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Survey says: You clearly know which classic phone you want remade

When it comes to the phones you'd like to see rebooted in 2020, you all agree on one thing: you miss small phones.

Published onMarch 30, 2020

OnePlus X spliced with Samsung Galaxy S10e

Last week, from five classic smartphones, we asked you to choose which one you’d most like to see remade in 2020. We had some style icons in there like the HTCOne M7 along with contemporary classics like the Samsung Galaxy S10e. With over 15,000 votes cast across the site and our YouTube community, there was a very clear winner, taking top spot in both locations. Did you vote with the majority of Android Authority‘s readers?

Our winners

In first place, with 41% of the total vote (34% of the site vote and 43% of the YouTube vote) we have the OnePlus X. While this one-off wasn’t terribly well-received when it first hit the scene, something that honestly surprised Carl Pei, the OnePlus X has certainly won itself a fanbase over time. Depending on how things play out, we may well see a new budget OnePlus device this year in the OnePlus 8 Lite (or OnePlus Z if that’s what it’s called).

Android is crying out for another OnePlus X

In second place, with 22% of the total vote (13% on the site and 24% on YouTube), we have the too-good-to-only-happen-once Samsung Galaxy S10e. We were devastated to learn that Samsung wouldn’t repeat the more affordable flagship recipe with the S20 series but that only makes the S10e that much more special. Fortunately, you can still buy the Galaxy S10e.

The rest

The HTC One M7 came third with 19% of the vote (26% on the site and 17% on YouTube). The original Moto X was fourth with 11% of the vote (17% on the site and 10% on YouTube). The BlackBerry Priv came in last with 7% of the vote (10% on the site and 7% on YouTube). Don’t ask me how YouTube managed to get 101% in total percentages, but I’m guessing it’s a rounding-up thing.

Your comments

As you may have guessed, the comments section was pretty active on this one. The Nexus 5 naturally got a lot of mentions, but a couple other unexpected ring-ins included the LG G3, the HTCHD2, a new Essential phone, Nokia 1020, Palm Pre, Nokia N900, and BlackBerry Passport. Here are a couple of the choicest comments:

“I care more about features coming back than specific phones. Like IR blasters and headphone jacks. Both of which are ridiculously disappearing.”

Aniruddha Paturkar:
“Nexus 5 man, come on…!”

“The OnePlus X was just a shot-for-shot remake of the iPhone 4. At least the HTCOne M7 had a sense of style, incredible speakers, and a very unique camera that was actually VERY capable.”

S P.S.:
“I just want a small-sized phone.”

Three_gun_ nation:
“The HTC. Google could make that the Pixel seeing as they have the majority of their engineers. Bezels with just enough room for stereo front-facing speakers, a triple camera setup, squeeze edges, a 4,250mah battery on non-XL (5.7ish-inch display), 5,000 on the XL (6.4-inch display). 8GB of RAM. 128GB base storage. Face unlock and an ultrawide selfie cam. Headphone jack. Boom. Perfect phone.”

“You forget the best phone for ages… Samsung Alpha. No phone until I had the S8 could get close to it. For its age, it was quick and smart, and quite powerful. Bring it back.”

“Need a “none of the above option”. I still miss having a hardware keyboard, so I’d say the original Droid (but with a better keyboard, like the Droid 4’s).”

FȺɍɨƶ .A:
“M7 with the same metal unibody. Modern aspect ratio. I don’t mind a little bezel on top and bottom as long as it can house the front-facing stereo speakers.. Xperia 1ii can do it… Why can’t HTCrestore the M7 design?”

“Nokia N900 and Samsung Galaxy NEXUS.”

“None of these, would rather have an upgraded version of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Function over form but with a better camera, better storage and a larger screen, all while still keeping features such as its headphone jack, removable back cover/battery, waterproofing, SD card or the IR blaster.”

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