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April is here and with it an exciting array of TV shows and movies on streaming platforms. In this one-stop-shop, we tell you what to stream monthly across Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and other major streaming services. So without further ado, here are 15 streaming titles that you can catch in April on your binging spree.

What to stream this month?

Editor’s note: We’ll be updating this list every month as new TV shows and movies make it to streaming services.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Where: Disney Plus
Release date: Ongoing

If you’re into superhero shows and are wondering what to stream after WandaVision, you can catch The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney Plus. The Marvel series is already a few episodes in, with more set to release throughout April. The events of the show take place after Avengers: Endgame, where Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie reprise their roles as Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier and Sam Wilson aka The Falcon. A new set of super soldiers are wreaking havoc across the world, and it’s up to the unlikely partners to set things in order. Meanwhile, there’s also a new Captain America in town.

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Made For Love

Where: HBO Max
Release date: April 1

Looking for a fun title to stream on HBO Max? Check out Made For Love starring Cristin Milioti, Billy Magnussen, and Ray Romano. The show has a twisted plot, wherein a tech savant implants a chip in his unsuspecting wife’s brain to merge her thoughts with his own and achieve unparalleled love. However, the experiment goes bust when she discovers her ginny pig status and escapes her husband’s clutches with the chip still stuck in her brain.

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Concrete Cowboy

Where: Netflix
Release date: April 2

Giddy up for Idris Elba this April as he dons the cowboy hat in the middle of a city. Netflix’s Concrete Cowboy is based on Greg Neri’s 2009 novel “Ghetto Cowboy.” It centers around a troubled teen who is sent to North Philadelphia to live with his estranged father. There he gets inducted into a life of crime as well as his father’s vibrant urban-cowboy subculture.

Thunder Force

Where: Netflix
Release date: April 9

Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer team up in this superhero comedy this April. The two are childhood best friends who reunite after one devises a treatment that gives them superpowers to protect their city.


Where: Amazon Prime Video
Release date: April 9

Remember the epic Jordan Peele horror title “Us” from 2019? If you liked that, you’d probably want to stream Them on Amazon Prime Video. The limited horror anthology seeks to explore terror in America. The first season is set in the 1950s, around a black family that moves from North Carolina to an all-white LA neighborhood during The Great Migration. Little do they know that their new home is about to become the target of malevolent forces, both human and otherworldly.

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The Nevers

Where: HBO Max
Release date: April 11

Set in Victorian London, this HBO Max series explores a supernatural event that gives certain people — mostly women — abnormal abilities, some wondrous, some disturbing. It’s up to a mysterious, quick-fisted widow Amalia True (Laura Donnelly) and young inventor Penance Adair (Ann Skelly) to protect and shelter those that are gifted from forces that want to hunt them down.

Wahl Street

Where: HBO Max
Release date: April 15

This HBO Max docuseries follows the entrepreneurial and personal life of actor Mark Wahlberg. By the looks of it, the series is a smart marketing plug for the Hollywood star’s various businesses, with a dash of reality in the mix. Nevertheless, it’ll be interesting to see what Wahlberg gets up to in his life beyond the silver screen.

Big Shot

Where: Disney Plus
Release date: April 16

John Stamos stars in this new Disney Plus original series with an all too familiar sports drama narrative. A celebrated coach (Stamos) from the National Collegiate Athletic Association finds himself coaching an all-girls high school basketball team that’s not very welcoming of his professional approach. But as it usually goes with such a storyline, he forms a deep bond with his team members, eventually leading them to glory. If you’re wondering what to stream with the family this month, Big Shot might be a good title to catch.

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9. Mare of Easttown

Where: HBO Max
Release date: April 18

Haven’t seen Kate Winslet for a while? Well, you can now catch her in this HBO Max limited series releasing mid-April. For this one, Winslet dons the role of a small-town Pennsylvania detective in charge of a local murder investigation. Meanwhile, things in her life are not hunky-dory, and she’s weighed down by the burden of expectations.


Where: Hulu
Release date: April 20

You can probably tell from its name that this streaming title has something to do with the Bigfoot folklore. If so, you’re partially right. This upcoming Hulu docuseries by the Duplass Brothers introduces us to investigative journalist David Holthouse as he looks into three grisly murders in Northern California. Three men were torn apart in the region in 1993, leading to theories that the ape-like creature was to blame. Holthouse’s probe, however, leads him to the Emerald Triangle, famous for producing Cannabis plants. Could there be a connection between the murders, the weed haven, and Sasquatch?

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Where: Netflix
Release date: April 22

Starring Anna Kendrick, Toni Collette, Daniel Dae Kim, and Shamier Anderson, this new Netflix movie is set in space around a scientific mission to Mars. A launch support engineer accidentally finds himself on a spaceship headed to the red planet for a two-year mission. Things start to spiral out of control when the life support system on the craft malfunctions and there’s only enough oxygen on board for the astronauts, not the stowaway.

Shadow and the Bone

Where: Netflix
Release date: April 23

Come late April, Netflix will release its highly anticipated fantasy series Shadow and the Bone. The TV show is based on Leigh Bardugo’s bestselling Grishaverse novels. It will follow the journey of Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li), the summoner of the sun and destroyer of dragons, as she fights monstrous creatures and joins an elite army of magical soldiers known as Grisha.

Mortal Kombat

Where: HBO Max
Release date: April 23

A live-action adaptation of NetherRealm’s cult fighting game, Mortal Kombat is coming to HBO Max in late April after being delayed by a week. It’ll follow the story of MMA fighter Cole Young (Lewis Tan), who gets entrenched in a tournament to defend Earth. He is an original character created for the movie, but gaming enthusiasts will be happy to know that there are many other classic Mortal Kombat characters also present in the movie, including Sonya Blade (Jessica McNamee), Liu Kang (Ludi Lin), Kano (Josh Lawson), Jax Briggs (Mehcad Brooks), Raiden (Tadanobu Asano), and more. That said, the trailer for the film looks absolutely smashing, so we’re pretty pepped-up for this one.

The Handmaid’s Tale: Season 4

Where: Hulu
Release date: April 28

Hulu’s popular dystopian drama is back for round four this April. If you’re familiar with the story of The Handmaid’s Tale, you would be glad to know that this season we might actually see a proper revolution arise against Gilead. Get ready for June Osborne and her army of handmaids.

Things Heard & Seen

Where: Netflix
Release date: April 29

A Netflix horror-thriller with Amanda Seyfried in the lead, Things Heard & Seen seems to present a conventional plot — a young couple moves to a big old house in a quaint new town only to discover that it’s haunted by a tragedy from the past. However, the film’s synopsis teases a “sinister secret” in the couple’s marriage that just might make things interesting.

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