The 5 features that make the Galaxy Note 9 great

by Hadlee Simons August 18, 20180 comments
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Life is Strange review: Still a (mostly) hella good time on Android

by Oliver Cragg August 19, 20180 comments
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Five premium Android games worth every cent

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Exclusive: Huawei will introduce new P20 Pro gradient colors at IFA 2018

by Nirave Gondhia 15 hours ago0 comments
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How to use a VPN

Looking to keep your online activity and information safe but unsure of how to go about it? Here's a quick look at how to use a VPN, and what to look for when picking one.
by Ankit BanerjeeAugust 18, 2018

15 best Android VPN apps

A VPN (virtual private network) can help you surf the web anonymously, securely, and even get around firewalls. Here are the 17 best Android VPN apps!
by Joe HindyJuly 28, 2018

Verizon offers its own VPN app, because nothing’s fishy about that

If you feel like you can trust a telecommunications giant with safeguarding your internet life, the Verizon Safe Wi-Fi app is for you.
by C. Scott BrownJuly 27, 2018

How to set up a VPN on Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome OS…

This step-by-step guide shows you how to set up a VPN on 5 different platforms, so you'll be able to watch those Netflix shows that aren't available in your location. You're welcome!
by Mitja RutnikJuly 14, 2018

So what is a VPN, and why should you care?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. But what is a VPN? What can a VPN do for you and do you need one? Let's take a look.
by AA StaffJuly 2, 2018

Using a free VPN for Kodi — is it a good idea?

You should avoid using a free VPN for Kodi like the plague. Here's why.
by Mitja RutnikJune 30, 2018

How to install Kodi on your Chromebook

Looking to install Kodi on your Chromebook? Here's what you need to know!
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What can VPNs do with your data?

We’re here to help you figure out how to use a VPN, and explain both security and privacy features.
by Tristan RaynerJune 23, 2018

Here’s how to set up a VPN on your Chromebook

There are three ways to set up a Chromebook VPN. Check them out here.
by Mitja RutnikJune 21, 2018

Need a VPN for when you watch porn? Check out PornHub’s new free VPNHub

VPNHub is a new VPN service from the adult entertainment site PornHub. It's free and offers unlimited bandwidth, for...you know. Videos.
by C. Scott BrownMay 24, 2018
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