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The best Android mobile camera lens add-ons

Take photos you didn't know your phone could accomplish.
February 7, 2023
Pixel 3 with Moment case and the wide angle and macro lens on a marble table.

Smartphone camera hardware and technology have taken a massive leap in the past few years. AI-based software, larger sensors, and other advancements have taken these tiny shooters to a whole new level, often rivaling dedicated cameras. Furthermore, lens options have improved thanks to the addition of multiple cameras, as well as actual telephoto, for which we can thank the innovative periscope design.

Even with all these improvements, phone cameras can’t do everything well, so there is also a growing market for smartphone lenses. These accessories can offer mobile photographers better telephoto, wide-angle, macro, and even fisheye lenses for phones. Let’s take a look at the best options!

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The best Android smartphone lenses

Editor’s note: We will update this post as more mobile camera lens add-ons are released.

Moment Photo Cases and Lenses

Moment lenses and case

Moment is one of the most respected companies in smartphone photography. The company offers camera cases for iPhones, Samsung, OnePlus, and Google phones. Smartphone lenses can be attached to these cases to extend your smartphone’s camera capabilities.

Moment’s lenses include a wide-angle, anamorphic, 58mm telephoto, a Superfish for taking super-wide 170-degree fisheye images, and a Macro lens. Add-on lenses for smartphones can cost up to $150, while most Moment photo cases cost around $50 each. The tab can add up, but these are definitely among the best smartphone lenses the industry has seen.

Kingmas clip and lens set

Kingmas clip and lens set

Kingmas offers a good-quality set of lenses, a clip, and a convenient solid case for portability. The package comes with three lenses: a 198-degree fisheye, a 0.63x wide-angle, and a 15X macro lens. Because it uses a universal clip, this fits nearly any phone, with any camera positioning. You can even use it for your selfies!

This kit is also very affordable, an added bonus we know your wallet will enjoy.

Keywing Phone Camera Lens Kit

Keywing Phone Camera Lens Kit

Keywing makes one of the most complete lens kits for smartphones, making it an amazingly versatile option for mobile photographers. The set of lenses includes a 0.36x super wide-angle, 0.63x wide-angle, 15X macro, 20x macro, telephoto, 198-degree fisheye, CPL, and a kaleidoscope lens. There’s also a starburst lens, which can make lights look like stars. The price is very enticing, too, especially for such a complete package.

Xenvo Pro Kit

Xenvo Pro

The Xenvo Pro Lens Kit may not come from a renowned brand, but it’s still one of Amazon’s top sellers in the mobile camera lens department, and for good reason. It gets you a couple of smartphone lenses, an LED fill light, a lanyard, and a travel case.

The kit includes a 0.45x wide-angle lens and a 15x macro lens. These can also be attached to create an additional view. It has a 4.2-star rating with over 18,000 reviews, so you shouldn’t be disappointed.

Apexel 100x Macro Lens

APEXEL Phone Macro Lens

This one is for those who want to go all out on macro smartphone photography without breaking the bank. It has a 100x “microscope” lens, as the manufacturer calls it. Essentially, it’s a macro lens with a 100x zoom capability, which is a lot for a lens this size. You will be able to get really up close and personal with your subject.

It helps that this lens add-on also happens to be one of the best-built ones. It grips onto your device and even comes with a 1/4-inch threaded screw adapter so you can mount it on most tripods and monopods. There’s also a cold shoe mount to add other accessories, such as microphones or lights.

Nelomo Kit

Nelomo kit

Nelomo offers an affordable mobile camera lens kit with more attention to design. The clip is minimalist and sleek, and the package comes with a nice bag for easy carrying. The 3-in-1 version comes with three lenses: a 0.65x super wide-angle, a 15x macro, and a 230-degree fisheye lens. That is the widest fisheye lens for phones on this list, making this a unique offering.

Apexel High Power Telephoto

Apexel Telephoto Lens

This Apexel glass is the best mobile camera lens for those who want to get up close and personal with far-away subjects. It has 36x magnification, far surpassing phones with the best optical zoom capabilities. Those usually stand at around 10x, maximum. This lens might be a little harder to carry than the others, but the ability to shoot photos from afar might be worth it to you.

Bostionye Kit

Bostionye Kit

So far, this looks like the most complete mobile camera lens kit around. Bostionye offers it all, featuring eight lenses. You’ll even get a 20x telephoto lens. Other glass includes 0.63X wide-angle, 15X macro, 198-degree fisheye, 2X telephoto, Kaleidoscope, 4-line star filter, and CPL filter lenses. The kit includes a microfiber cloth, tripod, phone holder, clip, carrying case, etc.


Most of the smartphone lenses in this feature are universal, but not all lenses fit all smartphones. There are some device-specific attachments. The most notable ones are the Moment lenses, which usually require a specific case or attachment made specifically for each device.

Fisheye lenses are wide-angle lenses that are so wide that they go beyond the limits of ultrawide angle lenses. You’ll often even see the vignette clearly outlined around the edges.

A macro lens is a lens that can shoot objects from up close, and often magnified. In the most traditional sense, macro shots capture objects 1:1 or closer. Learn more about macro photography here.

Modern smartphones often come with a few lenses, especially higher-end devices. Many might wonder if you even need external lenses if you already have ultrawide, zoom, or macro lenses on your device. The truth is that, while integrated lenses are often great, lens technology is still highly dependent on glass, mechanics, and size. Typically, better lenses are larger, and larger lenses can accomplish certain effects better. An external lens add-on will often do better than an internal one.

Are you looking to improve your smartphone photography even further? Better glass and hardware are always good, but it’s better to enhance your skills and knowledge in the art of photography. We have plenty of great photo educational content, including a list of important terms, tips for using a cheap phone for photography, and general tips to improve your images.