

    Funny thing though – 7 out of 10 reasons you listed are not really valid for “the average user”. Do you really think that majority of smartphone users care about custom roms or launchers ? Seriously ?

    Yet another desperate attempt to convince everyone that “this is superior” even though both platforms have great things to offer and many weaknesses, but why be objective, let’s be aSheep instead.

  • Falenone

    Free games? I actually wish most would cost money instead of being pay-to-actually-enjoy ad ridden shitholes. Even some paid games are ridden with iaps. All those shitty implementations should die

  • Degus Jacoby Pradana

    The stereotype is People bought android is poor but not all android had cheap price but thanks to android all people around the world can experience how great the technology in this ages, i have s6edge , note 5 and iphone 5s, while use 5s, i can experience how smooth iOS in animation but thats it, the phone controled me, i couldnt even organized the apps n pit my photo as wallpaper is useless cause the icon app covered it all, n why the hell i must use itune for put my music, in android i just download or copy music from my laptop without change to itunes n i couldnt even change my fckn ringtone brow, and when i play game if the game crash its not like android who told u “unfortunately blablabla” but it just force close just like u push home button. in the end i gave my 5s to my fiance, but thats just my experienced but if iphone 7 is promissing maybe i will try it

  • Jamie Valdes

    Apple all day and night 

  • Cakefish

    I’m likely to switch to the iPhone 5SE. I bought an iPad Air 2 last year and it’s very irritating how notifications are duplicated on both phone and tablet, because the apps don’t talk to each other between platforms. I can’t justify the expense of the 6S so 5SE will do me fine, especially as the size means that it is considerably more ergonomic. The duplication of notifications and other syncing quirks means that my days of having Android phones may be coming to an end… for now.

  • ags

    Andriod THE MASTER platform

  • ConCal

    No comparison in terms of OS.

  • Kunal Narang

    Android gives me the freedom for customization and installing Custom ROMs. Android rocks!

  • s2weden2000

    most popular os in the world … “acceptance is the first step” …

    • Sherpa

      Number of affordable phones is the main cause of popularity. Think 3rd world countries.

      • s2weden2000

        and is that a problem for you?..now you can’t sleep at night?

        • BP

          If you’re implying that Android is superior because it’s more widely used, then you’d agree that toyota makes cars that are superior to bmw?

          • s2weden2000

            i ain’t implying anything ..please go back and read again…

        • Sherpa

          When did I say that was a problem? I was giving you one reason as to why Android is more popular than iOS.

        • Sherpa

          When did I say that it was a problem for me? I was just giving you one of the reasons why Android is more popular.

  • Ankit Sharma

    Andoid is and always be better than ios . But ios have better high graphics games than android( like infinity blade-III which have not been released on android.

  • Sayed ahamed

    I love android because its inclusive and affordable to all unlike apple whose affordable models sell for 450$

    • BP

      Apple devices hold their value better, so in the end they are actually more affordable than flagship android devices.

  • Kody

    Look I love android and all but you have to admit sometimes it’s strengths can be a weakness. Specifically, I mean the variety offered by OEM’s is nice but it leads to a slight drop in quality. For example, the updates are being handled by the OEM’s so they upgrade kind of inconsistently if at all, leading some features like multitasking to be a dream until the OEM updates the phone. Currently phones are Kit Kat, jelly bean or Lollipop. Something needs to be done with that.

  • nsage

    Android all day everyday, every night, right now!, so much you can do with android why pay a premium for a prison? In the words of Bruce Lee “Be water ?” be fluid be android!.

  • balcobomber25

    They both have their strengths and weaknesses. iOS has some of the best optimization available and Apple is better with updates than most Android brands. Apple also has a much stronger market for accessories, there are hundreds of radios that you can plug an iPhone directly into with no cable, there are about 5 for Android. They both serve different needs for different clientele.

    Me personally I prefer Android because of the endless choice it offers. If you don’t like the look of the next Apple phone, you are SOL. With Android there is always hundreds of alternatives. There is also the budget factor, Apple has no budget phones to speak of (unless you buy previous year models).

  • David

    All of the “first to” things are great – most I didn’t know Android was first to come out with. The reason for me wanting to buy an Android tablet and smart phone though was much more practical, I don’t like to spend a lot of money on a tablet that can easily be lost, broken or stolen.

