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Pocophone F2: The one we’re waiting for, but can lightning strike twice?

Tristan Rayner January 26, 2020 312 shares

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: All the rumors in one place

Phillip Prado 9 hours ago 216 shares

I quit the internet for nine days. Here’s how that went.

David Imel January 26, 2020 239 shares

Vote with your wallet: If you love the headphone jack, buy from LG

C. Scott Brown January 26, 2020 757 shares
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AMOLED display manufacturing dropping in South Korea, rising in China

South Korea is dropping its expansion in the AMOLED industry. But China is ramping it up. Why? Flexible displays.
C. Scott BrownMarch 14, 2018247 shares

Samsung announces Galaxy S8 upgrade program for Korean Note 7 owners

Samsung has announced a new Galaxy S8 upgrade program for Galaxy Note 7 owners in South Korea who swap their recalled phone for a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge.
Robert TriggsOctober 24, 20163743 shares

Restart of Galaxy Note 7 sales delayed in South Korea

Samsung has stated that the restart of Galaxy Note 7 sales in South Korea will be delayed until October 1st to give consumers more time to return their phones.
Robert TriggsSeptember 26, 2016907 shares

South Korea asks Samsung to extend its Note 7 refund deadline

Samsung Electronics has been asked by the South Korean government to extend its refund period for the Galaxy Note 7 in the country.
Robert TriggsSeptember 22, 2016713 shares

(Update: huge demand in Canada too) Galaxy Note 7 breaks South Korean pre-order record

Pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea have doubled those for the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge pre-orders. Canada is also experiencing huge pre-orders.
Robert TriggsAugust 11, 20162321 shares

Samsung Pay customers can now withdraw cash from ATMs in South Korea

South Korean customers of the Woori Bank can now use Samsung Pay to withdraw cash from ATMs. The service will also be heading to 6 new countries in 2016.
Robert TriggsApril 28, 2016578 shares

Over 100,000 Galaxy S7 phones sold in Korea in the first two days

Samsung sold some 100,000 Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones in South Korea during their first two days on sale, according industry data.
Robert TriggsMarch 14, 20162152 shares

Samsung launching Korean LTE network for public safety

Samsung is rolling out the "first live PS-LTE network in the world using the 3GPP telecommunications standard."
John DyeFebruary 11, 2016456 shares

SK Telecom to launch super-fast LTE uplink, in time for the Galaxy S7 and LG G5

SK Telecom is preparing to launch a faster LTE uplink technology, which will arrive in time to be taken advantage of by the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5.
Robert TriggsJanuary 25, 2016161 shares

LG K10 to go on sale later this week

The new mid range LG K10 smartphone, which was unveiled at CES 2016, is scheduled to go on sale in South Korea later this week.
Robert TriggsJanuary 12, 2016231 shares
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