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Does the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE support eSIM and dual-SIM?

No need for two phones. You can have two lines on the Galaxy S23 FE.

Published onApril 17, 2024

samsung galaxy s23 fe on marble counter
Ryan Haines / Android Authority

The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE offers a great balance between price and quality. We found it to be a good alternative to Samsung’s flagships, but we know some of you pay closer attention to some specific niche features. Especially international travelers. Does the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE support eSIM and dual-SIM?


The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE supports both eSIM and dual-SIM functionality. There are different versions of the Galaxy S23 FE, though. Please keep reading to learn more about how they handle SIM and eSIM support.


Does the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE have eSIM?

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE has eSIM support. Additionally, the device has a nano-SIM card slot. In some regions, there will be a version with two nano-SIM card slots, as well as the eSIM.

Does the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE have dual-SIM?

samsung galaxy s23 fe colors laid out
Ryan Haines / Android Authority
Samsung Galaxy S23 FE

Regardless of the Galaxy S23 FE version you get, you will have dual-SIM functionality. If you get the standard version, you can use one nano-SIM and one eSIM to use two lines simultaneously. If you get the Galaxy S23 FE with two physical SIM card slots, you can pick between using two nano-SIM cards, or a nano-SIM card and an eSIM.

How to activate eSIM on the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE

Are you looking to activate an eSIM on your Samsung Galaxy S23 FE? The process is pretty simple. If you bought your device from a carrier, there is actually a high chance the IMEI is already registered, and the appropriate eSIM profile may already be in the device.

Those who purchased the phone unlocked will have to work a bit more, though. Some carriers require that you reach out to customer service to activate an eSIM. They will get your device info and push out an eSIM to your device. Just call them up or go to a carrier store and follow their instructions.

If a carrier is more eSIM friendly, it will give you a QR code. You can use this QR code to activate an eSIM profile on your Samsung Galaxy S23 FE with a few taps.

How to activate an eSIM profile on a Samsung Galaxy S23 FE:

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Go into the Connections option.
  3. Tap on the SIM manager.
  4. Select Add eSIM.
  5. Hit Scan QR code, and scan the QR code provided by the cellphone service provider.


Samsung claims it’s possible to download up to 20 eSIM profiles on its devices, but that this number may be reduced depending on eSIM storage capacity and eSIM size. Regardless, only one eSIM can be active on the Galaxy S23 FE. The others will just be stored there.

No, your eSIM will not be deleted if you factory reset a Samsung phone, including the Galaxy S23 FE.

Transferring eSIM profiles from iPhones to the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE is still not possible. You will need to activate a new eSIM profile and cancel the old one.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 does not have a microSD card slot. If you need a microSD card slot, here’s our list of the best phones with expandable storage.

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