    I’m not happy with Android’s recent change on how apps can use external storage though. It isn’t just having to do it different, or learn something new – it is, (what I believe it is), is, an “anti-piracy” feature paid for by the entertainment industry mega corps to “prevent” copyright infringement. Rather than letting the corporations seek prosecutions of criminal cases for themselves – Google sold out to the big money and betrayed it’s users – frustrating the convenience of it’s users. Will the sell out actually “prevent” people from stealing and reselling or otherwise unlawfully monetizing copyrighted material? Will it stop those who share (redistribute) movies and music it to their friends and family? In both cases, the answer is no: People have to care about ethical issues to respect them. But, when a company treats it’s users, buyers, and subscribers like criminals, or potential criminals – it tends to bring frustration, resentment and contempt against itself. Or, tell me, who is “just fine” with being thought of and treated as a criminal?

  • Biga173rd

    Android is King baby!!

  • m ridvan

    Otg usb is a big deal I assume…

  • Orlando Caceres

    I had been using apple products from 2007-2012 just because i was totally invested in the apple eco system. Then android started linking so much to gmail and introduced really awesome ways to organize you life and communications so i switched everything to the Google platform and couldn’t be happier. In the end, it’s just what works best for you. Some people just dont want a phone as powerful as android. They just want a phone that works and does simple things without a hiccup

    Nexus 6P / Nvidia Shield K1 / LG Urbane

  • Sherpa

    An article about why Android is better than iOS on an Android-related website. Is it even worth the effort to write this article?

  • BP

    Android users have this nasty habit of comparing the iPhone to a compilation of all the best features available on every android phone out there. Want a great camera? Get an s6. Want removable battery and storage? Get a G4, want fast updates and no bloatware? Get a Nexus. Can’t afford any of these? Get a [countless number of terrible phones]. No matter which phone you choose you’re sacrificing something. In the end I’ll take an iPhone because the worst sacrifices for me are:

    -Apple support when something breaks. Seriously often they’ll replace the phone no questions asked when something stops working. Speaker stops working on your android phone and you’re up s**t creek.
    -Better resale value makes the iPhone as if not more affordable than top android flagships. I hear “apple is overpriced” all the time. Amazingly it seems most android users aren’t smart enough to figure this out :)
    -apple specific apps. If it weren’t for this reason I’d probably switch. The apple specific apps that I can’t get on android (facetime, imessage, find my friends, etc…) are far more valuable to me than whats available on android. I know the alternatives, they flat out just aren’t as good. (if they were, I’d just get them on my iPhone anyway)

  • Bali Arif

    Sideload apps installations on the go

  • Dipak Desai

    I AM USING IPHONE 6 and next time i will buy android phone because iphone u can’t purchase every year becuase of good build quality and for longer time ios update. so phone it self keep working. so i will buy android because i want to unbox new phone every two years and want to feel good when buying a new phone.

  • Xerxes Break

    I have an iPad which I use like a notebook and book. I also have a windows phone 1520 and lenovo s90 witj lollipop… I am enjoying them all… Lol

  • Ashwin Pilgaonkar

    Jailbreak your iPhone, and youll be able to do all of the above ;)

    • Gadgetonomy

      Deluded iFool comment.

  • Pete Coyle

    I have been using android for quite a few years now, I haven’t had any other phone than HTC, the desire HD an M7 and now my M8, I fully intend on the M10 later in the year but you have to be honest, iTunes is a benchmark for music management, I was an I Pod user and since I have been using android I am still using iTunes to manage my music, Google music needs to catch up with iTunes

  • Tapan Bhanot

    I was on iPhone but then I bought Oneplus 2,with its 4gb of ram I am a satisfied Android user. I like the ability of having dual Sims, call recording, custom launcher. 64 GB of space is enough for me and it just works. No lags, chokes hangs or crashes.

  • Tiaan Kruger

    Look, I am Android ALL the way. And agree with all of the above. There is only 1 way apple is really better for me. If all of your devices are Apple. They just sync better at this stage. Yes you can set things up very close to it with Android, but there is the point. “set it up”. That being said, you couldn’t pay me to go Apple. It is just to limiting. I can do SO much more with Android. Just add Tasker. And I see the jealousy in my “apple friends” when my phone goes on silent, goes notifies my girlfriend i made it safely and starts tracking my working hours. All because I simple got to work

    • speedy veed


  • skyline

    awesome andriod…..!

  • godwintgn

    NFC is introduced by Nokia isn’t it?

