Yes it is said that the entire Galaxy S lineup did not make the ICS cut along with the early Galaxy Tab models. But we all knew that not every Android phone would be able to get an official update to Ice Cream Sandwich. After all, hardware limitation is the number one reason, and this is no exception.

Samsung explained today exactly why these models will not get ICS support, which you can read below. I cleaned it up a bit because it was absolutely brutal to read before.

We used the Ice Cream Sandwich platform in order to give our device users the latest. Unfortunately, the hardware specifications must be met, and in particular, the available memory (RAM, ROM, etc.) capacity is important.

Galaxy Galaxy Tab S and S, unlike the Nexus platform, in addition to Google Manufacturer-specific features (Touch Wiz / Samsung Widgets / video calls, etc.) Country-specific features (such as mobile TV), carrier services, and is mounted, so the upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich is not possible. The lack of available memory cannot provide a satisfactory environment. 

With the hardware considerations, provide customer devices featuring the best user experience is what we aim to do.

But this is not the end for the Galaxy S lineup, we all know how many custom ROM’s there are for our specific devices right? Well, I am fairly sure there will be some if not many available for each of the Galaxy S phones, as well as the Galaxy Tab, thanks to the awesome developer community working on Android. There’s no doubt that ICS will make it over to the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab – just not officially

We aren’t to surprised by this news, but let us know what you think about Samsung’s reasoning in the comments.

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