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Google Pixel 4a review: Google’s best phone in years

David Imel 6 hours ago 21 shares

Google Pixel 4a price and release date: What you need to know

Andy Walker 6 hours ago 6 shares

Google Pixel 4a specs: Is it enough of a Pixel 3a upgrade?

Hadlee Simons 6 hours ago 236 shares

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus one year later: Is it still worth buying?

C. Scott Brown August 1, 2020 16 shares
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Creative Outlier Air review: Affordable functionality

Creative's true wireless earbuds outperform other sub-$100 options.
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Best true wireless earbuds – there’s more than Apple out there

Looking for true wireless earbuds? Chris from SoundGuys shares their test results to help you pick the perfect one.
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Poll: Would you pay $50 extra for a Galaxy Note 20 with a headphone jack?

How much is a headphone jack worth to you? $50?
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Bluetooth codecs 101: Everything you need to know

A quick rundown on everything you need to know about wireless audio.
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The best AirPods alternatives

Get more out of your music with these true wireless picks.
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The best wireless iPhone earbuds you can currently buy

The AirPods Pro are the obvious choice, but there are other great iPhone earbuds out there.
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3 reasons to buy wired headphones in 2020

Wired headphones keep mobile audio simple, reliable, and affordable.
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The best phones with a headphone jack (January 2020)

The headphone jack is not dead yet! Here is our list of the best Android smartphones that still sport this beloved feature.
Mitja RutnikJanuary 28, 20202610 shares

My stance on the headphone jack hasn’t changed, but I have

As true wireless earbuds take off, the headphone jack is still useful. I'm just not using it much anymore.
Tristan RaynerJanuary 3, 2020179 shares

Why my next phone doesn’t need to have a headphone jack

But it should still include one.
Lily KatzNovember 22, 2019560 shares
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