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How to unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile

Fade is a pretty neat character and he's not difficult to unlock either.

Published onMay 21, 2022

Fade is the first mobile-exclusive Legend and is only available in Apex Legends Mobile. He’s a stealth-oriented character with some neat moves. Most of them help you get out of trouble. He is an unlockable character, and there are two ways to unlock him. We’ll go over both of those, along with Fade’s abilities.

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Unlocking Fade in Apex Legends Mobile requires you to reach level 25 on the Battle Pass. You can also buy him for 750 Syndicate Gold if you prefer.


How to unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile Menu Fade Unlock 1
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

There are a couple of different ways to unlock Fade.

Via the Battle Pass

  • Play the game enough to rank up to level 25 on the Battle Pass.
  • You earn two Fade pieces at levels one, nine, 13, 17, and 25. That’s a total of ten, which is how much you need to unlock Fade.
  • You do not need to purchase the Premium Battle Pass to unlock Fade. However, buying the Premium Pass increases your levels by ten, making the grind shorter.
  • Once you have acquired ten Fade Pieces, tap the Legends tab on the main screen.
  • Tap Fade and hit the Unlock button.
  • Tap the Unlock button on the left. This will spend your Fade Pieces and give you Fade.

The Battle Pass is the easiest way to unlock Fade, and it’s also completely free.

Via Syndicate Gold

Syndicate Gold is the premium currency in Apex Legends Mobile. It’s a gold circle with the Apex Legends logo in it. Warning: This costs real money.

  • From the main screen, tap the plus symbol next to the Syndicate Gold icon right underneath your profile picture in the top left corner.
  • Tap the Top-up button to go to the Syndicate Gold Store.
  • You need 750 Syndicate Gold to unlock Fade. The $9.99 pack gives you 935 Syndicate Gold and is the cheapest Syndicate Gold package to get the requisite 750.
  • Once done, tap the Legends tab on the main screen.
  • Select Fade and tap the Unlock button.
  • Tap the right Unlock button again to spend 750 Syndicate Gold and unlock Fade.

Yes, there are two ways to do it. However, it doesn’t take that long to get to rank 25 in the Battle Pass, so we recommend the free route.

Fade’s abilities

Fade Character Art
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Fade is a pretty cool-looking character with some decent moves. His abilities revolve around movement manipulation, and he can do things like rewind his movements or increase his movement speed. His strength revolves around getting into and out of engagements faster and better than other Legends.

Main abilities

  • Slipstream (passive) — Slipstream increases Fade’s movement speed for a short time, but you have to proc it with a slide first. The ability has a ten-second cooldown, and other players can see a trail Fade leaves when using this ability.
  • Flash Back (tactical) — Flash Back rewinds Fade’s movements by about three to four seconds. For example, if you leave cover and immediately take fire, you can hit Flash Back to put you back behind cover. The ability has a 20-second cooldown.
  • Phase Chamber (ultimate) — Fade throws an activator core that explodes. The explosion phases out anyone in its radius for a few seconds. Players who are phased out can’t receive or deal damage and receive a speed debuff. This affects both friend and foe, so use it wisely.

General perks

  • Renewed Purpose — Exiting the Phase Chamber area triggers the Surge perk.
  • Lingering Shadow — Surge leaves behind after-images. Squadmates can collect them to earn a speed boost.
  • Punisher’s Remorse — Automatically uses Flash Back when knocked down.

Finisher Perks

  • Battle Adaptation — Adds 100 points to a player’s EVO shield when using a finisher.
  • Tactical Advantage — Recharges a player’s Flash Back ability when using a finisher.
  • Mag Subscription — Reloads current weapon from reserves and adds an eight-second reload speed boost after performing a finisher.

Exclusive Perks

  • Pact of the Suit — The Flash Back ability also partially restores shields.
  • Phase Echo — This does the same thing as Lingering Shadow, but it procs after using Flash Back.
  • Lost in the Void — Players have the option to stay inside of the Phase Chamber for a longer time. This doesn’t affect other players.

You can view EA’s official announcement of Fade here.

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Is Fade a good Legend?

Yes, Fade is a very good Legend. In any shooter, any ability or character with movement perks usually has a pretty distinct advantage over slower players. The Phase Chamber is also quite good when used properly.

What are some good squad setups with Fade?

There are a few options. Octane and Bangalore also have movement speed buffs, making them a quick and obnoxious trio to deal with. Pathfinder’s Zipline Gun also plays into that escape route style of play. Any Legend with speed boosts, escape abilities, or sneaky abilities can work well in a Fade group.

What are the best counters for Fade?

Caustic (Nox Vision) and Bloodhound (Eye of the Allfather) have abilities that make seeing sneaky Fade players much easier. Warith’s Into the Void ability can confuse a Fade as much as Fade’s Flash Back can confuse other players. Any Legend with speed buffs can follow Fade behind cover and get him before he has a chance to recover.