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How to verify your Tinder account

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Published onMarch 6, 2023

In today’s day and age, you can never be too careful online. People are often not who they say they are, as they can appear as anyone. On Tinder, this same sentiment carries over — however, they’ve implemented a way to combat this. Tinder verification is a way to authenticate your account, letting people know that you are who you say you are. Verification makes Tinder safe and makes it easier to connect with real people. Let’s go over how to verify your Tinder account.


To verify your Tinder account, go to your Tinder profile. Tap the grey checkmark next to your name, then take a series of photos of yourself posing the same way as Tinder's model. Submit your images for verification, then wait for your blue checkmark to appear.


What does it mean to be verified on Tinder?

verification badge in tinder
Curtis Joe / Android Authority
Verified Tinder profiles have a blue checkmark.

Verification was added as a safety-focused update in 2020. It’s one of the ways Tinder is trying to eliminate catfishing and Tinder bots. If you’re verified, that means that “you are the real you.”

When you’re verified, you can tell by the blue checkmark next to your name. It looks similar to the verification badge on Twitter.

How does verification work on Tinder?

As mentioned, verification means the person has identified themselves using the facial recognition software built into Tinder. This typically denotes a level of seriousness when using the platform and can be a way for both parties to feel safe.

How it works is you must go to your profile and tap the grey checkmark. From there, you must take a series of selfies of yourself posing the same way as the model.

How to get verified on Tinder

Tinder verification is quite simple. You must take a series of photos posing the same way as the Tinder-provided model. Once you’ve taken these photos, submit them and wait for your authentication. This shouldn’t take more than ten minutes.


1. Launch Tinder and go to Profile.
2. Tap the grey checkmark icon next to your name.
3. In the Get Verified box, tap NEXT.
4. In the How it works box, tap VERIFY ME.
5. Tap the 1ST POSE button and allow Tinder to access your device’s camera. Pose the same way as the model and take the picture. [/alert]

6. If the first picture you took is satisfactory, tap YES, NEXT POSE.
7. Tap the 2ND POSE button and allow Tinder to access your device’s camera. Pose the same way as the model and take the second picture.
8. In the Do these pics match? box, tap SUBMIT FOR REVIEW.
9. Tap OKAY in the Verification Under Review box.
10. Wait for your verification to go through. If successful, you should soon see a blue checkmark next to your name.

How to request verification from someone you match with

First of all, if the user you match with does not have a blue checkmark, that means they have not completed the verification process. If they are not verified and have not chosen to do so, there is no way to force them to. There is also no button available within the user interface that allows you to instantly send a verification request to that user.

Requesting verification from users you match with on a dating app or website can help you feel more secure and confident about meeting them in real life. After you’ve matched with an unverified user, start conversing with them and get to know them a little bit. When there’s an opportune time, politely ask if they’d be willing to verify their profile to make you feel more comfortable. If they agree, the verification process may involve providing additional information or documentation to the dating platform. Once the verification is complete, you can feel more confident about taking the next steps with your match.

Is it safe to communicate or meet up with someone who isn’t verified?

Yes, but with a greater amount of risk. Tinder verification only came into effect in 2016, and the system is not foolproof.

While it is regarded as an important safety feature, many users are unverified. Verifying your profile is a way for you to express your seriousness on the platform and give other users the peace of mind that you are who you say you are. That said, it isn’t entirely necessary.

If you aren’t comfortable meeting up with an unverified user, you can try asking them to verify their profile.


No. Tinder verification is not tied to a Tinder subscription; you do not have to pay for it. Everyone can get verified for free.