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How to activate an Airalo eSIM

No more figuring out how to buy a SIM card when you land.
March 16, 2023

Unlike most carriers, Airalo is entirely eSIM-based — the idea being that travelers can quickly get a phone plan no matter which country  they’re headed to. Once you’ve paid for a Airalo eSIM, here’s how to activate it on a compatible phone.


To activate an eSIM using the Airalo app, go to My eSIMs > Details > Install eSIM/Access Data. As backup, the company provides a QR code and manual activation data for its plans.

How to activate an Airalo eSIM

In the Airalo app

Airalo USA data SIM tariffs
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This is probably the best method, since you can use it from anywhere with an internet connection, including an airport terminal.

  • Select My eSIMs.
  • Tap Details, then Install eSIM/Access Data.
  • Choose Install eSIM to begin the process.

Using a provided QR code

You should get a QR code for your eSIM when you sign up. The exact method of scanning it will depend on your version of Android or iOS, but here’s the general process:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Select Cellular or Mobile.
  • Look for an option like Add a Cellular/Mobile Plan or Add eSIM.
  • Find and use the QR scanning option.
  • If asked, enter a four-digit confirmation code.


There’s little reason to go manual, but it is a viable alternative.

  • Open your phone’s Settings app, and find the option to add a cellular plan or eSIM (see the instructions above for reference).
  • Instead of scanning a QR code, enter the SM-DP, address, and activation code included with your Airalo purchase confirmation.
  • If asked, enter a four-digit confirmation code.