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How to use Google Assistant voice typing with Gboard

Only a handful of languages are supported so far.

Published onJune 16, 2023

If you’ve got a Pixel 6 or later, one of the perks Google offers is dictation using Gboard and Google Assistant, a combo that enables more elaborate voice commands. Here’s how to enable and control Gboard voice typing, plus info on supported languages.


To enable Gboard voice typing, open any app you can type with, then tap in a field where you can enter text. At the top of the keyboard, tap Settings (the gear icon), then Voice typing. Toggle Assistant voice typing if it's not on already. Whenever you want to use feature, tap and hold the keyboard's mic icon or say "Hey Google, type."


How to turn on Google Assistant voice typing on a Pixel device

In most cases the feature should be on by default, the exception being if you’ve installed multiple languages on your Pixel. In that situation you may need to switch to a supported language (see below) using the globe icon on your keyboard.

Regardless of how many languages you’re using, here’s how you can make sure Gboard voice typing is enabled:

  • Open any app that supports typing, such as Messages.
  • Tap on a field that supports text entry — this is just to pop up the keyboard.
  • Towards the top of the keyboard, tap Settings (the gear icon), then Voice typing.
  • Toggle the Assistant voice typing switch if it isn’t already on.

How to use Assistant voice typing

Starting and stopping voice typing

Google Voice Typing on Pixel 7
C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

Whenever the keyboard is active, start dictation by tapping and holding the mic icon or saying “Hey Google, type.” Double-tap the mic icon to keep listening for multiple messages. Either way, you’ll see a glowing mic icon when Assistant can hear you — say whatever it is you want to be typed.

When you’re done, tap the mic icon again or say “Stop.”

Using Assistant commands

The advantage of dictating with Assistant is that you can control it with voice commands while still entering text.

These are the most essential commands:

  • “Delete last word.”
  • “[Name] emoji.”
  • “Clear” deletes the last sentence.
  • “Clear all” starts dictation from scratch.
  • “Next” moves to the next open field if you’re filling out a form.
  • “Send” delivers a chat message.

Tap the Info (question mark) button during voice typing to learn other phrases.

Editing text

Google Assistant can make mistakes, just like humans. When you catch one, tap on the relevant word, then speak or type out what you meant to say. If a word is still being misinterpreted, you can spell it out or select onscreen suggestions.

Managing automatic punctuation

Normally, Assistant inserts punctuation itself based on the tone and cadence of your voice. If there are too many errors, you can turn this off through the keyboard’s Settings > Voice typing > Auto punctuation toggle and use typing to insert your own punctuation.

Which languages does Google Assistant voice typing support?

Per Google, you can only use Assistant voice typing in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, or Spanish. You’ll need to add one of these to Gboard, and make sure both your keyboard and the rest of Android are switched to the same language.


System Intelligence is both an app and a core component of Android. If you’re still using Android 12, you should upgrade to Android 13 or later if possible, or update System Intelligence through the Google Play Store.

You can only download these updates over Wi-Fi, so try connecting to a (trusted) Wi-Fi network before launching voice typing again.