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Does the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 work with Mi Band 6 bands?

It's time to start a new collection of Mi Band straps.

Published onDecember 9, 2022

A Xiaomi Mi Band 7 capsule rests alongside its strap.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 is the company’s latest and greatest fitness tracker. Succeeding the Mi Band 5 and Mi Band 6, the seventh-generation band brings a larger screen, a bigger battery, and new advanced training features to the table. If you’re an established Mi Band user, you’re probably wondering if you can put your old bands to good use on the Mi Band 7. So, can you use Mi Band 6 bands on the new Mi Band 7?

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According to Xiaomi, you cannot use your old Xiaomi Mi Band 6 or 5 bands with the new Mi Band 7.


Does the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 work with Mi Band 6 bands?

A Xiaomi Mi Band 7 and Xiaomi Mi Band 6 rest on an oak table.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

In short, no. You cannot use Xiaomi Mi Band 6 or Mi Band 5 bands with your new Mi Band 7. According to Xiaomi, older bands designed for the smaller trackers are incompatible with the larger Mi Band 7. You’ll have to store your Mi Band 6 and Mi Band 5 straps in that obsolete tech drawer.

Interestingly, we could snap on the Mi Band 6’s default band on the Mi Band 7 without much fuss. However, we’d caution against using older bands with the Mi Band 7. If they don’t fit properly, you risk the tracker falling off your arm.

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Where can I get more bands?

When considering the colorways available with the older Mi Bands, there’s a vast array of choices for the Mi Band 7. The Mi Band 6 featured Black, Orange, Yellow, Olive, Ivory, and Blue bands, while the Mi Band 5 included Pink, Purple, Green, and Gray. The Mi Band 7 adds Fluorescence Green, Fluorescence Orange, Camouflage Green, and Camouflage Blue to the list. You can grab more Xiaomi Mi Band 7 bands on Amazon.