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Sprint is the smallest of the Big Four carriers. With a market share of 12.13 percent, it’s way less popular than Verizon (34.91 percent), AT&T (34.07 percent), and even T-Mobile (17.51 percent).

In hopes of getting new subscribers on board and narrowing the gap with rivals, Sprint is offering various deals. Check out the best Sprint deals below.

Editor’s note: We will be updating this list regularly as new deals are announced.

Let Sprint cover your switching costs

Stuck with another carrier? Sprint makes switching more cost effective by covering your moving costs through their “Clean Slate” program. The carrier will reimburse up to $650 per line. Only early termination fees and phone balances are eligible for reimbursement, but that is plenty of help. 

All you must do is switch your number to Sprint’s network and trade in your previous phone. After your previous carrier’s final bill arrives, just register online within 60 days of joining Sprint. Sprint will then send you a prepaid card with the amount of your switching costs, less the trade-in value of your old phone. The process should take anywhere between six to eight weeks. 

Get 3 lines for free 

A photo of several phones' cameras.

Switch to Sprint and you will get three lines for free. This deal only works if you need five lines, though. Only the third, fourth, and fifth lines will be free, effectively bringing the price down to $20 per line, for five lines. 

There is a catch! You will only pay $100 for five lines until June 30th, 2020. After said date, subscribers will need to pay an additional $20 per line, for the third, fourth, and fifth lines. 

Unlimited Kickstart – $25 per month

Unlimited kickstart plan - sprint deals

Sprint makes it easier to switch to their carrier by offering one of the most affordable unlimited plans around. The Unlimited Kickstart plan costs only $25 a month, but it comes with its caveats. 

For starters, the plan requires bringing your own phone or buying one outright. If you go for the latter, you might be eligible for a $100 prepaid MasterCard. You will also need to sign up for AutoPay. 

Unlimited calls, texts, and data are included, but you get less extras. There is no data sharing. Unlimited data streaming is also limited to 480p. There are better plans out there, but it’s hard to complain when you are paying $25 a month and get unlimited services. 

$300 off Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

Get Pixel 3 XL with sprint deal

The Pixel 3 lineup offers a couple amazing devices with high-end specs, arguably the best camera in the market, and timely updates from Google. These phones are not cheap, starting at $799, so a $300 discount sounds great.

This is what Sprint offers when you get the Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL on an 18-month lease. It works over time, so you will essentially pay the full monthly price of the phone, but a credit with the discount will be added to your account monthly. You would effectively be paying $16.63 for the Pixel 3, as opposed to $33.30.

Another requirement is that the phone must be activated on a new line. The same deal applies to the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3A XL, but the discount is reduced to $100, as opposed to $300. 

LG G8 ThinQ for $15 a month

The LG G8 ThinQ is one of the company’s latest flagships and it can be had from Sprint for only $15 a month (on an 18-month lease)! That is an amazing price considering the lease originally goes for $35 a month. 

The same restrictions mentioned above apply. The phone must be activated on a new line and the discount will be in the form of a monthly credit to your account. 


Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus for $25 a month

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus back standing upright

We know Samsung is a popular one, so many of you won’t miss the chance to lease a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus for just $25 a month. That would be $16.67 less per month than the regular lease price.

Again, The phone must be activated on a new line and the discount will be in the form of a monthly credit to your account. 

Sprint deals – Conclusion

These are the best Sprint deals currently on offer, in our opinion. But there are a few others available. Have we missed any major ones? Let us know in the comments.