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15 of the most relaxing games for Android in 2024

Some people play games for the intensity, but these titles are all about the chill.

Published onMarch 19, 2024

Prune most relaxing games for Android
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

A lot of people play video games for the excitement. Games like Call of Duty: Mobile and Pokemon Go stimulate the senses. Players get super into them and enjoy the intensity. However, not everybody likes or wants that. Sometimes people just want to relax and take their minds off of the day. Luckily, there are tons of excellent games that are super chill.

The anatomy of a chill game is easy enough to identify. There are usually no time limits or energy systems to get in the way. Additionally, players have infinite attempts to figure out a puzzle or an objective. The score is usually irrelevant, and the game play is usually slow and smooth. In some cases, the game even includes a relaxing mode specifically to chill out and do what you want. In any case, you have some great options. Here are the best relaxing games for Android.

The best relaxing games for Android

Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey

Price: Free / In-app purchases ($0.99 – $99.99 per item)

Alto’s Odyssey and Alto’s Adventure are 2D infinite runner games. Players ski down a hill while avoiding obstacles and collecting various items. The game features beautiful, minimal graphics and a smooth, satisfying gameplay style. The main game probably isn’t the most relaxing because it does involve some split-second decision-making. However, both games feature a zen mode where you can ski down the hill, do tricks, and enjoy the view without all of those pesky obstacles in the way. You can get Alto’s Odyssey at the button below or Alto’s Adventure here on Google Play.


Price: Free / In-app purchases ($0.99 – $4.99 per item)

Don’t you just love it when your plant is basking in the sunlight and looking pretty? If you love plants, this app might be the one for you. Viridi is a relaxing plant-growing simulator. You get this virtual world where you can grow succulents, purchase little animals, and even customize your pots and the setting. It’s pretty relaxing, but you get tired of the game easily since there’s not much to do. But if you want a casual game where you check your phone every once in a while, this one might be for you.

Miya’s Everyday Joy of Cooking

Price: Free / In-app purchases ($0.99 – $84.99 per item)

Miya’s Everyday Joy of Cooking is a cute little game involving a Korean girl named Mia who’s living with her cat Nacho, facing the stressful and hectic life of Seoul. Join her on this relaxing journey where she takes some well-deserved healing time to cook delicious food and enjoy her time. It has some matching games that you need to play to cook food. You can also decorate your room in between sessions and read all about Miya’s day. It’s a homey slice-of-the-life game; what else do you want?

I Love Hue and I Love Hue Too

Price: Free / In-app purchases ($4.99 per item)

I Love Hue and I Love Hue Too are two truly relaxing games with a neat premise. The first game has you mixing colors to create an entire color palette. It contains 900 levels, and none of them have time limits or anything like that. The second game adds a geometry aspect to everything, along with an optional challenge system. Both of them are premium games, so there are no micro-transactions to worry about. You can get the first game here on Google Play and the second one at the button below. The second game is also available for free on Google Play Pass.


Price: $6.99 / In-app purchases ($0.99 – $49.99 per item)

Minecraft is a sneakily relaxing game. There are two modes, and honestly, neither is stressful in the slightest. The first is the creative mode, where you can literally do whatever you want with no restrictions. The second mode is survival mode. You would think survival mode would be stressful, but as soon as you find food and build your first shelter, everything is super easy, and you can chill from there. The game has a bunch of different ways to spend time. You can mine, craft, build, or adventure as much as you want to. Plus, the multiplayer aspect lets you play with friends.

Monument Valley

Price: $3.99

Monument Valley is the most iconic relaxing puzzle game on mobile. The game uses Escher-style puzzles and pleasant graphics to draw the player in. From there, you move around the levels, warping them until you find your exit. There is no point system or time limit to get in the way, so you can take your time. The first game price includes the base game, and you can get DLC for an extra fee. The second game runs for $3.99 and has no DLC right now. Both games play the same, and you can’t go wrong with either of them. You can play them both for free via Google Play Pass as well. You can get the first game here on Google Play and the second game by clicking the button below.

My Oasis

Price: Free / In-app purchases ($0.99 – $99.99 per item)

My Oasis is an idle game with a focus on relaxing. It’s an island builder where you take a blank slate island and build it up with various things like trees, flowers, animals, etc. Players tap their screens to upgrade their island and add more upgrades as they unlock. Even the soundtrack is pretty relaxed. This one is a free-to-play game, so there are microtransactions. You don’t really need any of them, so it’s not a big deal. This developer also made Buff Knight, an old favorite of ours.

