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The best flip phones you can buy

Flip phones are no longer for everyone, but there are still a few solid choices.
December 16, 2021
Nokia 2720 closed in hand

Most people rely on smartphones to navigate their daily lives, but a high-powered, complicated device isn’t for everyone. Sometimes you need a basic phone that can place calls and take the occasional picture. That’s where these phones come in. Flip phones have come a long way in the last few years, with some now offering a few smart features. If you’re ready for a cheap upgrade, here are the best flip phones you can buy.

Before we jump in, we should make an important distinction — we’re talking flip phones, not folding phones. You won’t find the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or Motorola Razr. However, you will find some tiny, durable options. Ready for your next device? Let’s get flipping.

The best flip phones:

Editor’s note: We’re not expecting too many new flip phones in 2021, but we’ll be sure to add them to our list if any launch.

Nokia 2720 Flip

flip phone nokia 2720

We all remember the days when Nokia ruled the cellphone landscape. From unbreakable bricks to bright-colored devices, it was just the way to go. Now, the Nokia 2720 Flip is here to recapture a little bit of that excitement. It’s a 4G-enabled device, complete with a 2MP camera and access to a few of the most popular apps. You can tap into YouTube, WhatsApp, and Google Maps right on the 2.8-inch internal display. Nokia’s 2720 Flip phone comes GSM unlocked, so you should be able to bring it to several networks.

Kyocera DuraXV Extreme

flip phone kyocera duraxv extreme

Another key feature that keeps flip phones near and dear to our hearts is their almost bulletproof durability. The ability to drop your phone and know that it would just brush off the damage is tough to find in modern devices. Kyocera’s DuraXV Extreme, on the other hand, is one tough customer. It has a MIL-STD 810G certification, and you can grab it exclusively from Verizon. Like Nokia, Kyocera’s tough phone is VoLTE ready with limited app support. Additionally, the 1,770mAh battery offers nearly three weeks of standby time.

TCL Flip Pro

flip tcl flip pro

If you find yourself on a number of affordable MVNOs, TCL’s Flip Pro might be your best flip phone option. It packs a 1.44-inch external display to check your notifications with a 2.8-inch panel on the inside when you need to send messages. You can recharge the Flip Pro via USB-C, or swap out the 1,850mAh battery any time you run low. TCL’s flip phone comes ready for 4G LTE, though you can’t expect too much app support. It also carries a 2MP main camera.


GreatCall Lively Flip

greatcall lively flip

The GreatCall Lively Flip is one of the best phones for seniors, and it all comes down to the impressive service that GreatCall provides. The phone itself is a straightforward flip phone. It’s available in red or silver, but you can rely on Amazon Alexa, the dedicated 5Star button, and the ability to dial zero at any time. The 5Star button connects you with a trained professional in an emergency, while dialing zero is a great way to reach an operator for basic assistance. The large buttons and loudspeaker make for one of the smoothest operating experiences around.

Samsung Galaxy Folder 2

flip phone samsung galaxy folder 2

You might think of the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip as Samsung’s return to the folding phone game, but you forget about the Galaxy Folder 2. This unique option is about as close as you’ll get to a smart flip phone. It even shipped with Android Marshmallow on board. The phone launched in 2017, so it can be hard to find right now, but it’s packed with classic Samsung style. You get a 3.8-inch display, a Snapdragon 425 chipset, and an 8MP primary camera for your money, as well as a 5MP selfie shooter.

LG Classic Flip

flip phone lg classic flip

The Classic Flip — also known as the LG Wine 2, depending on where you look — is one of the more widely available devices on this list. You can find it at most major retailers, though you’re strictly limited to Tracfone as a carrier. If you find the Wine 2 version, you can add US Cellular to the mix. However, the phone is extremely affordable either way. You’re looking at a standard 2MP camera, 2.8-inch display, and 8GB of storage to start with.

Cingular Flip IV

flip phone cingular flip iv

AT&T’s Cingular Flip IV is another attempt to bridge the feature phone and smartphone divide, at least if you only need Facebook and WhatsApp. The goal is to make having a flip phone cool again. Although you can only record video in 480p, you can play other videos on the 2.8-inch display at 1080p. The whole platform runs on a Snapdragon 210 chip, and you’ve got 4GB of storage to work with right out of the box. You can always expand that by up to 32GB if you find yourself wishing for more space.

Schok Classic Flip

flip phone schok classic flip

Last up on our list of the best flip phones you can buy is another Classic Flip, this time from Schok. It tops quite a few others on this list with a larger 3.2-inch internal display. Additionally, it’s GSM unlocked for North American carriers. The Schok Classic Flip even charges via USB-C, so you should be up and running in no time with the 1,660mAh battery at your disposal. You can even swap between red and blue detachable covers on the front and back for a slightly more customized look.