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How to sell your Galaxy S9 and upgrade to the Galaxy S10

There are a few ways you can get rid of your old Galaxy S9 and then buy its successor. Here are the best ones.

Published onApril 14, 2019

Before you upgrade to the Galaxy S10, the first thing you should consider doing is selling your Galaxy S9. There are two ways of doing this. The first one is super fast and easy, but it might not make you as much money as you’d like. The second method takes a little more time and effort but will allow you to charge more for your device.

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty, please note that while this guide is written specifically for the Galaxy S9, most of it applies to any other phone you own.

Option one: Fast and easy

Frontside of the Samsung Galaxy S9 held in a hand.

To sell your phone as fast as possible, is the way to go. Gazelle is a company that buys and sells pre-owned consumer electronics including phones and tablets. The selling process is easy: select the phone you want to get rid of and share details like whether it’s unlocked or a carrier version and what condition it’s in. The whole process takes less than a minute to complete, after which you’ll get an offer from the company.

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If you accept the offer, Gazelle will send you a box you have to use to ship your Galaxy S9 to its address. Once it arrives, the company will inspect the device and if it all checks out, you’ll get paid with a check, an Amazon gift card, or via PayPal — the choice is yours.

There are other companies that offer the same services including Blazing Electronics and Decluttr, but Gazelle is arguably the most reputable one. It offers as much as $2217 for the Galaxy S9 and $236 for the Galaxy S9 Plus (64GB variants), although the final price depends on the condition.

You can trade-in your Galaxy S9 for a gift card or a discount on the Galaxy S10.

The alternative to Gazelle and similar services is to trade-in your Galaxy S9 for a gift card you can then use to partially pay for the Galaxy S10. There are a number of retailers and carriers that offer this program including Best Buy, Amazon, and Verizon. The offers depend on the condition of the device and differ from retailer to retailer, but to give you an estimate, you can get as much as $310 for the 64GB variant of the Galaxy S9 and $364 for its bigger brother from Best Buy.

Another option, which is probably the best one, is to trade-in your old Galaxy S9 when buying the Galaxy S10. Not all retailers support this, but you can use this method when buying the device from Samsung and a few others. According to Samsung’s website, you can get as much as $300 for your Galaxy S9 when trading it in for its successor.

Option 2: Slower but more profitable

Backside of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus held in a hand.

To make more money, you’ll have to sell your Galaxy S9 directly to the end-user. However, keep in mind that this method might take a lot longer and will require more work on your end. You’ll have to check out competing offers online, set a price, communicate with possible buyers, and then close the deal and ship the product. The faster you get it done the better, as your phone will be worth less and less as time goes on.

eBay is the most obvious choice for selling your old Galaxy S9, as it’s used by millions of people. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to sell your phone quickly using the service, but there are a few drawbacks to consider. The fees are relatively high and you’ll probably receive tons of emails from people that will just waste your time.

eBay alternatives include Swappa, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist.

Swappa is also a great option. Although it doesn’t have the same reach as eBay, you could make more money since there are zero seller fees. It’s also a more specialized website, as it’s purely focused on tech products. Then there are also a few other services you could use including Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.

No matter which platform you go with, make sure to promote your listing on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social network you use. People are far more likely to buy used products from someone they know.

I have a buyer, now what?

Backside of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus next to a Galaxy S9

Before you close the deal and ship your Galaxy S9 to the buyer, make sure you back up all the data you have on your device — images, documents, contacts… The next step is to do a factory reset, which will delete all the data from your phone so that the new owner won’t get to know your dirty little secrets.

Once the transaction is completed and the money is in your account, it’s time to go shopping. The Galaxy S10 phones are already available for purchase, starting at $750. Check out the exact prices below:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10e – $750 (128GB), $850 (256GB)
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 – $900 (128GB), $1,150 (512GB)
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – $1,000 (128GB), $1,250 (512GB), $1,600 (1TB)

You can get the handsets from all the major carriers as well as retailers including Samsung, Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Sam’s Club, Target, and Walmart. You can buy your Galaxy S10 on Samsung’s online store via the button below, or click here to see offers by other retailers and carriers.

There you have it — these are the best methods you can use to sell your Galaxy S9. Which one would you go with? Let us know in the comments!

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