MotoBlur is, apparently, everything you want, all in one place. Motoblur is made up of various widgets wherein it fuses social networking gateways like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace and also other services like news and weather reports all in one place.

Yes, that’s MotoBlur folks. However, poor MotoBlur hasn’t been getting a lot of love lately, and for good reason. It seems MotoBlur hasn’t been able to make that many friends. Motorola has been forced to phase out the MotoBlur label due to public criticisms, and it’s looking like the good ‘ol days of MotoBlur are over. Goodbye MotoBlur!

Recently, Motorola and Sprint held an exclusive luncheon to announce the Photon 4G. There had been so many words exchanged regarding the cutting edge specs of the Photon 4G such as the NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor, its qHD display and its lightning quick 4G speeds. However, nothing was mentioned about MotoBlur.  Strange, no? We were anticipating something, but there was nothing.

Motorola, it appears, might be hesitant to tell us that the MotoBlur label is gone for good. That may hurt them, but that’s the truth. Anyway, it does not mean that we will never see MotoBlur, per se, again. It is just the name that’s gone. For instance, the Photon 4G will feature a new user interface and experience but for now remains unnamed.  Some are calling it GhostBlur and some simply don’t care. Either way, we’re just waiting for Motorola to give it a new name.

For now, do you have something in mind on how should it be named? Any thoughts on manufacturer skins? HTC’s got one, Moto’s got one, and Sammy does too? Love, hate or do you just not care?

Source: Engadget

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