Sky: Children of Light

Price: Free / In-app purchases ($0.99 – $49.99 per item)

Sky: Children of Light is one of the prettiest games on this list and one of the best Android games. You wander around the game’s world, solving puzzles and uncovering story elements as you go. It’s not a fast game, so there is no rush, and the gentle soundtrack helps keep the vibes more chill. You can play with friends, which means you run around holding hands and showing each other around. It doesn’t get much calmer than this, and the game is otherwise just fun to play.

Stardew Valley

Price: $4.99

Stardew Valley is one of the best farming simulators and arguably the best one. Players are dropped off on a dilapidated farm, and they must restore it to a functioning state. There are also a bunch of other things to do, like get married, fish, and complete tasks for nearby villagers. Thus, you get some life simulator aspects as well. The whole game is super relaxing because there is no rush to get anything done. Stardew Valley is a bit expensive at $4.99, but it boasts over 50 hours of gameplay, so we think it’s worth it.


Price: $0.99

Zenge is another atmospheric puzzle game that people seem to like for relaxing. The developers boast no points, stats, tutorials, move counters, or any other in-game distractions. You simply pick up and play. It’s a rather classic puzzle game. Players start a level out with a bunch of various shapes, and they must make everything fit together in the right way. The game also has a delightful soundtrack. This one is fairly cheap compared to most of its competitors, and it’s a good, relaxing game. This one is on Google Play Pass for free as well.

Tsuki Adventure

Price: Free / In-app purchases ($0.99 – $19.99 per item)

Tsuki Adventure is a cute little game that will have you addicted for weeks. Join Tsuki the Rabbit, who has moved away from the hustling, bustling city life to the now relaxing and simple countryside after inheriting a carrot farm from his grandfather. Maintain the farm, meet new people, make new friends, catch fish, read books, and eat ramen in this small world. The game is a little slow-paced, but that’s the beauty of this game. In addition, there are two more games from the same developer. You can also try Tsuki’s Odyssey and Tsuki Adventure 2.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Price: Free / In-app purchases ($0.99 – $79.99 per item)

When we talk about fun and relaxing games, we can’t really miss Animal Crossing. Being one of the most popular franchises, Nintendo’s Animal Crossing has a lot to offer. You have your own campsite to manage. Make a ton of animal friends, fish, craft stuff, and just have fun. You can craft over 1000+ furniture items, many clothing items, and basically customize everything on your campsite according to your preferences. There are time-limited events that add more stuff with each update. Overall, it’s a great game to play.

Dear My Cat

Price: Free / In-app purchases ($0.99 – $99.99 per item)

Dear My Cat is one of the highest-rated relaxing games on Android, and it makes sense why. You get a full island for free; you need to populate it with cat characters that you can create, name, dress, and fully customize. Play mini games or just enjoy your cats doing their daily activities; there is no need to rush; take it slow. The game has really cute and lovely graphics; these, paired with the soothing soundtrack, make for a great experience. The UI is neat and easy to understand, so you won’t have much difficulty playing the game. You can even unlock other animals, like dogs, whales, and racoons, later in the game.

Cats & Soup

Price: Free / In-app purchases ($0.99 – $84.99 per item)

Cats and Soup is another cat game on our list. The game does what the name suggests; it’s cats cooking soup (and other food too). It is essentially an idle game with cartoonish graphics, but they look super smooth. There are different cat breeds to choose from, like the Ragdoll, Norwegian Forest Cat, Birman, Himalayan, Maine Coon, Siberian, British Shorthair, and many others. Dress up your cats in cute outfits, give them chores, and even take photos of them looking pretty. The game is quite relaxing, as you don’t need to do a lot of stuff. You can just take a break, enjoy your cats being all cute, and enjoy the great ASMR and relaxing BGM of the game.

The classics

Price: Free

Chess Free AI Factory Limited screenshot

People did things to relax long before mobile phones came around. A lot of those leisure activities exist on mobile today. For instance, you can play chess, complete a crossword puzzle, play checkers, or even play stuff like Sudoku. There are plenty of excellent mobile versions of each game, so you can do the stuff you used to do just on your phone this time. The prices vary depending on the game, and there are a ton of options. We have a few linked up in the paragraph and below the button as well.

If we missed any great relaxing games for Android, tell us about it in the comments. You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists.

Thank you for reading.

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