Update: Our results are in! Find out which phone you want rebooted in 2020 in our Survey Says results.

Smartphone history is littered with the corpses of great phones that, for one reason or another, never saw a successor. Occasionally, a successor did appear but lost something essential to the original. If we’re lucky, there’s still a possibility we might see a successor yet. And sometimes, it’s all just wishful thinking. Regardless, we wanted to ask which classic smartphone listed below would you most like to see remade in 2020 (vote in the poll at the bottom of the article as well as on our YouTube Community page).

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The contenders:

OnePlus X

The OnePlus X arrived just three months after the OnePlus 2 launched. The new line focused on design rather than specs, a curious move for the Never Settle brand. Unfortunately, we never saw a follow-up and the next time OnePlus offered a second device in a year, it was with the now-familiar T strategy.

Like the OnePlus X, the Moto X deprioritized specs. In the Moto X’s case, it did so in favor of software fluidity. While the Moto X did have successors, Google announced the sale of Motorola Mobility to Lenovo just six months after the Moto X launched. Sadly, none of the Moto X’s later successors managed to recapture the spirit of the original.

The Galaxy S10e might seem an odd pick for a “classic,” but I still think it’s deserving. The S10e was a welcome surprise for those used to spending a lot on a Galaxy S flagship. Scrimping on things that could be scrimped on while still delivering the core experience at a cheaper price was a great move. It’s a recipe many of us would love to see again from Samsung.

BlackBerry’s second death means there’s no chance this is going to happen now. Nevertheless, the fires of desire for a BlackBerry QWERTY phone will never be extinguished. The Priv wasn’t exactly perfectly executed (or perfectly priced), but it was a bold return to the world stage for the Naughties’ de facto belt buckle for dads.

Yes the HTC One M7 had several successors, but fans always go back to the M7 as the one to beat. So much so, that we still periodically see calls for the HTC One M7 to be stuffed with new internals and re-released (including from HTC). With that kind of fanbase, how could it not be on this list?