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5 best dog games for Android for both kids and adults

Dogs rock and people seem to really like them. Here are the best dog games for Android for both adults and kids!

Published onNovember 22, 2021

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People love dogs. They’re adorable, loyal, and they are all good dogs. Yes, even that one. Dog games is a bit of a niche genre on mobile and in general. It’s really just a bunch of normal games with dogs as the main characters. There are some great ones and we listed some of them here. Please note, these are not games for dogs. Unlike cats, dogs play best with direct interaction from another living creature. Anyway, here are the best dog games for Android. Also, these are all kid-friendly dog games as well with the exception of Into the Dead 2.

The best dog games for Android

Dog Run

Price: Free to play

Dog Run is an endless runner with a bunch of dogs. You must avoid obstacles in the road, collect items, and do the usual endless runner stuff. The game features a few different levels, a bunch of unlockable dogs, daily rewards, and some other fun stuff. It’s a solid title as infinite runners go, but it’s not overly unique. It’s a fun little time killer for both kids and adults. The cuteness factor is definitely there even though it’s a freemium game. There isn’t much else to say about it. It’s fun, it’s simple, and there are plenty of dogs. If you don’t mind older games, Good Dogs is another excellent dog game.

Dog Simulator

Price: Free to play

Dog Simulator is, well, a simulation game with a bunch of dogs. It has some elements of the once popular Goat Simulator franchise. You run around as a dog, create all manner of mayhem, and collect points. The game also features six total levels, multiple dogs to choose from, costumes for your dog, and simple enough controls. This is another time killer so don’t expect to play it for hours and hours on end. However, it’s goofy, fun, and kid friendly. Some Google Play reviewers complained about the occasional movement bug. However, you can crash into just about everything so it’s not the biggest deal ever.

Dog Town

Price: Free to play

Dog Town is another simulation game. However, this one is a little more typical. You adopt a dog, take care of it, play with it, and watch them grow up. Dogs get levels and you can even send them on quests. The game also includes some gacha elements because there are 60 total dogs to collect. They can even breed. Don’t worry, it’s all very SFW. This is a somewhat deeper dog game than most of the others on the list. You can totally play this one for a while. There seems to be the occasional loading screen bug, but it’s nothing serious. It worked fine during our testing.


Price: Free to play

FeeDog is easily the most adorable dog game on the list. You find dogs, feed them, watch them grow up, and play a variety of little mini games. You must fend off ghosts to protect your dog as well. We’ll be honest, the translations on this game are a little rough around the edges. However, the game mechanics seem simple, solid, and the game worked fine during our tests. This one is surprisingly addictive and it’s definitely kid friendly. However, it is a time killer at heart so we recommend short play sessions to avoid burn out. Oh, and it is a freemium game. Be careful if you let the kids play it.

Into the Dead 2

Price: Free to play

Into the Dead 2 is something for the grown-ups. It’s a zombie survival game with runner and strategy elements. You run around picking up weapons and ammo to defend yourself from the never ending hoard. You also get a dog companion in this one that helps you out a lot. We call it a dog game, but that might be fibbing a little bit. It’s a game with a dog in it as a prominent character. In any case, we love the dog in this game. The game itself also features daily and special events and plenty of tension. It’s outstanding as far as endless runners go.

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If we missed any great dog games for Android, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

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