OnePlus 7 Pro review

Honor 20 Pro review: Everyday luxury

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Here’s why losing Arm is a far bigger deal for Huawei than losing Google

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Google Pixel 3a review: The phone made for everyone

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This is my new favorite Garmin watch

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Best iPhone earbuds

AirPods are the obvious choice, but there are other great options out there.
Lily KatzMay 18, 2019170 shares

Google explains why the Pixel 3a has a headphone jack

Since when is choice a budget feature?
Lily KatzMay 13, 20191064 shares

The headphone jack is back, but Black Shark ditches it anyway

No headphone jack from Black Shark now, but maybe later.
Lily KatzApril 11, 2019143 shares

Best AirPods alternatives

Get more out of your music with these true wireless picks.
Lily KatzMarch 18, 20194 shares

Save $65 off these noise-cancellation headphones

The Culture Audio V1 Bluetooth Headphones feature powerful noise-cancellation technology. Right now they're 32 percent off.
AA PicksMarch 17, 20192118 shares

Best Samsung Galaxy S10 wired and wireless headphones

Why be pigeon-holed into wireless listening when you can have it all?
Lily KatzFebruary 22, 2019244 shares

What are your essential smartphone features? (Poll of the Week)

What are your essential smartphone features? Would you buy a phone without an IP rating or a headphone jack?
Jimmy WestenbergFebruary 18, 201996 shares

Best true wireless earbuds – there’s more than Apple out there

Looking for true wireless earbuds? Chris from SoundGuys shares their test results to help you pick the perfect one.
Chris ThomasFebruary 15, 2019618 shares

What you need to know about USB-C audio

Here are the USB-C audio basics and issues to be aware of.
Lily KatzJanuary 20, 20199082 shares

SoundGuys: USB-C audio is dead

Stop trying to reinvent the wheel and give us our headphone jacks back.
Lily KatzJanuary 11, 20196696 shares
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