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Water Eject on iPhone 13: What it is, what it does, and how to get it

Push all that water out of your iPhone!
August 17, 2022

Did your iPhone take a dive into the water? You usually don’t have to worry, as all modern Apple smartphones have a good level of water resistance. The iPhone 13 series (and most other recent iPhones) come with an IP68 rating. Apple claims it can be submerged up to six meters of water for as long as 30 minutes. This doesn’t mean leaving water in the phone’s crevices is good, though. This is why the Water Eject iPhone feature can be a helpful tool to get liquids out of speakers.

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To use Water Eject on the iPhone 13 (or any iPhone with iOS 14 or newer), you'll need the Water Eject Shortcut. Download the Shortcuts app from the Apple App Store. Then open Safari and go to Find Water Eject and go into its Shortcut page. Select Get shortcut, and the Shortcuts app will open it. Tap on Add Shortcut, hit the Water Eject Shortcut, and pick Begin Water Ejection.


What is Water Eject?

apple watch water eject directions
Ryan Haines / Android Authority

The Water Eject feature was first introduced with Apple Watches, with the Series 2 model being the first to use it. It’s part of the Water Lock feature, which prevents the screen from accidental touches when swimming. When done swimming, you can turn off Water Lock, and the Apple Watch will activate Water Eject to keep everything dry.

More specifically, Water Eject was made to push water out of speakers when they are exposed to liquids. It plays a low-frequency tone that creates vibrations strong enough to push any water out of speaker holes.

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How does iPhone Water Eject work?

iPhone 12 Pro in hand against water 3
David Imel / Android Authority

All that said, Water Eject hasn’t officially come to iPhones. You have to jump through some hoops to get this functionality in your smartphone.

In the case of iPhones, Water Eject is an Apple Shortcut, so we first need to understand what Shortcuts are. Shortcuts is an app that allows you to create quick, automated functions that interact with your apps. For example, you can automate a series of actions for when you wake up. Imagine telling Siri, “I am awake,” and having your iPhone turn on the lights, start the smart coffee maker, and turn on all the lights. Or you can have a Shortcut for toggling on Do Not Disturb when you get to work. Think of Shortcuts as the IFTTT of the Apple ecosystem.

Water Eject is a simple Shortcut that plays a very low-frequency tone of 165Hz  for about 12 seconds. These sound waves get the speaker vibrating and push the water out of your phone, just as they would on an Apple Watch.

Is Water Eject on iPhones effective?

We haven’t taken the risk of testing if this feature actually works, but there is no reason why it shouldn’t. In fact, playing low-frequency tones is widely known to push water out of speakers. It’s a commonly recommended method to try when speakers get wet, and it works on any speaker, not just smartphone ones.

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How to use Water Eject on iPhones

Now that you know the ins and outs of Water Eject, it’s time to try it!

  1. Download the Shortcuts app from the Apple App Store.
  2. Open Safari on your iPhone and go to
  3. Look for Water Eject and go to the Shortcut page.
  4. Tap on the Get Shortcut button. The Shortcuts app will open it.
  5. Select Add Shortcut.
  6. Now you can tap on the Water Eject Shortcut and select Begin Water Ejection to activate the feature.
  7. Alternatively, you can just say: “Hey Siri, Water Eject.”

Do Android phones have a Water Eject feature?

Now that you know all about the Water Eject feature on iPhones, you might be wondering if Android phones have this feature as well. The short answer is that they don’t. However, simply playing a 165Hz sound on your Android phone will get the job done. After all, the Water Eject feature does nothing but automate playing a clip at this frequency.

How to eject water on Android phones:

  1. Open any browser on your phone and go to
  2. Set the frequency to 165Hz.
  3. Select Save.
  4. Let the file download.
  5. Open the Files app and go into the Downloads folder.
  6. Find and select the 165.wav file.
  7. Play the file.

It’s also worth mentioning this method also works on iPhones. Just find the audio clip and play it for a bit.

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You can use Water Eject on any iPhone that supports the Shortcuts app. This means you’ll need an iPhone with iOS 14 or newer.

If you can’t use the Water Eject Shortcut on your iPhone, you can still find a 165Hz audio clip and play it on your phone. This will work the same. You can even find these audio clips on YouTube.

Your phone might be able to handle a dive into the water, but there is always the chance something will go wrong. Why risk it? And even if you’re sure nothing will go wrong, speakers don’t sound well when wet. If you want good sound quality right after your phone gets wet, Water Eject is a simple solution.

Android devices don’t have a native Water Eject feature. That said, remember all Water Eject does is play a 165Hz sound. You can do this with any device, including Android phones.