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10 best animal apps for Android

Animals are wonderful, aren't they? You can enjoy them even more with your smartphone.

Published onJune 30, 2021

Animals are wonderful, aren’t they? There are a variety of ways that people love animals. Some just like to view cute photos while others like to actively donate their time and money to help them. There are a bunch of apps for animals. Unfortunately, most of them are mobile games that don’t really teach you much about animals. We found some decent apps though for animal lovers everywhere. Here are the best animal apps for Android! Please note, we have a list for cats and dogs specifically (linked just below) as well as a general pet apps list here. We avoided adding those apps to this list for obvious reasons. Click those articles to read more about those kinds of apps!

The best animal apps for Android

Amazon Kindle

Price: Free / Book costs vary

Amazon Kindle screenshot 2020

Amazon Kindle is an excellent app for animal lovers. It’s a bit of a lame choice, we know. However, the platform has a ton of animal books. That includes fictional stories, biopics of famous animals, content from big companies like National Geographic, and all kinds of other stuff. It works for both kids and adults. Books are usually cheap. The app lets you read offline, customize your reading experience, and store books on your device. Other excellent apps in this category include Google Play Books and Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

Animal Help Now

Price: Free

Animal Help Now screenshot 2020

Animal Help Now is a more functional animal app. It contains a directory of wildlife emergency companies and their phone numbers. That way you can quickly get into contact with the right people if you see an injured animal on the side of the road, a possum walked into your yard, or something like that. Sometimes, these numbers are difficult to find, even with outstanding apps like Google Maps. The UI isn’t pretty, but the information is useful. We’re not sure if this works outside of the US or North America, though. We encourage our international readers to search for something similar in their country.

Google Maps

Price: Free

Google Maps screenshot 2021

Google Maps is another lame, but a natural choice for this list. It contains directions and information about just about every animal-friendly establishment in your area. That includes pet stores, zoos, dog parks, vets, and searching for pet friendly hotels works more often than it doesn’t. You probably already knew that, though. It’s an essential app for pet owners and animal lovers since it helps you find all the places you would need to go.


Price: Free

Imgur - best animal apps

Imgur (and similar apps) are great for just looking at adorable animals. People post animal memes, excellent photos, and other such animal content all the time on these services. It’s a good spot to check out the content and just enjoy the furry, innocent cuteness of whatever animals you like. It’s one of the least effective methods of actually engaging with content. Most apps and sites like this are basically just for a quick scroll through. Still, they work and most of them are free.

Movies Anywhere

Price: Free / Movie costs vary

Movies Anywhere screenshot 2021
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Movies Anywhere is a must for animal lovers. It lets you buy and watch movies from a variety of services, including Amazon, iTunes, Google Play Movies, and others. Those services have all kinds of animal video content, including animal documentaries, fictional stuff, biopic stuff, and more. Plus, the app comes with Chromecast support and a decent UI. It works great for entertainment and educational stuff. The videos cost money, of course. However, nothing is unreasonably expensive.

Pet First Aid

Price: Free

Pet First Aid is an app from the American Red Cross. It contains some standard protocols for delivering first aid for both cats and dogs. The app gives you tips for things like administering medication or even giving CPR. It also contains some preventative health tests you can do to ensure your dogs are happy and healthy for the long term. It can also locate the nearest veterinary hospital and some nearby pet-friendly hotels. It’s a good all-in-one app for animal lovers providing you have a cat or a dog. We’d love to see this expand to include other types of pets and animals as well.


Price: Free / $3.99 per month / $29.99 per year

Reddit screenshot 2020 2

Reddit has content for just about everybody. That includes animals. You have basic subreddits that just deal with normal animal stuff. You can also find ecology, biology, entomology, and zoology subreddits for more in-depth discussion. Of course, you get stuff like r/AnimalOddities for funny stuff, r/Wildlife for specific types of animals, etc. The list goes on and on. This is a great spot for animal lovers of all types. The app is free. Reddit Gold, their subscription, removes ads, adds themes, and gives you additional features.


Price: Free / Optional donations

Wikipedia is another fairly lame choice, but still a good one. It boasts 39 million articles and a lot of those contain animals. It’s not a good spot to spend an afternoon entertaining yourself. However, it provides a good (and relatively accurate) source of quick information about any given animal. That includes stuff like its scientific name, habitats, and stuff like that. We admit, it’s a lame choice, but it’s still a decent source of info about animals. Plus, it’s completely free with no ads.


Price: Free / $12.99 per month

YouTube Premium screenshot for the best magic apps list

YouTube is often stereotyped as the site where people upload their cute cat videos. It’s a deserved stereotype. There are a metric ton of animal videos here. Most of them are short videos of animals acting silly along with funny animal compilations. However, you can actually find some low-key documentaries here along with stuff like tips and tricks for training animals. YouTube is free to use, of course. The $12.99 per month removes ads, adds background play, and adds offline downloading.

Social Media apps

Price: Free

Social media is kind of an obvious choice, but it’s an accurate one. The majority of animal content you find is on social media. Some are better than others. For instance, Instagram and Facebook tend to be better for it than sites like Twitter. There are all kinds of fun animal content on there as long as you don’t mind wading through the bad stuff. Social media is free as well, but you already knew that. My personal favorites are Dog Rates and Thoughts of Dog, and they’re on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, there are tons of others if you’re not into dogs.

If we missed any great animal apps for Android, share them with us in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

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