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We asked, you told us: Here's what you really think of the Galaxy S30 design

The Galaxy S20 was a yawn, but the leaked Galaxy S30 design is growing on some readers.

Published onOctober 24, 2020

Although it may only launch next year, the world got its first purported look at the Samsung Galaxy S30 and Galaxy S30 Ultra last week. The renders suggest the firm’s next flagship will be an evolution of the S20’s design, especially at the rear.

While the center punch-hole camera still features, the rear camera array now blends into the phone’s flank with a distinctive shiny finish. Gone is the Galaxy A series-like camera hump, too. I’m not a fan of either, and we weren’t real fans of the Galaxy S20‘s design as a whole. In our review, we called the S20 Ultra, in particular, a visual yawn.

But what do you think of the possible tweaks? We asked readers if the leaked Galaxy S30 design is palatable, or if it deserves to be trashed. Here’s what you told us.

What do you think of the leaked Samsung Galaxy S30 design?


If Samsung’s indeed planning these design changes, it seemingly aced it. Nearly two-thirds of Android Authority readers like the new look to some degree. 25.8% said they “absolutely love it,” while 33.3% voted “I like it a lot, but it could be better.”

We’ll give Samsung one thing: the design’s certainly distinctive. In the current smartphone climate, adventurous lines and curves have evaporated. It’s become tougher to immediately tell different phones apart. This design tweak should give the firm’s range-topper a more distinguished design identity.

While the major rear camera design revision obviously draws the eye, some in the comments focus on the punch-hole selfie camera. Users are likely expecting Samsung to debut the phone with an in-display selfie camera. Some also believe the phone would look a lot better if the headphone jack made a return.

As expected, not everyone loves the Galaxy S30. 26.6% of users “don’t like it” but don’t believe the design is “awful” either.

Finally, 14.3% of voters can’t stand the redesign at all, slamming the “I hate it” option. Some designs will appeal to different users, so it’s not surprising a portion of voters are unconvinced.

Still, this is an early leak. It may be a dummy based on early dimensions and sketches. Either way, it’s clear that Samsung wouldn’t offend too many users this time around with this design.

Here’s what you had to say

  • sonicsynth2000: Samsung really must have something against people who like to place their phones flat on a table without a case lol.
  • Shizuma: Hard pass due to the hole punch, but really, if manufactures are going to be insistent on putting these massive expensive camera tumors on the back of phones instead of just making the whole phone thicker and sticking a larger battery in then they really need to stop with this idiotic placement of the tumor to one corner which causes the phone to rock back and forth when using it while it’s lying flat on a surface.
  • bloodless: I still see a hole-punch camera in front and an asymmetric camera with a bump in the back. Nope. They haven’t improved anything.
  • Jeffrey: Looking at it doesn’t give much reason to upgrade from the S20 line of phones.
  • Sandeep: Back is definitely interesting compared to boring S20.
  • OmJo93: Would look a lot better with a headphone jack IMO.
  • Nix: It looks pretty similar to the s20. It’s not bad, but the only real difference I see here is the camera. If that’s what it ends up looking like I hope they have some new stuff under the hood to make it worth it.
  • daftrok: I really hate camera bumps. It looked like Samsung started with a major bump on the S6 then started making it flush to the point where there was barely a bump in the S10 series. Then they just went nuts on the S20 and ripped out the headphone jack.

That’s it for this Samsung Galaxy S30 poll. Thanks to everyone who voted and lent their thoughts. If you have any additional comments regarding the Galaxy S30’s rumored design, or the results of our poll, be sure to drop them in the comments section below.

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