  • Romina Stanganelli

    android because the home is customizable live background,backgrounds, wallpapers ecc…and more other applications are compatibles however iphone even is good telephone but have little applications not like android is system operative open….in my opinion…i don’t know which both buy or samsung or iphone…of course will buy android…

  • Toshimo Fujiwara

    I love android more than apple because android phones are more affordable and there is a wide variety of choice for great phones that doesn’t break the bank like the E series from Sony and the One Plus X both are great phones but as we expect there are many pros and cons. I’m a Sony xperia Fanboy so I highly recommend android, because I’ve used my mom’s iPhone 6s for 4 months,that she lent me, but I wasn’t satisfied of what it can do. So I switched back to my Sony xperia Z3 and I’m looking forward for the release of the most awaited phone for other Sony Xperia Fanboys out there, like me, is the Sony Xperia Z6.
    I love you Android Authority

  • iGorilla

    You forgot the virus, malware, adware, spyware, fragmentation, laggy choppy UI and the batshit ugliness of the devices they run on.

    • TheGCU

      What websites are you going to that you worry about malware, spyware, adware (and those are all the same thing) and viruses on your phone?

  • Jayanth Gujjula

    Android would be more better than ios …….if it offers some better display at resonable price….which could overtake ios retina display….

  • I’ve gone through a dozen Androids, and apps unquestionably run BETTER on iOS, and that’s the single biggest reason why despite all this, I still envy my iOS toting mates. For one, Snapchat always produces clearer photos, there are even tier one Androids that shoot blurry snapchats you’d be forgiven to think they got a potato camera. Photo editing apps run better and produce consistent results. Apps have SIGNIFICANTLY fewer intrusive and obnoxious ads. There are more creative, inventive, and actually good apps on iOS, Android apps are basically a fresh coat of paint to a Soviet era apartment block, or buggy, ad infested ports of iOS apps that crash more and suck more battery. It’s a sad, sad state when the “leading” mobile platform has apps that make that illusion a complete and utter lie in the real world.

  • Carmelo Rivera

    Great article. I’m just wondering why iOS users are so against all the freedom, choice, flexibility, customization, etc…and all the great features and options that Android offers?

    • speedy veed

      It’s addictive, apple puts nicotine in their screens. I quit smoking in the 2 yeary I had my iPhone, rather use android with a vape tho

  • Alan Yee

    I owned plenty of Android device, and I have to defend from Apple fans from bashing Android. I know this article is biased on some level, but let make things clearer:

    1. The so called customization, freedom, flexibility of Android
    – I agree, not everyone need those, but at least Android offer that on certain level, which you can leave there without using them, and still work perfectly fine as a smartphone. Unlike IOS fanboy that say majority “not needing them”. It is just a choice. You no need go to the so called “geek level” to customize everything, just do what suite you best. So, it is an option, and also an advantage, you can choose not to used them anyway.

    2. Updates controversy.
    – People claim IOS has frequently update their OS. But frequent update doesn’t always make them become a better/newer device. The device without update also doesn’t means they are outdated and can’t be used anymore. I have plenty of Android device that only has Jellybean installed without any further update from manufacturer. Guess what? Those device run pretty stable without issue, and can install plenty of latest apps without restriction.

    3. More expensive device are better?
    – Just pick what suit your budget. Even the cheap Android device works just fine.
    It is just like buying cars, you buy the car you needed regardless of price, and the basic one just serve you fine. And there are cheap and reliable brand around, and there are also unreliable brand with expensive price tag. Just pick what ever you believe is the best for you. Not every Android phone is bad, and not every Android phone is good.

  • kt96519aj

    Can you guys put videostar on Android? If you guys do android user will be happy! And dont have to get iPhone or iPad.

  • mtronics_dev

    I wouldn’t say it is ‘still’ better than iOS, in fact I think that Android is ‘better’ than iOS since Lollipop but not before as there were too many hassles such as slowdowns, lack of updates, ugly phone manufacturer UIs, bloatware, viruses, unpleasing UI in general, poor optimization (which is still a major flaw compared to iOS), poor device quality, etc.
    What makes Android better now is the big amount of premium (or at least premium feeling) devices, the clean and consistent design, android wear watches (as the apple watch is just not nice to look at) and better integration with 3rd party hard- and software. And of course customization.

  • Angie Jones

    My first android phone was an s3 mini, then I had the s5. I now have an s6 edge. Love, love, love it! I can’t compare android to iOS, because I haven’t ever used an iPhone! :)

  • Fred Lam

    I recently bought the OnePlusX and I absolutely love it. Affordable for what Android brings with this phone.

