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The best MagSafe adapters for your Android phone

After all, why should iPhones have all the magnetic fun?

Published onJanuary 23, 2024

iPhone 12 Pro Max MagSafe yellow case and Pixel 6 Pro Moment (M) Force case, internal side

Apple reintroduced its MagSafe technology alongside the iPhone 12 series, though not to be confused with MagSafe MacBook chargers. The magnetic technology allows you to attach wireless chargers and other accessories right to the back of your phone. Accessory makers quickly jumped on the MagSafe train, but where does that leave Android owners? Fear not, because there’s a quick and easy solution. Here are some of the best Android MagSafe adapters you can buy.

While our picks aren’t quite as seamless as Apple’s integrated MagSafe magnets on the likes of the iPhone 15 lineup, they should do the trick. If you’re still unsure about the need for MagSafe accessories, we’ll touch on a few of the other perks before we get to the list.

The best MagSafe Adapters

What do MagSafe adapters do?

MagSafe accessories spread: Anker MagGo 622, 610, 623, and Moment (M) tripod mount

It’s easy to think of MagSafe as just another way to attach accessories to your phone. You can add wallets or grips without the need for adhesive, but that’s only the start. MagSafe also allows you to attach wireless chargers to the back of your phone so you can keep browsing while you charge.

Certain MagSafe accessories also come with an NFC chip onboard to communicate with your device. However, this will have more of an impact on iPhones, so don’t expect quite the same level of functionality on Android. You might also want to keep in mind that some of our picks are simple magnetic rings. That means there’s no alignment nub to keep accessories in place. If you attach a heavy wallet or grip, it may rotate with the weight of your phone.

Another benefit for iPhone users is charging wirelessly at 15W speeds. Apple’s latest devices typically charge wirelessly at 7.5W speeds, so the addition of MagSafe doubles your rate. It’s unlikely that this would impact Android devices in the same way, but it’s a benefit to look for.

While we mention the first-party accessories for most of these Android MagSafe adapters, you can easily mix and match. That means you could use Moment’s (M)Force case with Anker’s charging pads, or swap for any other combination — including Apple’s own accessories.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the list.

Moment (M)Force case

Pixel 6 Pro Moment case

The Moment (M)Force case is a photographer’s dream MagSafe Adapter. It’s the only one on this list that’s not a magnetic ring but rather a slim case that’s compatible with all of Moment’s lenses. Moment boasts that its case can handle drops from six feet, thanks to the combo of polycarbonate and TPU.

Right now, the (M)Force case is available for some newer Google Pixel and Samsung S-series devices. However, not all phones are supported. For example, the Galaxy S24 lineup only features one case for the S24 Ultra, but not the cheaper models. Moment also offers compatible tripods and car mounts.

Note that there are plenty of other companies making magnetic cases for Android phones. Most notable are the rugged Rokform cases and stylish Peak Design SlimLink cases. The latter also has a universal magnetic adaptor to unlock its full ecosystem on any device.

Mophie Snap

magsafe mophie snap

The Mophie Snap is a much simpler option when it comes to MagSafe adapters — it’s our first magnetic ring option. It adds compatibility for Mophie’s Snap and Snap Plus accessories, including a Juice Pack external battery and a wireless charging stand. The Snap ring offers specially placed magnets to keep your accessories aligned, and Mophie’s adapter comes in a two-pack for added flexibility.

ESR HaloLock

magsafe esr halolock

ESR’s HaloLock adapter comes in a two-pack as well, though it’s a little more specific with its compatibility. You can attach it to TPU or polycarbonate cases so long as they’re less than 4mm thick and have no fingerprint-resistant coating. Unfortunately, that’s a lot easier said than done these days. The HaloLock MagSafe Android adapter also comes with a clever alignment tool to ensure you get the perfect fit. It’s not a complete circle, either, which means that some accessories won’t be able to rotate.

Satechi magnetic sticker

satechi eco leather

The Satechi MagSafe sticker adapter is one of the more stylish options on our list — it skips the basic magnetic ring in favor of a leather coin design. After all, most of the magnetic rings aren’t exactly attractive looking. Satechi’s sticker is just as simple to operate, and right now, the only first-party accessory to go with it is the Magnetic Wireless Charging Cable. The sticker is made from what Satechi calls Eco-Leather, which means that no animals were harmed in creating this accessory.

MOFT Snap sticker

magsafe moft

MOFT’s MagSafe sticker adapter is your gateway to a series of folding phone stands and wallets. While that may not sound exciting or new, all of MOFT’s designs lay flat on the back of your phone and then fold like origami. The sticker itself is a magnetic disc with MOFT emblazoned on it, but the magnetic stand comes in eight different colors, and you can adjust it vertically or horizontally.

Anker 310 Magnetic Ring

anker 310

If a new accessory launches and Anker doesn’t support it, does it really exist? We may never know because the 310 Magnetic Ring arrived right on MagSafe’s heels. It comes with alignment cards for a perfect fit on the iPhone 12, 13, or 14, but it works with all cases that are around 2mm thick. That means you may want to look elsewhere if you have a beefy Otterbox case.

That said, the 310 Magnetic Ring is key to all of Anker’s MagGo accessories, including the powerful 637 Magnetic Charging Station.

Nillkin SnapLink

magsafe nillkin

Many accessory makers offer colorful phone cases, but what if you want to skip the case? Nillkin is one of the few to provide colorful MagSafe sticker options as part of its SnapLink system. There are four colors to choose from — black, blue, green, and purple. Nillkin’s design is similar to that of the Satechi sticker, with a layer of PU leather on top, and it relies on six magnets to lock accessories in place. It’s also sticky enough for TPU cases, phones themselves, and glossy glass surfaces.

OhSnap ring kit

ohsnap ring

The last MagSafe Android adapter on our list is part of the OhSnap 2.0 ecosystem. All of OhSnap’s accessories now support MagSafe, with car mounts, desk stands, and even wall mounts to choose from. The Snapcharge 2.0 charging pad will likely be your most popular accessory, but you’ll need a ring kit first. Each kit comes with two metal rings, though there’s no mention of how many magnets are inside. We don’t know how well your accessories will lock in place, but the ring kit is among the most affordable on the list.