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Best new Android games (mid-October edition)

October 15, 2012

Aliens, knights, zombies, celestial bodies, animals, jelly, goo — name it, there’s most likely an Android game either about it or involving it.  Android game app developers don’t have a Pause button, you know, and they’re working hard to bring you the best and the most engaging games for your Android device.

Here are some of the really cool and awesome ones that we discovered during the first half of October.  We thought you’d like them as much as we did.  Some of them are free, others cost a small fee, but all worth the time you waste in playing them.

Go ahead, explore never-heard-of lands, and conquer obstacles in some of the best new Android games in the past two weeks.

After Lancelot and Guinevere’s love affair was revealed, King Arthur went mad. The King asked the witch Morgana to open the gates of the dark side to destroy Albion and kidnap Guinevere. You must now set foot as the brave Lancelot, rescue your love, and restore Albion in the fun and action filled game of Gameloft’s Wild Blood. Powered by Unreal technology, the game lets you immerse in high definition scenes of the once peaceful Albion, perform stunning skills, and enjoy enhanced character animations. You will be also able to use three weapons in the game: a sword, twin axes, and a bow, and customize your hero’s build. If you’re tired of fighting the dark forces, you can also battle your fellow humans in the game’s multiplayer mode. Restore Albion and rescue Guinevere from the grasp of King Arthur and Morgana in the Wild Blood game, available for US$7.00 at the Google Play Store.

Halfbrick Studios made its fame with its popular fruit slashing game Fruit Ninja. Let’s now move the spotlight to Barry Steakfries as he changes his boring career by riding the jetpack in the game Jetpack Joyride. This game has been available for a while from the Amazon App Store and now it’s available for download on the Google Play Store. Jetpack Joyride is a simple side scrolling running game where you will control Barry as he steals the jetpack from the lab. Along the way, you will need to collect coins to upgrade your equipment and buy new gadgets. You will also need to avoid lasers and missiles. Run and fly as far as you can and earn more points. Heat up your jetpack and fly as far as you can with the ads-free and free Jetpack Joyride from the Google Play Store.

When I was young, I was able to play the classic Rayman game on the Play Station 1. Ubisoft Entertainment was kind enough to bring Rayman to Android devices. Rayman Jungle Run is a fun running game where you control Rayman and help him reach the finish point. You will have to jump, glide, cling to walls, bounce, and punch enemies until you make it to the finish line. For extra points, collect all the flying bugs to earn a devil’s tooth which will unlock a difficult level. You can get this fun, addicting, and ads-free running adventure game for the about US$3.00 from the Google Play Store.

Our alien friends aren’t as friendly as we hoped. They have taken over Earth, killing any humanoid form in their path. Thankfully, Blowfish Studios Ltd sent a dropship named “Salvation” to rescue all remaining survivors. Razor Salvation THD lets you become the captain of the Salvation to rescue human survivors and, at the same time, kill incoming invaders. Aside from facing your foreign foes, you will also meet zombies and mutated humans, hungry for some human flesh. Use 8 different types of weapons to welcome your foreign invaders. This game is optimized for Tegra 3 devices to significantly boost game experience. Gear up and make your Tegra 3 device a control pod for the Salvation in the Razor Salvation THD game for about US$2.00 from the Google Play Store.

You can find a lot of mini remote-controlled helicopter toys in toy shops. Fortunately, you don’t need to buy one to enjoy flying a mini helicopter since you can have a virtual helicopter in Go-ox Game’s Helidroid 3D : Full Edition. This game lets you control a virtual RC helicopter and perform a variety of missions. You will need to navigate your helicopter on the desk, drive through holes, land on top of a moving train, and shoot soda cans with your rockets. You can control the helicopter by tilting your device or by using the virtual buttons. The ad-supported Helidroid 3D : Full Edition can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Ads will only appear on the loading screen so it won’t hinder you while playing the game.

A virus has broken out and it’s turned people into grotesque mutations, leading society to quarantine them in the safe zone. It isn’t all that safe in there, as these mutants are dangerous and deadly, which gave the area the name “The DEATH DOME,” but not as deadly as strains of the M-virus that grew strong enough to live without a host and became Behemoths. Help Phoenix, one of the people living in the safe zone, gather newer strains of the M-virus to take down the Behemoths. Fight other residents of the Death Dome and study their moves so you can perfectly block and dodge them and strike when they’re most vulnerable. This game, developed by Griptonite Games Inc, is free to download from the Google Play Store.

It’s the end of the world, there’s barely anyone on the street, but you still need to run for your life in TheEndApp by Goroid. Join this grizzly survivalist game and run through the post-Apocalyptic urban wasteland and avoid lava, car pileups, fire, and all sorts of urban wreckage. You’ll need to navigate the twisting and turning streets by tilting your Android device left and right and swiping to turn corners. Collect as much duct tape as you can and trade it all in for survival supplies. Run like hell, but keep your reflexes sharp because the world isn’t as safe as it used to be.