  • Drew Price

    LOVE this article. So much of it comes down to what we’ve always known (and detested) about Apple products – they’re okay* until you want to do something Apple don’t want you to do; then you’re stuffed. Gawd bless you SkyNet, sorry, Android.

    *if you’re a sheep.

  • Alastair Ivor Edgar

    it partially starts with me having a deep seated hatred for apple and its way of doing business. nothing original about them. besides – i have the HTC one M9 and tbh, iv never had a phone to incredibly robust and determined to do everything and anything i want as and when i want it. something that i have found on my HTC is that (i dunno if i was as standard or what) at certian time brackets of the day e.g lunch, dinner, it will suggest places nearby – im not sure if this is intentional but they seem to match up to the types of food i enjoy having. e.g if i go to an indian restaurant once a week and eat at home the rest of the time, my phone seems to suggest all indian restaurants close by rather than just a random one of random type (chinese, indian, continental etc.)

    the proof of the pudding is that no matter what the apple cult fanboys say – android is completely dominating the market and there is nothing they can do about it. their opinions may say iOS is superior but with the cold hard facts and numbers saying that over 70% of phone users disagree and use android, its just furthering the belief in the Apple cult mentality – mindless sheep buying over-priced trash

    • benjamin owuye jagun

      iPhone is overpriced but it isn’t trash. How would you like it if I said Was Android it s for Poor people? Which isn’t the case.

      • TheGCU

        Yes, the iPhone is trash. Paying top dollar for 2 year old specs is just stupid. Overpriced and marketed to the rich, and sold as a status symbol. If you can’t afford to buy an iPhone then you’re not cool. That’s Apple’s corporate mentality.

  • Buck Macklin ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Choice that includes waterproofing, SD cards and user replaceable batteries.

  • Salah Tazlok

    nothing better than Android !!!

  • Clifford Guthrie

    you didn’t mention that apple charges more for every part in its devices then anyone

  • John Visschedyk

    Love the ease of operation. Also the ability to add an SD card for more space. Samsung 4 works great for me & I’m a senior.

  • Soleri

    I chose my Xperia Z3 firstly because I had the Xperia Z and it was the best phone I’ve ever had, it was just natural progression… And the camera is outstanding, I can even take pics underwater and connect PlayStation among other things that iOS can’t do.

  • Andrew Cusworth

    For me something as simple as a dedicated back button is reason enough why android is much better than iOS. We have a couple of apple devices at work for testing purposes and whenever I use a different app it always takes me ages to find out how to go back to the previous screen

  • craiggers

    I tried switching to Android. Then switched back to iOS. Sorry it just sucks. A lot. I’ve developed apps for both platforms and there is a severe security problem on Android. Decompiling APK’s directly off the play store and seeing your hard work stolen sucks. The one biggest user experience gripe I have for Android vs iOS is cocoaTouch API blows anything android has out of the water by another dimension.


    These Androidee’s are so unhappy. They sound like Trump supporters. Full of anger and regret.

  • Andreas Geten Olsson

    Well, I switched to iOS recently. Had Sony and Samsung before… Annoying restarts and freezing. At first I misted widgets and stuff, but hey… It works! Android might have more apps but how many isn’t worthless?

  • Tony Stark

    Hail Hydra ! Hail Android !

  • nurhalita dini

    do not compare ios with android!!!
    Android Is For Tinkerers, iOS Is Not !!!!!
    heeeyy….ii didn’t say ios user is—-biiiiiiiippp—….no offense, ios user, but your ios is an ancient os, android have a fully working file system just like your computer, i can do full system backup and restore(including the kernel) on my android alone without needed a computer, while iphone can not live without itunes and that is hillarious XD

  • benjamin owuye jagun

    I like Android but have always preferred the iPhone for various. But because of Marshmallow I’ll willing to give Android another chance as I had a Nexus 6 and hated Lollipop we which nearly soured my opinion if Android until Marshmallow which actually improved performance and battery life which us an aspect that gets worse OK n iOS with each update. But Android fanboys are not better than Apple fans either. Both OSes are great but it’s clear that Android has the momentum. I’m saying that As an iPhone user.

  • bulldurham

    You mean the company that believes it’s OS should be available free to everyone except those that purchase Google hardware? I understand why they dropped support for the galaxy Nexus but the Nexus 4 has not received any kind of security or OS update since Lollipop. It still outperforms most of the medium range phones out today but is made vulnerable by lack of security updates and being forced to update to ROMS from designers that nobody knows anything about. Even the LG G2 got marshmallow update.

