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We have a great set of update guides here at Android Authority that are sure to keep you on the newest Android build. However, they’re only beneficial if you know what version you’re currently running. Luckily for you, this information isn’t all that hard to track down. Here’s how to find out what Android version and build number your device is running.

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Luckily for you, the process of tracking down your Android version doesn’t really change based on your phone. Almost all OEMs tuck the information away in the same place, so let’s get searching.

What is the most recent Android version?

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Before we get into finding your Android version, you may as well know how you stack up. Right now, the most recent release is Android 11, which dropped in September 2020. The first phones to make the switch were — unsurprisingly — Google’s own Pixel devices. The rollout has greatly expanded in the months since, and you can check your place in the timeline below.

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Android 12 is the next update in the pipeline, though we’ve only seen developer previews thus far. If you really want to stay ahead of the curve, you can download it yourself and check out the newest changes.

How do you find your version of Android?

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Now that you know where the latest devices sit, let’s find out where your Android device is. The process is straightforward, and it involves hopping into your settings app. Once you open it, follow these steps:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of your settings app and locate About phone.
  2. Enter the About phone section.
  3. Look for an additional submenu for software information, or you may see a section labeled Android version. Enter this section of your menu.

You should now be able to check your Android version as well as the build number. Your phone may store its security update information and Android skin version information in the same location. While you’re in the settings menu, it might be a great time to see if you have a fresh software update waiting for you.

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There you go, everything you need to know about tracking down your Android version. We’ll be sure to update this page with new information if there’s an even easier way to find your version, or Android 12 officially rolls out.