Vacations are one of the most effective ways to relax, unwind, and set aside problems. Most of us love going on trips, especially when we are really stressed out and would love to have time off from work or school. But, before enjoying the scenic views and the tourist spots, planning the trip can stress us out if we are very particular with expenses.

Although going on a trip would not necessarily require setting aside a hefty amount of money for spending, we can never deny the fact that hotel accommodations are one of the most pressing concerns we need to address. Having a place to stay in doesn’t need to be costly, that’s why there are hotel deals and discounts all over the place.

Finding these money-savers will definitely be easier with the use of the apps in this article. Read on and you might pick one or two apps that can lead you to saving money from your trip.

TripAdvisor Hotels Flights

Going on a trip would normally mean shelling out money for places to eat, to sleep, and have fun. Most people would make sure to spend more on the hotels they’ll be staying in and make do with any amount left for dining out and sightseeing. Wouldn’t it be great if you actually find great hotels at cheap prices so that you’ll have more bucks to spend on food and souvenirs?

TripAdvisor Hotels Flights will definitely be of great help whenever you want to be more frugal during your trips. This app shows hotels through its integrated map and comes complete with the hotel’s address, contact numbers, and website. Average prices of hotel rooms are also shown so you can assess which hotel fits your budget. A gallery of the hotel’s rooms and amenities is a very useful feature to aid you in deciding which hotel to choose.

Reviews and ratings of hotels are also included to give you an overview of the best hotels in your area with the best rates that will make you and your wallet happy. With TripAdvisor Hotels Flights, you’ll surely love your stay at the hotel of your choice.

KAYAK Flight Hotel Car Search

KAYAK Flight Hotel Car Search is a free app that helps you search and compare hotels to fit your preference and your allotted budget. This app is the mobile version of the website,, giving much convenience and accessibility to people on the go.

With this app, you can search for hotels within your vicinity, complete with the hotel’s address, how far it is from where you are, star ratings, and average price rates. You can book your rooms using the app itself; no need to call the hotel to have your rooms reserved. Filters are also useful tools to help you narrow down your choices. You can choose to filter the hotels according to star ratings, brands, and prices.

You can filter the hotels according to rates per night to help you pick out the cheapest out of the bunch. When you customize the price filter, you can set the slider to the price range you want and after applying the filter, hotels with the price ranges that match what you set will appear. You’ll have the liberty to pick the hotel you want to stay in. hotel app


From the the name itself, hotel app pretty much does what it’s supposed to do and more. Aside from letting you book rooms from the app itself, you’ll get to see great deals on hotel accommodations. An awesome feature for frugal people who want to get more for less.

This app also shows you the available hotels in your area, short descriptions of the hotels, star ratings, and prices. Discounts and deals on rooms are hard to miss in this app since hotel deals are this app’s special feature. Hotels with discounts or deals are highlighted and marked with a rocket to signal you to grab it. What’s more — no booking fees are required in this app. You only pay what you need to when you get to the hotel, but booking for a room using this app is absolutely free.

Photos of hotel rooms and other important amenities of a certain hotel are also shown in this app. With the hotel app, worrying about your budget for hotel accommodations will be a thing of the past.

Hipmunk Hotel & Flight Search

When choosing a place to stay in, what do you take into consideration? Do you think of how well-known that certain establishment is, how great the amenities are, or how much you will be spending per night? Surely, one or all of these concerns are the main reasons why choosing hotels could sometimes take forever to accomplish.

Hipmunk Hotel & Flight Search is made for the same reasons and it helps you save money with deals or discounts. This app has a very easy and intuitive UI that gives you more ease when you scour for affordable hotels. Addresses, star ratings, and room rates are present in this app and affordable hotel rates are conveniently highlighted in green to help you filter the cheaper hotels from the not-too-affordable ones.

Booking with this app is very much possible. By the time you’ve decided which hotel to stay in, you can choose to book the hotel straight from the app, e-mail it to someone else, or complete the booking using your desktop computer. Hipmunk Hotel & Flight Search is one app you must turn to whenever you want to hook yourself with hotel deals and discounts.

Hotel Tonight

Saving a fortune on hotel accommodations is not impossible if you know where to look for the best hotel deals in town. If you are clueless as to where these deals are, Hotel Tonight may come in handy.

Although this app is currently adding more supported cities every month, this will more or less lead you to the best hotel deals in the city. If, for example, you are somewhere in New York, Hotel Tonight is just the right app for you to locate hotels with discounted room rates. Staying in a rather upscale hotel shouldn’t require making you feel like you were robbed. With this app, you can save up to 70% when you book a room in a selected hotel.

