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Nintendo announced earlier today that it plans to release two to three mobile games per year. The news arrives shortly after the company published its 2016 earnings report, in which it discussed Super Mario Run’s success and the delay of its upcoming Animal Crossing mobile title.

While two to three mobile games per year perhaps seems like a small investment for Nintendo, the company is still relatively inexperienced when it comes to developing apps for mobile, and will be focusing on the launch of its latest console, the Nintendo Switch, arriving in March.

Nintendo released Super Mario Run, only its second mobile game, on iOS in December after launching Miitomo last March (smash hit Pokemon Go was published by Nintendo but developed by Niantic). The free-to-play Super Mario Run has so far achieved 78 million downloads, with 5% of players purchasing the full version of the product. It’s said to have made $53 million revenue for Nintendo, a figure likely to increase following its port to Android next month.

Nintendo will release Fire Emblem Heroes tomorrow on iOS and Android, and Animal Crossing will now arrive April at the earliest. Nintendo hasn’t yet announced any other mobile titles so it remains to be seen whether the company will make it to that third game in 2017.

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