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How to block someone on Tinder

Let me cut you off right there.

Published onMarch 6, 2023

Tinder is a dating platform that hinges upon creating a virtual connection before a physical one. While there’s only so much you can learn about someone before meeting them in person, red flags are usually pretty blatant. There’s a level of lenience you can have for cheesy pick-up lines and goofy conversation topics, and unmatching is always an option, but if you’re genuinely concerned about your safety or simply want to cut off contact, you may be wondering whether you can block people on Tinder or not. Let’s talk about that.


To block someone on Tinder, they must appear in your phone's contact list. Launch the app, then go to your Tinder profile > Settings > Block contacts > IMPORT CONTACTS. Select the contact(s) you want to block, then press BLOCK [x] CONTACT(S) to finish.


Being able to block people is a safety thing. Facebook has it, Instagram has it, and most noteworthy social media platforms, in general, have a way of forcibly preventing someone from interacting with you.

Tinder is a bit different, however. The whole idea behind Tinder is to meet new people and build new relationships — not to take them away. As a result, you cannot block someone you match with or see in your Tinder feed. To inhibit further communication, all you need to do in that situation is “swipe left” or unmatch.

How to block a contact on Tinder

On Tinder, you can block contacts from your device’s contact list. What this essentially allows you to do is prevent any unwanted attention or interactions. For example, if you don’t want family members or friends to know that you have Tinder, you can block them so that, if they have Tinder, any possible interactions will be halted. They won’t see you, and you won’t see them. You can also block unverified accounts that seem fishy.

  • 1.) Go to your Tinder profile.
  • 2.) Tap the gear-shaped SETTINGS button.
  • 3.) Go to Block contacts.
  • 5.) Allow Tinder to access your contact list.
  • 6.) Select the contact(s) you want to block.
  • 7.) Tap the BLOCK [x] CONTACT(S) button.

How to unblock a contact on Twitter

If for some reason you wish to unblock someone on Tinder, you can do that too. All you need to do is go back to that Block Contacts section and press UNBLOCK next to the contacts you blocked.

  • 1.) Go to your Tinder profile.
  • 2.) Tap SETTINGS.
  • 3.) Go to Block Contacts.
  • 4.) Tap the Blocked tab from the options along the top.
  • 5.) Tap UNBLOCK next to the user you wish to unblock.


No, it doesn’t. If a user gets reported by a significant amount of users, they can have access revoked and become banned from the platform. However, this is guaranteed. Furthermore, if you report them, you won’t be unmatched, so you’ll have to do so manually.

Technically, yes. If you have them in your contacts list, you can block them without ever having to match with them. To ‘block’ someone in the app, all you can do is swipe left or unmatch.

Go to your conversation with them. Tap the blue shield in the top right, then select UNMATCH FROM (their name).