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Does the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 have dual-SIM support?

You'll have to make a strategic decision on what sort of SIMs to use.

Published onJanuary 17, 2024

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 flex window

It’s increasingly common for smartphones to have some sort of dual-SIM option, making it simpler to travel with a phone or use the same device for both work and personal reasons. Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 4 had the technology — so has anything changed with the Z Flip 5?


Yes, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 does have dual-SIM capabilities. You'll need to combine a physical SIM card with an eSIM, however.

Does the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 have dual-SIM support?

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 incoming call

Yes. To be specific though, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is equipped with a nano-SIM slot as well as an internal eSIM. That means that if you want to operate in dual-SIM mode, you’ll have to obtain an eSIM and a physical card, the latter from a shop or mailed by your carrier.

Going eSIM-only avoids that problem, but introduces a new one, in that not all carriers support the technology. When they do, the focus tends to be on supporting iPhones, which have had the technology since 2018’s iPhone XS and XR. Android compatibility is relatively new, though carriers are already expanding it. Before buying a Z Flip 5, check if your carrier offers eSIM for that phone specifically. You may need to call customer support, since carriers are sometimes slow to update their websites.

If you’re planning to get a Z Flip 5 for travel, it’s probably best to use the eSIM for domestic service and keep the nano-SIM slot free for foreign carriers. The vast majority of global carriers still offer physical SIM cards, and this way you can just buy a card at the airport and activate it with minimal hassle. An exception to this is if you want to use a service like Airalo, which is travel-focused but lets you sign up for a foreign eSIM while you’re still at home.

With or without travel considerations, be mindful that if you’re upgrading from a previous phone you may have to convert from a physical SIM to an eSIM, or vice versa, depending on your needs. That can be complex. Even eSIM-to-eSIM transfers can be more complicated than they should be, although carriers are more than happy to guide you through the process as a paying customer.

Remember once again that the Galaxy Z Flip 5 does not support using two physical SIM cards, only a nano-SIM and an eSIM.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5
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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5
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