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Report: This mid-range Samsung phone was the top Android device in H1 2020

It wasn't anywhere close to the number one spot overall though.
September 1, 2020
Samsung Galaxy A51 screen in hand
  • The Samsung Galaxy A51 reportedly shipped the most units out of any Android phone in H1 2020.
  • It was beaten to the number one spot by the iPhone 11 though.
  • Apple and Xiaomi purportedly accounted for nine out of the top 10 phones.

Apple’s iOS might only account for a fraction of the global smartphone market compared to Android-powered phones, but iPhones still sell by the ship load. Now, tracking firm Omdia has revealed the most shipped smartphones of the first half of 2020, with Apple’s iPhone 11 far and away the number one device.

The analytics company found that Apple shipped a gargantuan 37.7 million iPhone 11 units during this period. Just how significant is that, then? Well, the second-placed Samsung Galaxy A51 shipped 11.4 million units (over 26 million units fewer). Nevertheless, the Samsung device stands tall as the top-selling Android phone in H1 2020, according to the firm. But it was the only Samsung phone in the top 10 though. Check out the list below.

Omdia H1 2020 top ten
Supplied by Omdia

There were more iPhones in the top 10, however, as Omdia reported that the iPhone SE 2020 (8.7 million), iPhone XR (eight million), iPhone 11 Pro Max (7.7 million), and iPhone 11 Pro (6.7 million) grabbed the fifth, sixth, seventh, and 10th spots respectively. This represents two more Apple models in the top 10 compared to a year ago.

Xiaomi had four devices in the top 10 as well, with the Redmi Note 8 (11 million) and Redmi Note 8 Pro (10.2 million) occupying the third and fourth spots. Meanwhile, the Redmi 8A (7.3 million) and Redmi 8 (6.8 million) grabbed eighth and ninth positions. This is two more devices than a year ago, when it had two phones in the top 10.

Either way, Samsung is the biggest loser here as it had four devices on the list a year ago, with only the Galaxy A51 representing it this time. This news comes as the firm dropped the number one crown to HUAWEI in Q2 2020 according to multiple tracking firms. It’s believed that this change is due to China’s COVID-19 recovery coinciding with the likes of Europe and the US going into lockdown, with HUAWEI able to rely on its main market of China during this period.

It’s also interesting to note that there aren’t any 5G phones in this top ten yet. We’re still in the early days of 5G phones, but mid-range 5G devices are already available in various markets. Nevertheless, we’re definitely expecting the next crop of iPhones to offer 5G and appear in the top 10.

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