  • Ian Campbell

    I switched from being a long time iPhone user to a Galaxy S7 Edge this last March and I still love my new phone. I’m loving the freedom that Android brings and I no longer have to wait for the next Jailbreak (iphone related) in order to keep my old iPhone looking cool. And to add to that Apple stopped innovating a long time ago as many features are either gleamed from the iPhone jailbreak community or from Android themselves. Very happy with Android

  • Tobi

    I agree with everything, but there are two huge problems with Android (I’m an Android user).
    One is the software updates. If you don’t have a Nexus, you have to wait at least 3 or 4 months for the latest Android update (at least!). That’s not how it should be, I mean if I buy the latest phone is because I want all the latest updates (makes sense, right?).

    The other huge problem is apps, I’m not saying there aren’t enough, of course there are, the problem is the quality. If you use an app on any Android phone that you want, and then you use the same app on an iPhone, I assure you, it will work better on an iPhone (and the design will probably be better).
    Of course, this is not completely Google’s fault, or any of the manufacturers, it’s the developers fault, but it really affects app quality on Android overall. I said it’s not completely Google’s fault because they are somehow a little bit responsible for this, there is one big difference between the Google Play Store and the AppStore. Apple validates every app submitted, Google doesn’t. This leads to a lot of malware, virus, or just bad quality apps.

    This are both huge problems that Android (or Google) should fix, because when it does, I’m sure it will beat iOS and it will be better in any aspect.

  • Rafael Barrientos

    After all this time?…. Always…

  • Tasha Barker

    I had to put some videos on my little brothers Ipad yesterday… such a pain. I LOVE DRAG AND DROP!

  • monkey39

    Really depends on what kind of person you are. My household is split: I use Android phones exclusively, but my wife prefers the iPhone. But then I’m a tinkerer, while my wife just wants a phone that “works”.

  • A.K. S

    I had an iPhone for a day. Why? Cause they’re good devices and it was time for a new phone. I work with all devices, I know them very well, so I figured, why not try it? What a disaster! I don’t know how people function with those things. I was a stressed out mess because I couldn’t get it to do what I wanted, when I needed. It did one thing at a time very well, but when I needed info from several locations or apps in quick succession, it failed me hard! Worst self inflicted bad day I ever had. I’m never going to even think about trying IOS again.

  • AJV

    Apple is King 

  • AverageCapitalist

    Android is clearly better

  • wseb

    You can add micro sd cards for more storage with Android phones

  • Bob

    Any fanboy of either side has definite psychological issues. Android has only recently started to compare to iOS and now Android users think their cheap phones are the best on the market all of a sudden. This website is called AndroidAuthority btw. Every single one of you are bias fanboys(girls). THEY ARE CELL PHONES!

  • Jenny Lens

    LOVE my Nexus 5X, which I got via Google Fi. Tech support between Google and Nexus sucks, but I don’t know if Apple works better. I had issues downloading images and vid from phone to both PC tablet and iMac. Neither worked. HOURS on phones, everyone giving me a hard time. I finally found info online to switch to Developer mode. Voila!

    Apple’s insistence we get new phones, rather than use old, is bad for environment and wallet. We have to dump them to upgrade them.

    I was given an older iPhone, but couldn’t use ANY software other than phone and txt msg. No Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, IG, nothing. Cos I couldn’t upgrade the system. That’s enough reason for me to NEVER buy an Apple phone. I’ve been a HUGE Mac evangelist since 1988. Never more. No way.

    Not even gonna replace my iMac with Mac Pro. The experience I had repeatedly, over years, at Santa Monica Apple store and the insistence new iPhones use cordless ear buds (which refuse to stay in my ear), means my 1988-2016 love affair is over! 28 yrs. RIP.

  • aCTiV4t3

    Just because Apple does two things here and there and slaps a new number on the phone everybody will ditch the old model and get the new one….

  • Aaron

    I didn’t realize how superior Android was to IOS until I started developing for Android. The topic was Broadcasts. One app can push a broadcast out over the phone and another app listening for that broadcast can respond. That is a huge feature. Apps talking together on IOS? Nope. And that’s just one topic.

  • Ayan Sarkar

    I will never leave you Android.

  • Great Article who has taken the initiative to explain how android smartphones can be better than iphone. Well in this article, prons & cons has been explained and I completely agree with the points. Everyone needs no conviction that iphone is much better than android but iphone need google’s application to provide full satisfaction to the customer as Google is expert in Software where Apple is expert in hardware. Let’s see that Google’s premium smartphone Pixel XL can compete with Iphone in the market globally.