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How to do a collab post on Instagram

It doesn't have to be a Kardashian. Anyone with a decent following can help.

Published onFebruary 13, 2023

If you’re looking for a way to improve the reach of your Instagram posts, then you could use a new feature called collab posts (short for collaborator.) You don’t need a Kardashian or a Jenner behind you to make this work. Instead, collab posts can help you get your posts shared with anyone with a half-decent engaged follower count. Here’s the full run-down on how to do a collab post on Instagram, who’s eligible to use the feature, and more.

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To make a collab post on Instagram, make the post the way you normally would. Then before you click the button to share it, select Tag people from the menu, then Invite Collaborator. Find the person you want to collaborate with and this will send them a direct message with your collaboration invite. Then click the Share button. If the other person accepts your request, your post, along with the comments, will appear on their Instagram page.



What is an Instagram collab post?

instagram collab post

An Instagram collab post (short for collaborator) is when you invite another Instagram user to share one of your posts on their account. If they accept, the post will appear on your page as well as automatically on theirs, along with the comments from both sets of users. Although you don’t have to collaborate with a brand, it would make sense to try to do this, since 90% of Instagram users follow at least one brand on the platform.

Presently, you can only collaborate with regular posts (images and Reels.) Lives and Stories are not yet included. Also note that you need to have a business account, your account must be public, and people must be able to tag you.

What are the benefits of an Instagram collab post?

There are two enormous advantages to two Instagram users collaborating and sharing each other’s posts.

  • You get the benefit of the other account’s followers and reach. This in turn will hopefully lead to more exposure and followers for you too, since your collaborator is more or less endorsing you to their followers by sharing your post.
  • If you use Instagram to sell a product, both parties can run a sale. Or the collaborator can send you interested people who have a good chance of converting into customers.

How to collab post on Instagram

Here’s how to collab post on Instagram:

  • Set up your post as you usually would. Then tap Tag people.
  • On the next screen, tap Invite Collaborator. If it is not there, you need to change your Instagram account to a business account.
  • A search bar will now come up. Search for the person you want to collaborate with and select them. They will now be tagged in your image or Reel. Click the Share button to post your image or Reel to Instagram.
  • While you are waiting for the other person to consider your request, you will see the current invite status under your picture. Only you can see this. Meanwhile, they will get a direct message inviting them to tap on the image and collaborate with you.

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For the collab option on Instagram to appear, you need to have a business account. You should also not have your account set to private, and others must be able to tag you. So, check your settings and tweak accordingly.

As of February 2023, Lives and Stories cannot be made into collab posts. This will most likely change in the future at some point.

No, it is restricted to only the original poster and the person they invite to collaborate. Nobody else can be brought into it.

Instagram imposes no minimum requirement. However, in order to get big brands to consider you, you should ideally have a minimum of 2,000—2,500 followers.

The original poster of the image or reel must have a public account. However, the collaborator can have either a public or private account.