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Here is every game mode available in Apex Legends Mobile

Sometimes you just want to take some time to yourself.

Published onMay 31, 2022

Many people know Apex Legends Mobile as a battle royale shooter. It definitely is one, but as is necessary these days, the game is more than just a one-trick pony. Apex Legends Mobile includes a few different game modes, including a solo mode where you can try out builds and a seasonal mode that should change from time to time. We’ll briefly run through each Apex Legends Mobile game mode, how they work, and how to unlock them.

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There are six total game modes in Apex Legends Mobile, including Battle Royale, Ranked Match, Multiplayer, Tutorial Level, Free Practice, and Limited Time Mode. Some modes have multiple sub-modes and every mode is unlocked after level ten.


All Apex Legends Mobile game modes and how they work

Here is a full list of each game mode and what they do.

Battle Royale

Apex Legends Mobile Battle Royale
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Battle Royale is the default mode for Apex Legends Mobile and is unlocked by default. It features 60 players across 20 three-player squads. Players have to find weapons on the map, there is no automatic shield restoration, and the last squad standing wins. This is considered the unranked playlist and the one where you go just to have fun.

Ranked Match

Apex Legends Mobile Ranked

Ranked matches are the same as Battle Royale matches, except these are ranked. There are seven ranks, each attainable by collecting RP, or Rank Points. As an added rub, you have to buy your way into any game with your RP. The lowest tier (Bronze) doesn’t have an RP buy-in requirement.

The image above shows you the various Apex Legends Mobile tiers. The top 750 players get a special rank called Apex Predator along with some special rewards for doing so. We highly recommend bringing a squad in with you as it can be a little rough doing it by yourself.


Apex Legends Mobile Multiplayer
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Multiplayer is a 6v6 unranked game mode. It’s basically just your basic slayer or deathmatch mode. Unlike its Battle Royale counterpart, Multiplayer has respawns, lets players select their loadouts, and automatic shield restoration. This Apex Legends Mobile mode also has three sub-modes.

  • Base Respawn – Players respawn at a base location every time and combat is encouraged on the battlefield between the two bases. This unlocks at level five.
  • Random Respawn – Players respawn at random places around the map, but otherwise the rules are the same. It also unlocks at level five.
  • Arenas – Arenas is an elimination-style deathmatch and drops the player count to 3v3. Two squads of three go at it until one squad is knocked out. That concludes a single round of play. There is also a Ring mechanic like in the Battle Royale mode that is randomized each round.

Tutorial Level

Apex Legends Mobile Tutorial Level
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

The Tutorial Level is pretty self-explanatory. You go through this tutorial mission when you first open the game and the game gives you the option to do it again in case there was something you missed. As of the time of this writing, the only option here is to do the original tutorial mission over again.

Free Practice

Apex Legends Mobile Free Practice
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

By far my favorite game mode in Apex is the Free Practice mode. All the sub-modes here let players go at it solo or with a squad to complete missions or test out builds. A lot of players use this mode to test controller or virtual control changes or test things like loadouts, specific weapons, and more.

  • Firing Range – My personal favorite game mode. There are targets and bot opponents that don’t move. There is little point to this mode aside from practicing your aim, tweaking your controls, and testing out various weapons, loadouts, and abilities. The mode comes unlocked to all players.
  • Mastery Missions – Mastery Missions are missions where players attempt to complete challenges. The game considered Mastery Missions as a training mode of sorts and they refresh periodically. The mode is also unlocked to all players immediately.
  • Tutorial Trainings – Tutorial Trainings are similar to Mastery Missions but with different objectives. You unlock Tutorial Trainings at level six.

Limited Time Mode

Apex Legends Mobile Limited Time Mode
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

The Limited Time Mode shows you temporary game modes that refresh periodically. At the time of this writing, the options are Quick Battle and Flashpoint. The modes will pop up and disappear as time goes to help give players something else to do other than the base playlists.

  • Quick Match – Similar to Battle Royale, but you spawn in with a smaller ring to encourage immediate combat between all of the squads. The number of players is reduced, though, so it’s not quite the chaotic blood bath you would think it is.
  • Flashpoint – Also similar to Battle Royale. This mode has points around the map where players can gather to recover health and armor. Ideally, players congregate and duke it out to control these valuable points.
  • More coming – We’ll update the post when we can to add other Apex Legends Mobile game modes as they come out.

How to select a game mode to play

Apex Legends Mobile Main Menu
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

This is pretty obvious stuff, but just in case you’re having trouble switching modes in Apex Legends Mobile.

  • From the main screen, tap the button just to the left of Play which should be showing the current game mode.
  • On the next screen, select the game mode category from the right side and then choose the sub-mode (if applicable).
  • Return to the main screen and tap Play to load up the game.

We know that you probably already know how to do this, but we did see a lot of searches for how to redo the tutorial mission in Apex, so we thought we’d include it here.

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Tap the game mode from the main menu and select the Tutorial Level. Go back to the main menu screen and hit play. That’s it. You can replay the original tutorial level as many times as you want.

Not really. There are some story elements sprinkled through some of the Mastery Missions, tutorials, and other stuff. However, by and large, there is no dedicated story mode in Apex Legends Mobile.

All game modes are unlocked by gaining player levels. To make things easier, everything unlocks once you reach level ten.

No. You must be online at all times, even in solo player modes. The game actively keeps track of your ping so if it detects you went offline, it’ll try to reconnect. If the reconnect attempts fail, the game shuts itself down with an error code.

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