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How to ban or unban someone on Discord

It's time to bring the banhammer down.

Published onApril 1, 2022

When you are in charge of running a Discord server, you hold a lot of power. As a result, you have a great responsibility to uphold order within that server. Most larger servers and Discord Communities have a set of rules, and if someone comes along and breaks those rules, you’ll need to know how to ban them. On the other hand, they may appeal and eventually win the right to return to the server. In that case, you’ll also need to know how to unban someone on Discord.

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To ban someone on Discord, right-click that user in your Discord server's member list. Click Ban [their username].

To unban someone on Discord, go to your Server Settings and click Bans. Click on the user you want to unban, then click Revoke Ban.


It’s crazy what people think they can get away with online. When acting under an online guise or persona, it doesn’t automatically make it okay to start pushing political or inappropriate topics in unrelated channels. Many often think they’re funny by posting an excessive amount of spam or hate speech, or they may post NSFW images in high-traffic areas of the server. We’ve even seen users start promoting other servers within someone else’s server, which is irresponsible and disrespectful.

some men discord
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

While some of the more chaotic servers may allow rowdy actions, most of them won’t. Larger servers with many members will have rules set up. If anyone breaks these rules, it’s up to the people running the server to take action. This often means a ban.

How to ban someone from a Discord server


Open the Discord desktop app or log in to the website in a browser. Go to your server, then find the person you want to ban in the user list on the right side of the interface.

find the user you want to ban
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Right-click that user. From the extended menu, click Ban [their username].

right click then find the ban button desktop
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

In the confirmation screen titled Would you like to ban ‘@[their username]?’ you can choose how much of their message history you would like to delete from the server:

  • Don’t Delete Any
  • Previous 24 Hours
  • Previous 7 Days

You can also provide a reason for banning them in the REASON FOR BAN text box.

click the red ban button desktop
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

When ready, click the red Ban button to ban that user from the server. Discord will not notify them that they were banned; instead, they will no longer see your server appear in their server list.

Android and iOS

Go to your server members list, then tap on the person you want to ban. From the user menu that appears, press the hammer-shaped Ban button.

banning a server member on discord mobile
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

In the BAN ‘[their username]’ window, you can choose how much of their message history you would like to delete from the server, then give a reason for banning them. When finished, press the red Confirm button.

How to unban someone from a Discord server

After banning somebody from your Discord server, it isn’t like their presence is entirely erased from the server. There is a way to find them again and return their server access.


Go to your server, then click the downwards arrow near your server name.

click the down arrow on your server
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Click Server Settings from the dropdown menu.

click server settings from your desktop client
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

In Server Settings, scroll down the menu on the left side until you reach the USER MANAGEMENT section. Click Bans.

click bans within the settings of the server
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Find the user in the list you want to unban, then click their username.

click the user you want to revoke the ban for
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Click Revoke Ban to unban them.

click revoke ban to give them back their access
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Android and iOS

In the Discord mobile app, go to your server and press the button at the top, next to your server’s name. From the subsequent pop-up menu, press the gear-shaped Settings button.

go to bans in mobile server settings
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Scroll down Server Settings until you reach USER MANAGEMENT. Press the hammer-shaped Bans button.

unban user discord mobile
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Tap the user in the Bans list that you want to unban. In the Unban ‘[their username]’ window, press the red Unban button.

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Can a Discord bot ban you?

Yes. If you have a bot like Dyno set up, you can set parameters for automatic bans. Many bots have built-in ban functions, so you’ll need to find the one that fits your server best.

Can Discord ban phone numbers?

Not from the platform. However, if you are banned from a server, your account, IP address, and phone number are all banned from the server.

How long is a ban on Discord?

A ban from a Discord server is indefinite. You will be permanently banned until someone unbans you from that server.

Can you appeal a ban on Discord?

It typically isn’t a great idea to reach out to one of the owners, admins, or moderators of a Discord server unless you feel that you were 100% in the right and should not have been banned. You can always try this, though, or you can go to Discord’s website and submit a request.

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