Hotel Tonight lets you book until 2 A.M., perfect for those weekend escapades when you are out until the wee hours of the night. You can even notify your friends of awesome hotel deals through sharing via Facebook, Twitter, and other social means. This way, you and your friends can enjoy awesome hotel discounts and deals together.

When you download this app from the Google Play Store, you get to enjoy an exclusive promo that will shed US$25 off your first booking. Extra savings for you, your friends, and your happy wallet. – 140,000+ hotels

Deals and discounts are two of the most sought after things by people who go on vacation or business trips. Who wouldn’t want to grab deals and make the most out of the blessings that are waiting to be taken advantage of? Would you really let a sweet deal pass by? – 140,000+ hotels, an app that every deal-hogger should have, specializes in last-minute deals. This app doesn’t just give you two or three hotel deals but over 20,000 last-minute deals from 140,000 hotels worldwide. And, what’s more — this app also has special daily deals called Tonight’s Local Deals, giving you more deals each and every day. Although this feature is only available for mobile users, you can always sign up at the website and make use of the feature.

If you have booked and used 10 nights in eligible hotels using this app, you get to have one night free as part of’s Welcome Rewards feature. With this app, you get great hotel deals plus rewards which will certainly make your trip less costly.

Expedia Hotels – Book a Room

Expedia Hotels – Book a Room, from Expedia, does everything a hotel app does — search hotels, filter hotels by rates, book rooms, and provide substantial information about the hotels’ descriptions and amenities. This app is another essential tool in choosing affordable hotels that would fit your tight budget.

This app boasts high-res photos from over 130,000 hotels the world over to help you choose which hotel to pick. Of course, if you are looking for budget-friendly hotels, do expect that the rooms and amenities are also budget-friendly. But, then again, you can always browse the hotels and maybe plan out an entirely different trip the next time you have a bigger amount of money allotted for the hotel accommodations.

Filters are also available in this app. You can filter the hotels by price, hotel name, distance, and user ratings. Reviews from travelers are also shown to further help you with your planning and choosing for a hotel to spend the night in. Expedia Hotels – Book a Room supports 19 languages, making it easy for non-English users of the app to search for affordable hotels.

HotelsByMe Hotel Reservations

Most websites that cater to hotel bookings and reservations have already found a way to reach out to their customers through mobile apps. There are people who find these apps very convenient rather than using the PC or actually hooking up with a travel agency.

With apps like HotelsByMe Hotel Reservations, you’ll have free rein on choosing places to stay in. When you have a tight budget or have things that need to be considered in choosing hotels, it’s way better to do the searching, booking, and reserving yourself. This app will surely be one great companion in the search for good and cheap hotels with its features that will answer to your every need.

Standard features like the search, map, and filter functions are present in this app. Sales are also shown, together with how long the sale is going to last. This app has a comprehensive and detailed presentation of a hotel’s features and a list of amenities for your convenience. Guest reviews and ratings can also be accessed in this app, giving you a presumably reliable basis for judging how good the hotel is straight from a traveler’s experience. is another app that was originally a hotel booking service website. The service has made its way to Android users, making the search for cheap hotels easier and faster. This app has over 160,000 hotel choices worldwide and daily hotel deals. Over a million hotel reviews are also compiled by, giving both the good and the bad during a traveler’s stay at a particular hotel.

Of course, discounted hotel rates are also available. If you get lucky, you’ll be able to see special last-minute rates on some hotels within your vicinity. And, if you get luckier, you might be able to see more than 50% discounts on hotel rates. Do keep in mind that you are not the only user of this same app, so if you won’t be quick on booking a discounted hotel room, chances are some other person will be enjoying the bargain.

Inbuilt interactive maps are also helpful, not only when you search for hotels but also finding your way back to the hotel you’ve chosen. With, you get to book smarter, faster, and cheaper.

Choice Hotels – Book Now!

Here comes an app that is made specifically for people who put hotel expenses first and all the rest second. Choice Hotels – Book Now! is not entirely similar to the other apps mentioned on this list. What makes this app a bit more special is its dedication to finding hotels you can afford.

On the search screen, the very first thing you need to set is the rate. Rate plans that range from senior to government/military are listed to filter the hotels. You can also opt to choose the best available rate from the drop-down menu, guaranteed to show you hotels that offer the best and cheapest rates. Hotel details and lists of amenities are certainly available in this app, as well as an integrated map that features cutting-edge GPS technology that will help you tremendously in searching hotels near you.

Choice Hotels – Book Now! is not just another app that you should have on your Android device. It would be of great use whenever you are looking for a place to stay in, especially when you are on a very limited budget.

With the apps we’ve just listed for you, trips no longer need to equate to spending too much. Once you know where all the great deals are, finding cheap hotels will be more of a past-time rather than a task. Enjoying your stay in the hotel of your choice will be ten times worth it.