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The best Visible deals: Get a $200 gift card with the iPhone SE 2022

Paying just $429 for the latest iPhone SE lands you a free $200 gift card when you switch to Visible.
13 hours ago
A Samsung Galaxy S9 on some grass with the Visible logo on the display.

If you want to switch to a contract-free prepaid carrier in the US, but you also want to keep the nationwide coverage of Verizon’s 5G network, then Visible is the best option for you. So we’ve dug deep and put together a list of the best Visible deals that are active right now.

Our own Andrew Grush even gave Visible a try as an alternative to satellite internet and found a change for the better.

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Visible keeps things simple plan-wise by offering just one. However, the real opportunities for savings pop up when you purchase a new phone or add a line of service. You can choose from any phone in the Verizon arsenal, which means that the Samsung Galaxy S21 is more affordable than ever.

Here are some of the best Visible deals currently on offer.

Featured deal: Get a $200 gift card with the iPhone SE 2022

Apple iPhone SE 2022 Visible Gift Card Deal

Visible often offers a freebie or two with a new handset, and this offer is ideal for Apple fans. When you buy the latest iPhone SE 2022, you get a free $200 gift card to spend almost anywhere.

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Of the things that are new in the 3rd-generation iPhone SE, buyers should be most excited about the new processor. Apple gave the phone its blazing fast A15 Bionic chip, the same that powers the speedy iPhone 13 family. This chip competes well with the best from Qualcomm and Samsung and ensures top performance for the phone for years.

This is a limited-time offer from the affordable carrier, so don’t miss out. The widget below takes you to the deal.

Apple iPhone SE (2022)
A15 Bionic chipset • Touch ID • Improved battery life
The latest iPhone SE brings the same body as its predecessor yet it’s now infused with an A15 Bionic processor and iOS 15.4 out of the box.
$429.00 at Visible
Save $200.00

Best Visible deals

  1. Get a $200 gift card when you switch to visible
  2. Trade in your old phone and get a new Android for free
  3. Pay as little as $25 per month with Party Pay

Editor’s note: We will update the list of Visible deals periodically as the offers change.

1. Get a $200 gift card when you switch to Visible

Visible Phone Deals

If you’re looking to switch carriers, now might be the best time to do so as Visible is offering up to a $200 gift card of your choice when you make the switch.

The range of brands and retailers that Visible is offering savings on is vast, ranging from versatile options like Amazon and Mastercard to more specialized ones such as, Chevron, etc. To take advantage of this deal need only to bring your current number when you switch to Visible and active an eSIM or order any eligible phone from their list. 

The amount of the gift card usually depends on the device you go for, but right now it’s the same offer on any of the eligible phones. As outlined above, the Galaxy S22 line and a few other phones land you the goodies, as do the iPhone 13 range and the Google Pixel 6 line

2. Trade-in your old phone for a free new one


There’s no reason to let an old phone hold you back from a powerful new carrier. If your current phone doesn’t work on Visible, you can trade it in for one that will work for free. Their selection of free devices is constantly evolving, but right now, the only devices available as part of this offer right now are the Motorola Moto G Pure and the Visible Midnight.


3. Pay as little as $25 a month with the Party Pay Visible deal

Visible’s service for a single line costs $40 per month, but just like a real party, everything is better with friends. That is to say that when you add more lines on Party Pay, you can save up to $15 per month. So two users can pay $35, three pay just $30, and four or more pay $25 per month for service.

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You won’t have to worry if someone else in your party slips up one month. With this Visible deal, everyone in your party has an individual account, so you won’t have to manage anyone else’s service.

To get started, all you have to do is head right to the Party Pay section of your account and invite your friends. Then, learn more via the button below.

There you go — the best Visible deals that are online right now. We’ll update the post with new deals when they launch.