Last week’s poll summary: Out of over 3,100 total votes, 39.4% of our readers said they’re not buying a Galaxy Note 8, but not because of the Note 7 debacle. 35.1% said they’re already planning on buying the Note 8, while 4% of voters said they’re not giving the Note 8 a shot because of what happened with the Note 7. 14.7% said they’re waiting for reviews to come out before making their decision.

The Galaxy Note 8 may have the best display on the market, some killer specs, and a very promising dual-camera setup, but boy, is it really worth more than $900? That’s a question a lot of our readers will have to answer in the next couple weeks.

Luckily there are some pretty great alternatives to the Note 8 that many folks might want to consider. The Galaxy S8 Plus is basically a slightly smaller Note 8 without a dual camera or an S Pen, and it’s currently going for about $250 less than its bigger brother. The LG V30 will also be a solid Note 8 alternative, as it will surely come to market for a much more affordable price.

After thinking about the Note 8’s pricing so much over the past week, I wanted to ask you — how much is too much? Would you pay over $900 for a new smartphone, or is your max somewhere around the $400 or $500 mark? Cast your vote in the poll below, and speak up in the comments if there’s anything you’d like to add.

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