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The best smartphone camera grips and rigs you can get

The best smartphone camera grips and rigs will take your mobile photography and videography to the next level.
April 24, 2022

Modern smartphone cameras can produce stunning imagery. In the right hands, these handsets go head to head with dedicated cameras worth thousands of dollars. Smartphones fall behind in some departments, though. I specifically like the ergonomics, adaptability, and expandability of a real camera. This is where the best smartphone camera grips and rigs come in handy.

Grips can improve ergonomics, include physical controls, and even add features to your smartphone camera. Meanwhile, those who want more stability, as well as added components and accessories, can find a proper rig to use with a smartphone. It’s hard to decide which route to go with and find the right accessory, so we are here to help with a list of the best smartphone camera grips and rigs.

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Should you get a smartphone camera grip or rig?

First, you have to choose which route to take. A smartphone camera grip is smaller and less expandable, but it will also be much more portable. These are made for those who want the phone to do most of the work, but require added stability, some extra features, and a better… grip.

Meanwhile, a smartphone camera rig is for those who want to improve upon what the smartphone camera can do on its own. Of course, a rig can add stability and features, but most also have multiple mounts for lights, microphones, lenses, etc. These can get pretty advanced and are better suited for avid enthusiasts or professionals looking for total system replacements.

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The best smartphone grips and rigs:

Editor’s note: We’ll regularly update this list of the best smartphone camera grips and rigs as new ones launch.

The best smartphone grips

1. Pictar Pro

Pictar Pro

The Pictar Pro might be the best-looking and most user-friendly smartphone camera grip on this list. The accessory covers about half of the phone and features a classic design that is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to hold. In addition, you get a multi-state shutter button, an exposure compensation wheel, an intelligent wheel for switching presets and shooting modes, and a zoom switch. It also has a tripod socket on the bottom and a cold shoe mount for a single accessory.

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This unit doesn’t use cables, connectors, or wireless connections. Instead, the grip can emit high-pitch sounds to send commands to the smartphone app. These sounds are inaudible to the human ear.

Other great features include an optional Qi charging feature. The device also supports most Android and iOS devices now, whereas the previous versions were much more limited.

2. Adonit Photogrip Qi

Adonit Photogrip Qi smartphone camera grip

The Adonit Photogrip Qi may not have cool wheels and controls, but it addresses a serious issue for smartphone photographers and videographers — battery life. This smartphone camera grip comes with a 3,000mAh battery and Qi wireless charging, which means it can juice up your device while it is docked.

Another cool feature is that the Bluetooth shutter button can be removed and used at a distance of up to 10 meters. The package also comes with a mini tripod, a pouch, and a neck strap.

3. Just Mobile ShutterGrip 2

Just Mobile ShutterGrip 2

The Shuttergrip 2 has a much lighter profile, but it handles the basics just fine. The rounded shape creates a comfortable grip, and it comes with a Bluetooth shutter button that can also be removed for taking photos from a distance. The Shuttergrip is a simple solution at a very accessible price.

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4. Shoulderpod S2

The Shoulderpod S2 has no controls, buttons, or any kind of tech built-in. It really does nothing more than offer an excellent grip on your phone, but it does so gracefully. The solid mount holds your phone tightly. A wooden handle can be attached to it, as well as a gorgeous leather wrist strap. There is also a tripod screw for added stability.

5. Shoulderpod G2

Nothing quite compares to the Shoulderpod G2 when it comes to smartphone camera grips. This has no Bluetooth, wireless charging, integrated batteries, or any other fancy features. What it has is a solid construction, superb ergonomics, and the ability to expand your smartphone’s capabilities quickly.

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The unit comes with six cold shoes for mounting accessories and a couple of tripod mounts to adjust orientation. The best part is that it’s not really expensive.

The best smartphone camera rigs

1. Beastgrip Pro

Beastgrip Pro smartphone camera rig

The Beastgrip Pro is one of the most popular smartphone camera grips around, mostly due to its versatile design and secondary accessories. The grip expands both horizontally and vertically to fit a wide variety of smartphones. The included handgrip provides a more ergonomic and secure hold for steady shots, and the lens mount can be adjusted to work with nearly any smartphone.

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The unit has five standard 1/4-inch 20 threads for attaching the rig to any tripod, slider, or stabilizer. In addition, the company sells lenses, cold shoe mounts, clamps, action grips, and more. You can even purchase an adapter for attaching DSLR lenses to the system, which truly expands the possibilities and quality offered by the Beastgrip Pro.

2. Dreamgrip Evolution Mojo 2 Plus

Dreamgrip Evolution Mojo 2 Plus

The Dreamgrip Evolution Mojo 2 Plus is for those who want an all-inclusive system for improving smartphone videos and photographs. It comes with a universal rig, a shotgun microphone, two LED lights, dual molded grips, a couple of clamp holders, and glass with a hood and filters.

Those who want to extend the rig’s functionality further can purchase additional grips, monitors, lights, and even secondary cameras. This is said to be a “complete journalist kit.”

3. IK Multimedia iKlip A/V

IK Multimedia iKlip AV smartphone camera rig

Modern smartphones can take fantastic video, but the same can’t be said about their audio quality. That is the issue iKlip A/V tackles. Aside from the ergonomic grip and phone mount, the iKlip A/V comes with everything you need to run professional wireless audio. It comes with a wireless receiver mount, an XLR input, a headphone output for monitoring, and phantom power controls.

4. Joby Gorillapod Mobile Rig

Joby Gorillapod Mobile Rig smartphone camera rig

Gorillapods are great versatile tripods, but the manufacturer also has a solution for those who need a smartphone camera rig. The Joby Gorillapod Mobile Rig adds a couple of arms with connections for lights, microphones, etc.

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Any accessory that can use a cold shoe or pin-joint mount can be attached to this mobile rig. The best part is you can remove these extensions when you don’t need the extra expandability.

5. Neewer Plastic U Rig

Neewer Plastic U Rig

All these fancy smartphone camera rigs are great, but we know many of you don’t want or need all those extra capabilities. If you want a basic rig that gets the job done for as little money as possible, your best bet is the Neewer Plastic U Rig. It comes with an ergonomic handle for stabilizing your shots and a convenient phone holder you can move around. You can add accessories to the three available cold shoes up top, and a bottom screw hole makes it compatible with any tripod.

Now you are ready to take your smartphone photography and videography to the next level! These are all amazing options, so pick wisely and take one that best suits your specific needs. If you need more help, also look at our favorite photography tips.