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David Imel / Android Authority

The Google Pixel 5 smartphone is now available to purchase. Along with the latest flagship phone from the creators of Android comes the latest Pixel 5 wallpapers. Thanks to Mishaal Rahman on Twitter (of XDA Developers fame), there’s a collection of a dozen Pixel 5 wallpapers for you to enjoy even without Google’s device.

Most of the wallpapers utilize the display cutout on the Pixel 5, which is in the phone’s upper left corner. If your phone doesn’t have a cutout or it’s in a different position, these wallpapers might not quite be as fun. However, they still are very colorful and would probably look nice on most phones.  As you can see from the images below, they have a variety of styles. Many are abstract, from the astronaut trying to eat an egg in space to pencils that look like noodles in a bowl.

A couple of the wallpapers appear to be real photographs. As with the illustrations, these photographs are on the abstract side, with one showing what looks to be some children’s blocks stacked up. Another looks like a circuit board with some colorful wires.

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Download the Google Pixel 5 wallpapers

Above, you can see all the Pixel 5 wallpapers. However, don’t download them from these images! They have all been compressed. Download the files by clicking the button below instead. Then unzip the files, find the one you like best, and set it as your wallpaper on your phone. 

You can then enjoy these new and cool walls all the time without having to get the Pixel 5. Of course, if you still want to get the phone, you can do so by clicking or tapping on the link below.