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If you want to switch to a contract-free prepaid carrier in the US, but you also want to keep the nationwide coverage of Verizon’s 4G LTE network, then Visible is the best option for you. Unlike Boost Mobile, there’s no merger hanging over Visible, and every plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data too. We’ve dug deep and put together a list of the best Visible deals that are active leading up to Black Friday.

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Our own Andrew Grush even gave Visible a try as an alternative to satellite internet and found that it was a change for the better. He still actively uses and recommends it months later.

1. Get up to a $200 prepaid Mastercard when you switch

mastercard promo

When you’re looking to switch to a new wireless carrier, a little bit of bribery never hurt anyone. For a limited time, you can get a prepaid Mastercard worth up to $200 when you bring your current phone number to Visible. All you have to do is purchase a qualifying phone when you join, and some of those phones are already discounted too. You can choose to pay the price upfront or in monthly payments.

Here’s the current list of the phones you can choose from:

If you already have a phone that you love and you just don’t want to let it go, you can still get your $100 prepaid card. As long as you activate it and pay for your two months of service, the money is yours.

$0 .00
Get up to $200 when you switch
Buy it Now
Get up to $200 when you switch Buy it Now
$0 .00

2. Trade-in your old phone for a new one for free

swap your phone

There’s no reason to let an old phone hold you back from a powerful new carrier. Especially because it’s incredibly easy to take advantage of Visible’s Swap deal. You can say sayonara to your old device and get the ZTE Blade A3 Prime or the Hot Peper Ghost for free. All you have to do is buy your phone and activate it and then send your old one right to Visible.

It may not be the same as having your pick of the smartphone litter, but the Blade A3 Prime is still packed with features. It has 32GB of included storage that you can easily expand, an 8MP rear camera setup, and a rear fingerprint reader. The Blade A3 Prime is worth $99, which you’d usually pay upfront then receive your refund upon receipt of your device.

The Hot Pepper Ghost is another phone that might not have been on your radar, but it’s a very capable device. It sports 4GB RAM, 64GB of storage with a microSD slot for expansion, and a 6-inch HD+ display, all powered by an octacore processor. Worth $179, it’s a functional option for enjoying your Visible line.

Got an old Android phone? Get a new one for free
Buy it Now
Got an old Android phone? Get a new one for free Buy it Now

3. Pay as little as $25 a month with Party Pay

visible party pay

Visible’s service for a single line costs $40 per month, but just like a real party, everything is better with friends. That is to say that when you add more lines on Party Pay, you can save up to $15 per month. Two users can pay $35, three pay just $30, and four or more pay $25 per month for service. You won’t have to worry if someone else in your party slips up one month. With this Visible deal, everyone in your party has an individual account so you won’t have to manage anyone else’s service.

All you have to do to get started is head right to the Party Pay section of your account and invite your friends. Learn more via the button below.

$25 .00
Use Party Pay and get coverage for as little as $25 per month
Save $15 .00
Buy it Now
Use Party Pay and get coverage for as little as $25 per month Buy it Now
Save $15 .00 $25 .00

There you go — the best Visible deals that are online right now. We’ll update the post with new deals when they launch.

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