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Apex Legends Mobile: Every Legend and what they do

My personal favorite is Bloodhound, believe it or not.

Published onJune 2, 2022

Apex Legends Mobile Menu Legend Octane Unlocked
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Legends are the backbone of the Apex Legends Mobile experience. They are not only the playable characters, but each one has a set of abilities that set them apart from the others. Players should choose the Legend that best suits their playstyles. Of course, you can always learn new playstyles by using different characters. Here is every Legend in Apex Legends Mobile and what they do.

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There are 10 Legends at the time of Apex Legends Mobile's launch. Each one has special abilities and playstyles to match a variety of players.


Each Legend in Apex Legends Mobile and what they do

Below is a list of each Legend in Apex Legends Mobile as of May 30, 2022. Each Legend has three abilities. One is Passive and is active all the time. The second is Tactical and it’s a mid-range ability with a shorter cooldown. The final is called Ultimate and it’s a powerful ability with a longer cooldown.

In-game, you can go to any Legend, hit the Details button, and view videos about each ability and how they work. In addition, each Legend is either Support, Recon, Offensive, or Defensive.


Apex Legends Mobile Bloodhound

Bloodhound is a recon-type character. Most of his abilities help you locate hidden enemies.

  • Tracker (Passive) — OPPOnent movements and actions are viewable by Bloodhound for up to 90 seconds. You’ll see things like footprints or whether or not a battle took place there recently. This is always active.
  • Eye of the Allfather (Tactical) — Engages as a 125-degree cone in front of the player that shows all enemies, traps, clues, and Loot Ticks. It has a 25-second cooldown. You can view all of the things you can see with Eye of the Allfather here.
  • Beast of the Hunt (Ultimate) — Increases player speed by 30%. It also makes your vision black and white except for enemies, which are red. Downing an enemy increases duration. Additionally, Beast of the Hunt reduces Eye of the Allfather cooldown (by eight seconds) and activation speed (by 0.9 seconds). This ability has a three-minute cooldown.


Apex Legends Mobile Lifeline

Lifeline is a support-type character and she should be among the first you unlock after the tutorial. She focuses primarily on healing.

  • Combat Revive (Passive) — Combat Revive works predominately with the D.O.C. ability. It lets you leave the D.O.C. area of effect and continue reviving downed allies and revive two downed allies simultaneously. It also lets Lifeline continue to revive when she is downed, giving you one last chance.
  • D.O.C. Heal Drone (Tactical) — Lifeline places a hovering healing drone that heals all players within three meters for 20 seconds. It heals eight HP per tick and restores a maximum of 150 HP. It cannot be moved once placed and has a 45-second cooldown.
  • Care Package (Ultimate) — Care Package drops a pod of higher-tier defensive items ready for immediate use. It comes with three slots. It also guarantees an upgrade to Lifeline’s squad’s current loadout. The first slot has a shield, the second includes shields or med kits, and the third slot is weapon attachments. The ability has a five-minute cooldown.


Apex Legends Mobile Bangalore

Bangalore is an offensive-type Legend that uses smoke and high speed to dispatch opponents.

  • Double Time (Passive) — Double activates on hits or near misses while sprinting. It increases your speed by 30% for a short time.
  • Smoke Launcher (Tactical) — Smoke Launcher fires vision-blocking smoke. It fires further than traditional grenades can be thrown and has two charges. It also deals 10 damage to opponents. You can cancel the launch by meleeing during the animation. Cooldown is 33 seconds.
  • Rolling Thunder (Ultimate) — Bangalore throws a flare to call down an artillery strike. The strike hits 36 spots in a square around the flare and deals 40 damage to each opponent for each explosion. Explosions also slow opponents. It has a three-minute cooldown.


Apex Legends Mobile Mirage

Mirage is an offensive-type Legend. He uses decoys and invisibility to confuse and overwhelm opponents.

  • Now You See Me… (Passive) — This passive has a few different perks. It can turn Mirage invisible when using respawn beacons and reviving teammates. It also spawns a decoy with a rather hilarious death animation when Mirage is downed. This ability is less effective when outside the Ring.
  • Psyche Out (Tactical) — Psyche Out employs a decoy of Mirage that replicates the last action Mirage was performing when it was summoned. It has 45HP and shows the player where the decoy took damage from. It vanishes after 60 seconds, making it possible to have multiple decoys on the field at once. The cooldown is 15 seconds.
  • Life of the Party (Ultimate) — Mirage summons five decoys at once that mimic his movements. Mirage himself blinks in and out of invisibility every other second to further confuse opponents. Each decoy is the same as the one summoned by Psyche Out. The cooldown for this is three minutes.


Apex Legends Mobile Octane

Octane is an offensive-type Legend with a focus on speed and self-healing. The higher mobility allows you to engage opponents more on your terms than theirs.