Max McMann is going to make sure that every single one of his clients walks free, even if they are actually guilty. In the Devil’s Attorney game, developed by Senri AB, you’ll help Max McMann win every one of his cases. Court proceedings are actually turn-based and your goal is to wipe out the prosecutor, the witnesses, and the evidence before they take you out. Buy expensive furniture and stylish suits to raise your Vanity, Materialism, or Decadenc, and gain more courtroom skills. Save enough guilty butts and Max might just find himself a new apartment and a new office to go along with his impressive ego.

Help Jelly get his wings in Jellyflop! developed by Concrete Software, Inc. Jelly’s goal is to gather feathers, but he’s going to need to avoid that shark that’s been looking to make him dinner. Draw lines to help Jelly bounce towards the feather and gather as many drops as he can in the process. You can’t draw lines recklessly in this physics puzzler, as one false angle can send Jelly into the jaws of a predator. Plan carefully and make sure you don’t run out of pink goo to draw with.

Developed by ACQUIRE Corporation, SUMIONI Demon Arts THD has you rushing towards the capital of Japan to save it with your Ink Arts. Agura, the demon summoned by the Inkmaster, must save the capital together with the Firebird Inkgod and the Lion Inkgod. Erase enemy projectiles with the Water Brush and strike down enemy towers with ink clouds that shoot out thunderbolts. If you get a lot of enemies coming your way, trace a path to set on fire. You can also jump over obstacles by drawing a platform over them. Download SUMIONI Demon Arts for your Tegra-powered Android devices today!

In Hyper Grav, you are the freelance commander of the DSS-Flyer, bound to rescue your people’s sacred symbol, The Arc. The Arc was taken away and has been divided into pieces. It is now your duty to retrieve these pieces before they are traded away by your mortal enemy, The Weavers.

Hyper Grav is a physics game where your enemies are time and gravity. Maneuver your way to picking up pieces of The Arc while dodging and shooting those that get in your way. Hyper Grav is a bit challenging to play at first but with a few tries, you’ll get the hang of it. Make sure to refuel your vehicle so that you’ll be able to reach the exit point before your run out of fuel and time.

Download Hyper Grav by Wappworks Studio and have fun navigating through space to retrieve pieces of the sacred symbol. Be wary of your strategies and beat time and gravity in this challenging game.

From the game’s name alone, you can already tell that you will be dealing with aliens. What’s Up? Aliens! by COLOPL, Inc. is a very interesting game that has a simple gameplay. But that’s not all there is to it; you have to attract the aliens to Earth and catch them.

In the game, you are tasked by the president to attract aliens to our planet and catch them to add information to your Alien Files. All you have to do is illuminate the Earth, wait for UFOs to drop the aliens on Earth, and catch them using your finger. Various upgrades can be purchased to aid you in your alien-hunting escapade. You can expect a total of 32 types of aliens to catch in this game.

Widen your database of aliens and save your planet from being overrun by them. Get What’s Up? Aliens! for free from the Google Play Store.

Concoct unique brews of drinks and serve them to your customers in Potion Bar. In this game, you will be running a potion bar where tasty tonics need to be served to thirsty patrons.

Potion Bar is a time management game that lets you practice your quickness in concocting and serving various drinks to customers. This game has no room for dawdling, so be swift in making the drinks to keep your customers’ happiness level high. As you progress, more and more ingredients and items will be added for you to use.

Potion Bar has a very engaging storyline and fun gameplay. The game is ad-supported but the ads don’t get in the way and are placed in one area of the screen.

Who says frogs can’t fly? A Frog’s Wish Lite by Migital IA follows the story of a frog that wishes to reach the skies. Yes, the frog doesn’t have wings but with his creativity and and his surprisingly good motor skills, flying can be done with just balloons.

In the game, you have to help the frog go as far as possible while collecting balloons to pull him up, almost like flying. Steer clear of obstacles and avoid popping the balloons because the more balloons you get, the faster the frog will be pulled up to the skies.

Download A Frog’s Wish Lite for free and hit two birds with one stone: helping the frog make its wish come true and having fun playing the game.

A number of dashing or running games swarmed the Google Play Store after the much-celebrated Temple Run. But, if you are looking for another variation with some uniqueness mixed in, check out Mad Dash.

Developed by CITY-GAMES, Mad Dash follows the story of Kuzco as he runs and dodge obstacles to pass his gym class. He shouldn’t flunk the subject or else, his right to rule his kingdom will be taken away from him. In the game, you get to let Kuzco transform into different animals by tapping on the flasks found on the screen. These transformations will come in handy especially when you have to dodge obstacles that can’t normally be avoided by Kuzco’s human form.

Get the ad-supported Mad Dash game for free from the Google Play Store.

Which of these new Android games kept you glued to your phone or tablet for hours?  Tell us what you think of these new games by dropping a note in the comments section and by voting in the poll below.

(with contributions from Alvin Ybañez, Dan Evans, and Elmer Montejo; banner image uses Shutterstock photo by Robnroll)

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