Last week’s poll summary: Last week, we asked our Google Pixel-owning readers whether or not they use Playmoji. Out of almost 1,700 total votes, 39 percent say they never use Playmoji. 6 percent say they use Playmoji all the time, while 23 percent said they’ve tried Playmoji once or twice, but not much more than that. 23 percent of non-Pixel owners said they don’t think they’d ever use Playmoji.

Everyone looks for different things when they buy a new smartphone.

Personally, I care most about long battery life, quick software updates, and a decent IP rating. I don’t geek out about having the most camera lenses strapped to the back of my phone, nor do I want an in-display fingerprint sensor that isn’t nearly as accurate as traditional rear-facing ones. Thus, I find the Pixel 3 the best phone for my needs right now (aside from the long battery life).

Since everyone has different needs, I want to hear from you! What are your essential smartphone features? Choose all options that apply in the poll below, and speak up in the comments if we missed anything.

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