  • Swift Mend (Passive) — Swift Mend heals Octane by 1HP per second when not in combat. You need to have avoided taking damage for six seconds to restore your health.
  • Stim (Tactical) — Stim removes all slow effects (minus healing slows) and reduces slows applied after activation for a short time. It also increases walking speed by 30% and running speed by 40% for six seconds. The skill also hurts you for 20HP on the cast as an extra activation cost. The cooldown is one second.
  • Jump Pad (Ultimate) — Octane summons a jump pad onto the battlefield that launches players into the air. Walking or sprinting into it causes a high arc launch while sliding or crouch-walking into it causes a low arc launch. It also allows players to double jump except when downed.


Apex Legends Mobile Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a defense-type Legend who relies on the tried-and-true bubble shield approach.

  • Gun Shield (Passive) — Gibraltar gets a shield when aiming down sights. The shield has 50HP and slowly regenerates when not in combat. A broken shield has a nine-second cooldown. Excess damage continues after the shield is dead. So, for example, let’s say the shield has 5HP and you get hit with a 10HP attack, the remaining 5HP hits Gibraltar after the shield shatters.
  • Dome of Protection (Tactical) — This is the classic Halo-style bubble shield. Players throw a disc in front of them and the shield constructs where it lands. The shield has a radius of six meters and lasts for 12 seconds. It stops all incoming and outgoing attacks. Additionally, Gibraltar revives allies 33% faster when inside of one. The cooldown timer is 30 seconds.
  • Defensive Bombardment (Ultimate) — Defensive bombardment is similar to Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder. Gibraltar throws a beacon out and causes a bombardment of the surrounding area. It has a 24-meter radius and explosions occur over six seconds. Each hit registers 40HP of damage and slows other players. The cooldown is four and a half minutes.


Apex Legends Mobile Pathfinder

Pathfinder is a recon-style Legend. He uses a grappling hook and zip line abilities to move quickly across the battlefield.

  • Insider Knowledge (Passive) — Insider Knowledge lets Pathfinder scan a survey beacon to reveal the location of the next Ring. Scanning a survey beacon also reduces the cooldown of Zipline Gun.
  • Grapple (Tactical) — Pathfinder launches a grappling hook to quickly swing away. It has a max range of 21 meters, you can change directions mid-grapple, and you can even use it against other Legends. It has a 10-30 second cooldown depending on how far you traveled. There is also an Assisted Grappling Point perk where the game will find you the nearest grappling point if you can’t find one yourself.
  • Zipline Gun (Ultimate) — Zipline Gun is like an upgraded version of Grapple. It creates a zipline between you and a second point up to 100 meters away. You can even launch at locations where players can’t typically stand. Everyone on the map can use it whenever they want. Up to four ziplines can exist on a map at once and they don’t disappear unless a fifth one is summoned. The cooldown is two minutes.


Apex Legends Mobile Wraith

Wraith is an offensive-type legend who can phase in and out of the void. I actually disagree with this classification as her abilities make her a much better recon player, but it’s not my call to make.

  • Voices from the Void (Passive) — A voice calls out to Wraith when she is spotted by other players. It activates when an opponent is taking aim at you with any weapon, is about to hit you with a trap, or if there are a lot of people nearby.
  • Into the Void (Tactical) — Wraith phases out into the void for four seconds. That should give you enough time to make a hasty retreat or close the gap with an opponent. There are animations that play at the beginning and end of the sequence that prevent Wraith from performing other actions, though, so be careful. OPPOnents can see a trail of blue energy while she’s in the void, so she is not 100% invisible. The cooldown is 25 seconds.
  • Dimensional Rift (Ultimate) — Dimensional Rift is similar to Portal’s portals. Wraith sets up two portals up to 75 meters apart. For 60 seconds, any player can run through either portal and get warped to the other side. Wraith cannot use any other abilities or weapons when setting portals, but she does get a 25% speed bonus. Portals disappear faster if one is outside the Ring. The cooldown is three and a half minutes.


Apex Legends Mobile Caustic

Caustic is a defensive Legend who relies on traps and poison to defeat enemies.

  • Nox Vision (Passive) — Nox Vision makes Caustic immune to all Nox Gas, even if it comes from opponents. It also highlights enemies trapped in your gas so you can see them easier.
  • Nox Gas Trap (Tactical) — Sets down a canister that enemies set off or you can shoot them to set them off. It releases a cloud of gas that slows and damages all non-Caustic enemies. You can carry up to three charges of this ability. Gas traps linger for about 11 seconds and slowly ramp up damage per tick. OPPOnents can shoot the base of the trap to disable it before it goes off. The cooldown for this is 20 seconds.
  • Nox Gas Grenade (Ultimate) — A grenade that does basically the same thing as a Nox Gas Trap, except it doesn’t need to be set off like a trap. The only other difference is that the gas cloud lasts for 15 seconds instead of 11. The cooldown is three minutes.


