Get a OnePlus 8 from Verizon for $10/mo

The state of Google’s hardware program in 2020

Robert Triggs October 25, 2020 370 shares

It’s time Google updated Pixel camera hardware to match its stellar software

Robert Triggs October 24, 2020 423 shares

OnePlus 9: The nine things we want to see from the next OnePlus flagship

C. Scott Brown October 25, 2020 203 shares

Why is everyone still giving Instagram a free pass?

Suzana Dalul October 25, 2020 234 shares
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How OPPO keeps your information safer with ColorOS

In an age where privacy is under the gun, what are OEMs doing to protect you? OPPO has a plan and it starts with ColorOS 11.
AA Partners15 hours ago41 shares

When should you expect to receive the Android 10 update? (Updated October 19)

Let's take a look at which phones have already received Android 10 and when should you expect to get it on your device.
Mitja RutnikOctober 19, 20209898 shares

100W wireless charging could be a thing next year

We've seen wired charging solutions reach 100W in 2020, but it looks like wireless charging could hit this point too.
Hadlee SimonsOctober 12, 2020

Oppo Reno 4 Pro 5G hands-on: Premium at a price

Here is our hands-on experience with the Oppo Reno 4 Pro 5G.
Ryan-Thomas ShawOctober 1, 202040 shares

Oppo’s updated Reno 4 Pro boasts 5G and more processing power

They're welcome improvements over the earlier models, but they have their limits.
Jon FingasOctober 1, 2020

ColorOS 11 is OPPO’s chance to lead the way with Android 11

In the race to launch a great new Android skin, OPPO is leading the way with ColorOS 11. What's new? Find out right here!
AA PartnersSeptember 28, 2020149 shares

Color OS 11 based on Android 11 is here: Everything you need to know

The new version of Oppo's Android skin focuses heavily on customization.
C. Scott BrownSeptember 14, 2020

OnePlus CEO takes on additional role overseeing Oppo and OnePlus strategy

He'll still be the CEO of OnePlus, but now he'll have an extra job on his plate.
C. Scott BrownAugust 31, 2020193 shares

Oppo Watch review: An excellent Wear OS smartwatch

Oppo's first Wear OS smartwatch is a winner.
Dhruv BhutaniAugust 22, 2020190 shares

Near, far, wherever you are, Oppo’s new zoom tech has you covered

Oppo's new hybrid zoom lens system allows for two different optical zoom levels using a single lens and sensor system.
Robert TriggsAugust 20, 2020219 shares
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