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Here's how to reset a Samsung TV

Smart TVs are a great addition to any smart home, but here's how to reset a Samsung TV if it acts up.

Published onApril 23, 2021

Smart TVs give us access to thousands of hours of content at our fingertips. However, they’ve been known to act up now and again. If you’re having trouble with your TV or you’re hoping to sell it to someone else, it may be time for a reset. Here’s how to reset a Samsung TV.

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How to reset a Samsung TV

No matter which TV you have, the steps should be the same. Make sure you grab the remote that came with your TV before you get started and then follow these steps:

  1. Open the menu with either your Home button or the Menu button if you have an older remote.
  2. Head down to the Support section of the menu. You should see a cloud-shaped icon next to the correct section.
  3. Locate and enter the Self Diagnosis submenu.
  4. You should now see two options: Smart Hub Reset and Reset.

Note: Smart Hub Reset and Reset are two different options. If you choose Smart Hub Reset, it will wipe your Smart Hub settings and your connected Samsung account. On the other hand, the Reset option will completely factory reset your TV to all of its original settings.

  1. Select the type of reset you wish to perform.
  2. Enter the PIN when prompted to confirm your decision. The correct PIN in most cases is 0000.

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Can you reset without the remote?

samsung smart tv apps smartthings

The short answer is yes, you can still reset your Samsung smart TV without the remote. Luckily, TVs still come with physical buttons on them, even if the remote is a much easier way to navigate. Most models will hide these control panels on the bottom or back of the TV, and you will have to use these buttons to get around the settings menu.

If you’re not sure which Samsung TV model you have, you can check this link for the specifics. Then, open the menu and follow the instructions listed above. You can also manage your Samsung TV through the SmartThings app, but you won’t be able to reset it remotely.

You’ll most likely have to restart your TV to complete the reset process. Once you power it back on, you can start downloading your favorite apps all over again. If a hard reset doesn’t fix your TV, it might be time to pick up a new one. You can check out some of our best deals right here.

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