I’ve wrote about GetJar before, the app marketplace where every app is free to download. It seems that giving away free stuff works for them and they’ve ventured into giving away even more free stuff, which is of course great for us Android owners.

GetJar Gold is a premium service that will offer free full versions of games like Age of Zombies and Fruit Ninja THD and apps like SwiftKey X and Splashtop Remote Desktop. These aren’t ad-supported versions you are getting here, no sir. These are apps that you will have to pay for if you download them elsewhere. If you think you’ve seen this tactic before, you’re right; Amazon offers a free app each day as well and has been quite a boost to the Amazon Appstore’s popularity.

Being free, GetJar doesn’t take a cut from a dev’s profits. Instead, they sell sponsored ads embedded into search results and app lists. As an incentive to developers, they get paid on a per install basis which gives them a piece of that ad-driven pie as well as getting the word out about their app. This is a win all around: users get free quality apps, devs still get paid for their trouble and GetJar benefits from all the buzz that usually surrounds free stuff (and the ads too, of course).

GetJar confirmed that it was in talks with another big player in the mobile app space which should give it yet another push into becoming one of the top places to get apps for Android. GetJar Gold is available both through their website and via an Android app (tap on the Apps tab to see it).

via TechCrunch