Apex Legends Mobile Fade 1

Fade is an offensive Legend and also uses the void, similar to Wraith, to confuse, disorient, and sneak up on enemies.

  • Slipstream (Passive) — Gives Fade a 15% movement speed boost for three seconds after sliding.
  • Flash Back (Tactical) — This ability sends Fade to wherever he was 20 seconds before the ability was activated. Fade regains any health or shield lost in that 20 seconds. Players can cancel the ability at any point during the rewind process to go less than 20 seconds back if they want to.
  • Phase Chamber (Ultimate) — This is kind of a mixture of abilities. Fade throws a grenade with a massive 30-meter radius. Enemies caught in the blast take 10HP damage and, after two seconds, get phased into the void for four seconds. Enemies and friends caught in the blast can’t send or receive damage or use any abilities.

How to unlock each Legend

Apex Legends Mobile Menu Legend Mirage Unlocked

Most Legends are unlocked as you play and level up naturally. Thus, you shouldn’t need to buy any Syndicate Gold or grind an event to get them. The only exception to that is Fade.

  • Bloodhound — The default character unlocks at the start of the game.
  • Lifeline — Unlocks at player level two.
  • Bangalore — Unlocks at player level three.
  • Pathfinder — Unlocks at player level four.
  • Gibraltar — Unlocks at player level six.
  • Wraith — Unlocks at player level 15.
  • Caustic — Unlocks at player level 20.
  • Mirage — Unlocks at player level 24.
  • Octane — Can either be earned as a reward or purchased for 700 Syndicate Gold.
  • FadeReach level 25 on the first season Battle Pass or you can buy him for 750 Syndicate Gold.

Some good Legend combos when you play in a squad

Apex Legends Mobile Gameplay Post Game Champion
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

When forming a squad, it’s a good idea to select Legends that work well with each other. Some folks opt for something basic like one offensive, one defensive, and one support Legend. Others select Legends based on other factors. Below are some good, albeit basic combos that should work well.

  • Caustic, Gibraltar, Lifeline — As much as people hate camping, this group is pretty good at it. The bubble shield from Gibraltar keeps you alive in close quarters. Caustic’s poison traps make it hard for enemies to rush. Finally, Lifeline’s healing drone keeps you healed and makes revives easier… All three have playstyles that work best when standing still. Mirage also works well with his decoys and invisibility while reviving.
  • Pathfinder, Octane, Fade — All three characters have excellent movement abilities that can get you out of trouble quickly. Zipline Gun, Jump Pad, and Fade’s Flash Back abilities make catching up and killing your squad surprisingly difficult. Wraith’s Into the Void also works well in this dynamic. Pathfinder and Octane both have vertical mobility (Zipline Gun and Jump Pad) and we all know that higher ground is better ground.
  • Bloodhound, Bangalore, Mirage — This is another nasty combo with some basic tactics that work really well. Bangalore throws smoke to obstruct the view, Bloodhound uses Eyes of the Allfather to see through the smoke, and Mirage sends decoys through the smoke to trick enemies. This one is among my favorites.
  • Lifeline, Pathfinder, Gibraltar — I’ve seen this squad build several times and it makes sense. Lifeline heals, Pathfinder guarantees an escape route via Zipline Gun, and Gibraltar’s bubble shield defends you up close. Their abilities don’t really mesh well, but you have healing, escape, and defense covered, allowing you to draw out combat and make life irritating for opponents.
  • Bangalore, Caustic, Bloodhound — This is another take on the “smoke and scan” dynamic. Bangalore has smoke, Caustic has poison smoke, and Bloodhound can see through it. Additionally, Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder is perfect for filling up smoked areas with tons and tons of pain.

There are many more combinations. Some other small tips for forming a squad or picking a Legend:

  • Don’t play Legends if you can’t match the playstyle. For instance, don’t play Lifeline if you don’t like healing or reviving teammates. Don’t play Fade if you like to camp because his Flash Back ability won’t take you anywhere. Don’t play Mirage if you don’t have the patience to use your decoys effectively.
  • When going in solo, see what your random teammates pick before you select. You can improve team dynamics by filling in gaps. For example, if no one in my random squad picks a mobility class, I’ll pick a mobility class so we have an escape route.
  • Map familiarity and communication are just as important as team makeup. You can have the most broken squad build and still lose if your calls are bad and you don’t know the map.

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I would bet money on it. The console and PC version of the game already has several Legends not available in the mobile game and it’s likely only a matter of time before they’re added to the game too.

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