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Mobile camera lens hardware and technology has taken a huge leap in the past few years. More and more megapixels are being squeezed in, along with new features like dual and triple rear camera sets, AI-based software improvements, and even physical aperture shutters.


However, phone cameras can’t do everything well, which is why there is also a growing market for mobile camera lens add ons. They can offer owners better telephoto, wide-angle and macro pictures, and even 360 degree images and movies. If you are an Android phone owner, here are some of the best mobile camera lens add-ons you can buy.

Moment Photo Cases and Lenses for Pixel, OnePlus and Galaxy Phones


Moment is one of the most respected companies in smartphone photography. In addition to releasing phone cases for Apple’s iPhone, Moment has camera cases for many of Samsung’s Galaxy S and Note phones, along with all Google Pixel phones. Most recently, it added cases for the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T. Not only do these cases protect the phone, they also let owners attach Moment’s camera lens add-ons.

Moment offers lens add-ons like a wide-angle lens, a 58mm telephoto lens, a Superfish lens for taking super-wide 170 degrees fisheye images, and a Macro for great photos of very small objects or settings. The add-on lenses cost between $100 and $118, while all of the Moment photo cases cost $35 each.  All of Moment’s products, which also include microphones, gimbles and other photo rigs for smartphones, are available on Amazon at the link below.


OlloClip Multi-Device Clip for Connect X lenses

Up until recently, Olloclip made its camera lens add-on products just for Apple’s iPhones. However, the company has now released the Olloclip Multi-Device Clip, which allows Android smartphones to use all of the company’s Connect X lenses that were previously made just for Apple’s iPhone X. The Multi-Device Clip allows for the lenses to be flush with either the front or rear smartphone camera.

Olloclip currently sells four Connect X lenses. They include a super-wide four-element lens that covers over 120 degrees along with an ultra-wide lens that increases your smartphone camera’s field of view to 155 degrees. Olloclip also sells a 2x telephoto lens, and a fisheye macro lens that creates a 180-degree spherical effect, along with high-end magnification. Finally, Olloclip also sells two more macro lenses. One can take pictures with 7x and 14x magnification, and the other can hit 21x magnification.

If you already own any of the Connect X lenses, you can get the Olloclip Multi-Device Clip as a standalone product for $19.99. The clip is also sold with any of the Connect X lenses, with the starting price of $59.99.

Jopree 4-in-1 Cell Phone Camera Lens Package

Jopree 4-in-1 Cell Phone Camera Lens Package

If you are looking for an affordable way to add new features to your Android camera, you might want to take a look at the Jopree 4-in-1 package. It offers, as the name indicates, four different interchangeable lenses for your mobile image and video needs. One is a telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom. Another lens takes 120-degree wide angle pictures. The fisheye lens lets owners take rounded images with 180-degree views. Finally, the 20x macro lens will give owners a way to take extreme close-ups of their subjects.

All of the lenses are made from professional optical glass and aviation aluminum, with a 5+5 coating that helps to cut down glare, reflection, and ghosting in pictures. The package comes with two different clips to attach the lenses to your phone; one for a single rear smartphone camera and the other for the new dual rear camera setups. It also comes with an affordable price on Amazon for $49.99.

Ansteker 4-in-1 Cell Phone Camera Package

Ansteker 4-in-1 Cell Phone Camera Package
If the Jopree product is not for you, the Ansteker 4-in-1 lens package might be to your liking. Like the Jopree, it also has four add-on camera lenses, but they have some improvements. The Ansteker telephoto lens offers 3x optical zoom features. The fisheye lens lets you take rounded pictures at up to 238 degrees. The macro lens is a bit lower with 10x zoom features, however.
The add-on clip for the lenses should fit most smartphones. It is a bit more expensive, with the Ansteker package selling normally for $99.99, although there are discounts that can cut down that price to $88.

Aukey Optic Pro Camera Lens – $25.99

Aukey mobile camera lens
If you only want a lens for taking wide angle images, the Aukey Optic Pro Camera Lens should be the perfect choice. It can take landscape images with up to 238 degrees of view. It can clip onto both the rear and front-facing cameras, and for the latter it’s perfect for taking selfies and keeping a large group in the frame.
Best of all, the Aukey lens is highly affordable at just $25.99, which should make it an easy choice for anyone who wants to take pictures of the wide open spaces, or if you want to just take the perfect selfie image.

Insta360 ONE 360 degree camera – $299

Insta360 One mobile camera lens
If you want to take full 360 degree images or movies, this makes your phone able to do it. The Insta360 ONE can take 24MP static photos or full 4K video clips in 360 degrees. The camera comes in two versions for Android phones; one connects to phones with the older MicroUSB ports, and the other uses the more recent USB-C port.
The camera also connects wirelessly via Bluetooth, in case you want to use it on its own away from the smartphone. It also supports live streaming of videos, and if you want to take a selfie with the camera, it will automatically get rid of any selfie sticks you might be holding onto. The Insta360 ONE is not cheap. You can get it on Amazon for $299.

Honorable Mentions:

Moto Z Moto Mods

moto z photo mod

If you own one of Motorola’s Moto Z phones, you can take advantage of the Moto Mods camera accessories that attach to the back of those phones.
The Hasselblad True Zoom Camera mod offers 10x optical zoom, OIS for photos, EIS for video, two microphones, a Xenon flash, and much more. It’s available on Amazon for $150.
360 degree camera moto mod
Another Moto Z Moto Mod for camera fans is the 360-degree camera add-on. It can take 360-degree images and video with its two 13MP cameras. It supports taking 4K 360-degree videos at 24fps. It can also take 150-degree videos and images that will be perfect for extra-wide selfies. It’s available on Amazon for $149.

polaroid moto mod

Finally, this Polaroid Moto Mod not only lets you take pictures, but prints them out on the back of your phone, just like the old fashioned Polaroid cameras. You can snap it up for $150.

Essential Phone cameras

Essential Phone review
Finally, if you happen to own one of the few Essential Phones out there, you can still get its official camera add-on, which will let you take 360-degree images and pictures natively on the phone. It’s available as a stand-alone product for $75 on Amazon.

Mobile camera lenses – Conclusion

If you want to take better photos, or even 360-degree images, with your phone, you should be able to make that happen with one or more of these mobile camera lens add-ons. Are there any others you think we should add to this list? Let us know your picks in the comments!

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